Author Note: This thread is truly and experiment. I have just seen Star Trek(2009) and enjoyed it immensely. This thread contains spoilers for the film and yet I hope to move beyond the film itself quickly. I have been a long time fan of Trek, but like so many other fandoms, I have never tried to write it. This is not my first attempt, but it is a more serious one. I don't know where it will go or if i will complete it, but I'm going to try. I hope you enjoy.

Enterprising Drabbles

Week 1

1. Flash in the pan

George Kirk sat alone on the bridge of the USS Kelvin waiting to die. It wasn't wasted time, however. As his ship hurdled at top speed toward the enemy, he was able to hear the cries of his wife as his new child was being born.

He hadn't hesitated to evacuate the ship when he discovered that continuing the fight was useless.

He hadn't hesitated to set a collision course with the giant ship, knowing he would have to see it through, personally.

As the computer counted down his final seconds, he declared his love for his wife…and son.

2. Out on a limb

James T. Kirk was not fool enough to misunderstand the unprecedented opportunity presented to him by Starfleet and Admiral Pike. He was the youngest captain in Starfleet history. He had a battle tested crew, but one that was still fresh from the Academy and largely inexperienced. He would need help.

Though he had met the future Spock, and respected him, this younger version was still largely unknown to him. The elder Spock said they had been friends in another life. Perhaps in this one, too. Spock had lost his home. Kirk had lost his father. He had to start somewhere.

3. Out of the blue

She watched in disbelief as Kirk goaded Spock; showing no respect and speaking things that no one should say in light of what had just happened. There had to be a reason, but for the life of her she could not think of one. Her heart went out to him. At the moment, it was all she could give. She wanted to go to him, to console him, to let him know she was there for him, that despite the devastating reality that she would be his rock.

Her eyes welled with tears as Spock lost control and attacked Kirk.

4. Wet behind the ears

When Kirk first met Montgomery Scott at the Delta Vega outpost it was hard to believe the man was a brilliant Starfleet engineer. The man was loud, sarcastic, and didn't appear to take anything seriously. All he had been concerned about was food. Come on; sandwiches?

An hour later, Kirk had frantically raced to save that man's life after had been beamed into a warp core cooling pipe. Dripping wet and gasping for breath, he still managed to make light of the situation. Scotty was unpredictable. In some cases this was a good thing. In others, it was potentially dangerous.

5. Heat of the moment

Uhura entered the transporter room and saw Spock standing patiently on the transporter pad. She had come to wish him luck. She knew he didn't believe in it, but it made her feel better to say it. Truthfully, it was a rather trite thing to say given that she may never see him again. She resolved not to cry; not show that kind of emotion to the man she loved.

When she joined him on the platform, they spoke in whispers, head touching head. She heard Kirk enter behind her. She placed her hands on Spock's face and kissed him.