Enterprising Drabbles(2)

Author note: This thread was originally posted for a 20 week drabble challenge on another site. When it was completed, I stopped posting to this thread and started another thread, Continuing Voyages. The second thread was not as successful, and truthfully, I wasn't as consistent. I have returned to Enterprising Drabbles and hope to post weekly for the next five weeks. I hope you'll come back and I welcome any new readers as well.

Prepare for a trip into the old west. If this has enough interest I may expand it into a chapter fic. I've got a nice outline already in place.


Sheriff James T. Kirk seethed with rage. It was a well managed rage, one that was kept in check, but only slightly below the surface. It had been twenty-five years since the outlaw Nero had shot and killed his father in cold blood. It had occupied his thoughts, daily, since he was old enough to understand. The irony was that he had grown up with a father, a good one. But, it was not enough to quell the burning need for revengeā€¦or justice depending on your point of view. Gary Mitchell sent word that Nero's gang was headed toward Enterprise.


"Would not killing him in cold blood defeat your purpose?" said deputy Theodore Spock. "You are an officer of the law after all."

"I'm not going to kill him in cold blood, Spock," Kirk replied, cooling. "I'm going to make sure he doesn't get out alive."

"You are splitting proverbial hairs, Sheriff," Spock retorted. "He should stand trial. We should make an example of him. You should know how the Judge Pike feels about Nero."

Kirk frowned. "You're bringing me down, Spock. Leave my dad out of this. You two have always been a little too logical for my taste."


Spock sat on a rust colored horse next to Kirk's black stallion. He watched silently as the Sheriff surveyed the plain. He agreed with Kirk that Nero should not be allowed inside the town limits. However, meeting the deadly villain out in the open did not bode well for either side. Though he did not get along with the man, he was mildly reassured by the presence of Doc "Bones" McCoy. When the shooting started and the Sheriff got reckless, he would need someone to put him back together.

"Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a sun worshiper. Got shade?"


Other than Nero, only one other member of his gang survived. The impossibly arrogant sycophant was still shouting about how his captain would not stay in custody forever.

Pike finally banged the gavel and pronounced them guilty. The deaths of Kirk's men Sulu and Scott were enough to hang them, but there were plenty of witnesses on hand to testify of Nero's murderous rampage.

"It looks like you got your wish, Spock," Kirk said. "A nice public trial and a hangin' to boot."

"I would have preferred to avoid bloodshed, Sheriff," his second replied.

"Just not possible," Kirk replied, frowning.

Hanging Tree

No time was wasted in throwing a rope over a thick branch and placing the noose around Nero's neck. No one wanted to give the man final words, but Pike asked anyway.

"You let it happened," Nero spat in a heavy Italian accent. "You did nothing to stop it! American pigs."

Kirk swatted the back of the hangman horse pulling Nero up to his final reward. He watched intently as the outlaw kicked and jerked, before falling still.

It had been a uniquely disappointing experience for the Sheriff, though he knew he should be satisfied. Nero was dead and his father could now rest in peace.