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Half The Time The World's Ending

Jenny's blue eyes burned with tears as she sat on her couch, shovelling spoonful's of Ben and Jerry's between her lips. She was watching Harry Potter for the millionth time. She knew that she had acted kind of crazy about Nate taking Serena, she just couldn't help being jealous of Serena. It was as though even when she was down, she still managed to get everything that she wanted. Jenny sighed chucking the spoon into the tub of ice cream.

She entered her bathroom and investigated the damage of her crying. Excellent mascara all over her cheeks, she should really consider investing in some waterproof make up now that she was dating Nate. She heard her cell ring from the living room and she ran to answer it.

"Hello" she said urgently down the line.

"Are you home already Jenny?" her father asked down the line.

Jenny felt a sinking feeling of disappointment fill her stomach. "Yes Nate had to study tonight" she said quietly, praying that her dad wouldn't pry further into it.

"Oh okay, well I was just calling to make sure you remembered that your mother is visiting tomorrow" he told her.

Jenny had forgotten about her mother's upcoming visit "Um yeh of course like I'd forget" she mumbled "Look dad I've got to go, I'm watching a movie" she said pressing the end call button.

"What's with him?" Chuck asked nodding at his best friend.

Blair shrugged "Humphrey drama" replied.

Chuck rolled his eyes – although his dislike for the Humphreys had slackened slightly, he still thought that they were more trouble than they were worth.

Nate was however looking pretty glum that morning, he was dressed in jogging pants and a t-shirt and looked tired. He had spent most of the night before thinking about calling Jenny, but then not actually calling her. Girls were so confusing sometimes. One minute they were fine and then she found out about Serena and she hates him, he understood where she was coming from, but she had to know that he loved her and that Serena was still in love with Jenny's brother.

"My advice would be to go to cotillion with Serena and then rub it both the Humphrey's faces" Blair suggested unhelpfully.

Nate looked at her "Okay and how would that help at all, lets piss my girlfriend and her older brother off. That's not exactly going to work in my favour is it?" he pointed out.

Blair smiled "Trust in the Waldorf knowledge Archibald it will definitely work in your favour. Jealousy helps every relationship" she told him.

He laughed "Didn't help ours" he muttered.

Chuck laughed quietly as this as Blair made a squeaking noise.

"Well she won't forgive you before tomorrow night anyhow so you may as well go with Serena" she said.

"Dan we are going to cotillion – I don't care what you say, we have to go" Jenny shouted from behind a clothes rail. "Now be more helpful, I need to find a dress" she continued.

"I don't see why I have to go" he muttered grumpily standing with his arms folded.

"Because if you hadn't dumped Serena, my boyfriend wouldn't be taking her to cotillion" she said her tone becoming angrier.

She came out in a dress, that was a dark cream colour and Dan shook his head "It doesn't look right. Why don't you just make something…" he suggested.

Jenny sighed "Because for once I want to buy a dress and not have to slave over it for hours. Besides what's wrong with this one?" she asked looking in the mirror.

"It's about $900 out of our price range" he said under his breath.

Jenny rolled her eyes "Never mind" she whispered.

Dan squeezed "Don't worry so much, you'll make something great – you always do" he told her.

Jenny smiled "Yeh sure. Mom's coming in a couple of hours we better get home"

When they reached the apartment the familiar aroma of their mothers perfume filled their heads, they pushed open the door and were greeted by her smiling face. "I'm so happy to see you both" she told them.

Dan smiled and Jenny didn't do anything as her mother's arms around her. "You look so grown up Jenny" she whispered.

Jenny rolled her eyes "You only saw me a couple of months ago" she muttered starkly.

"Dan you look so handsome" she said patting her sons arm.

Dan smiled "Thanks mom" he said quietly.

"I was thinking we could all go out for lunch" Alison said brightly.

Jenny sighed "Okay"

"Sounds good" Dan agreed.

It wasn't that Jenny didn't like her mother, she did really but she just found her mother's over the top happiness irritating and unnecessary because she and Dan both knew that she wasn't really that happy. Jenny also hated the way her mother treated like a toddler, like she wouldn't understand her parents' divorce.

Her mother chose a rather up market restaurant which Jenny knew wasn't to her mother's taste she assumed it was to please her and Dan.

"So how's school?" she asked them both.

Jenny didn't look up from her menu "Fine" she said bluntly.

Dan nodded "Yeh its good thanks mom how's work?" he asked.

"I need the bathroom" Jenny said standing up. Her mother nodded as acceptance of this.

Jenny walked into the overly sheen bathroom area and washed her hands, staring into the mirror she couldn't even bear to look at her reflection. She was never going to be one of those girls, one of the girls that was trying so hard to be, she would always be little Jenny Humphrey.

She left the bathroom and a table caught her eye, Chuck, Blair, Serena and Nate sat there together laughing and enjoying themselves. It was in that moment that Jenny realised how perfect that foursome looked and that she could never be part of that crowd, not matter who she befriended or dated. She stared for a second, saddened and then made her way back over to her own table.

"I think I'll have pasta" she said cheerily sitting down. If her new world couldn't perfect than she may as well try and make the old word better.

Blair could not even believe where she was standing at that moment in her life. For one she was on a set of public stairs, it wasn't even an elevator. On top of that she was in Brooklyn a place she should only busy to facilitate a drug habit. She knocked on the door and waited.

Dan opened the door and stared for a minute "Blair, what are you doing here?" he asked blankly.

"I'm here to make a Brooklyn – UES armistice" she told him "Can I come in?" she asked impatiently tapping her shoe on the ground.

"Yeh" he mumbled letting her enter the loft. Blair's nostrils actively wrinkled as she came in as if a bad smell had hit her.

"Where's that sister of yours?" she asked standing in the corner of the room, remaining close to the door in order to make a quick exit.

"Jenny" Dan shouted and Jenny came out of her bedroom. Her PJ's had a picture of snoopy on the front and she had pins pinned all over them.

Her eyes widened at Blair "What are you doing here?" she asked slowly.

"You two need to stop being so melodramatic everything. That's my job" she smiled – a rare occasion for Blair. "What is your problem? Actually Jenny I kind of get your deal, but Dan, you dumped the best looking girl you're ever going to even speak to for no real reason? That's messed up"

Dan stared at her for a long time "You wouldn't understand" he told her.

Blair rolled her eyes "Why because I have money?" she asked.

Dan nodded "Serena and I are from different worlds. Nothing any of us say is going to change that" he replied.

Blair nodded "Fine if that's how you feel. I guess, I'll see both of you at cotillion tomorrow then" she said. "Before I forget Jenny, Nate asked me to give this to you" she said handing Jenny a small piece of paper. "I'm leaving now to be decontaminated, it was great chatting to you" she said sarcastically before leaving.

Jenny looked at Dan "That girl is so annoying" he said.

Jenny nodded, staring at the paper in her hand. "She might be right though" she said "Anyway good night Dan" she said.

"Yeh night Jenny" he said.

"Hello" a deep voice said.

"It's me" Blair murmured.

Chuck smiled down the phone "Where have you been?" he asked "You were meant to be here two hours ago" he told her.

"Dealing with stuff" she told him. "I'm coming over now. Is that okay?" she asked him.

"Yeh of course it is" he told her.

Blair smiled "See you soon" she said.

"See you soon"

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