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Photo Album

She sat in her chair in front of her computer and then turned towards the filing cabinet by the desk. She noticed that there were a few marks on the cabinet because of Tony trying to pry open the drawer. She knew that of all of the agents that Tony would be the only one that would be curious to find out what was inside. He was always curious about other people and this is why she had to lock the cabinet. She wasnt really mad at him.

She looked at the cabinet and then grabbed the keys to unlock it. She looked around to make sure that nobody was around and then unlocked it. She looked at the black bound album with skulls on it. She smiled as she took it out and sat in on her desk. She had made copies of the photos inside and had a copy of the photo album at home. She wanted to have one at work, so she could see the photos herself whenever she wanted to.

She brushed her hand over the album and opened it. The first page was of the entire team. The one before Tony was even here when Stan Burley was still on the team. The second page was with Vivian and Tony and Gibbs. That was the team then before they got Kate and McGee. She turned the next page and looked at the team. This one was of Kate, Gibbs and Tony at their respective desks. One of the photos of when it was night outside with only the desk lamps on casting a light glow on the people at their desks. She smiled at the next picture. It was of Tony and Kate laughing. Tony had told a joke and both of them started laughing. She had taken it before they even knew that they were being photographed. The next page held some more photos of Kate, Gibbs and Tony all around the plasma screen trying to find out who was responsible for the death of a marine. One of the photos was of Tony leaning back on his chair with his feet on the desk. The other was of Kate looking at something on the computer. The other was of Gibbs drinking his ever-present coffee. The next page was of McGee, Tony and Kate they were around the plasma once again. The next photo was of McGee at his desk working on his computer, Tony was writing something in a file and Kate was talking on the phone. The next page was when it changed. There were no pictures of Kate only of Tony and McGee. At that time she didnt like Ziva because she tried to take the place of Kate and she could never be Kate. She turned the next page and these were of Ziva this time. She had understood Ziva by then. This is when she started taking photos of Ziva too. Once again she had one of Ziva, Tony and McGee were around the plasma. The next one was of Ziva on the phone, McGee was working on the computer, Tony was on the phone too and Gibbs was again drinking coffee. The next page was the whole team together and she was in there too. She had asked one of the other agents to take a picture of them.

She closed the album and put in back in the drawer and locked it again. She turned off the light and then got up and walked out of her lab.

The End