The Feeling

By Jess S

Disclaimer; I do not own Grey's anatomy, nor their characters.


You don't know what it is. One minute you're taking off your shoes in the hallway, and smelling the smell of a brand new apartment. And the next minute, you're wondering what is that feeling that consumes you. You do what you have done all day.

You ignore it.

For the hundred time.

Her voice reaches your ears, wondering if it's you that just walked in. You barely let out a chuckle, and suddenly the feeling is making another small appearance. Dragging your tired body across the living room, and into the kitchen seems a lot more difficult than you imagined (fifteen hour shifts tend to do that). However you somehow make it, and the smell of food hits you right in the face.

When you finally make a sound, (there may have been a few seconds spent just leaning by the kitchen door) she lets out a smile when her eyes find yours. And you let your self smile back.

Before you realize it, the night is over. She sits next to you on the bed, rests her head on top of your naked shoulder, so you simply brush your lips lightly across the crown of her head. A whispered "holy fuck" may have also been let out when her fingernails gently brushed across your abdomen. You cup her face with your right hand, and a blush has clearly burned on her cheeks because you can feel the warmth on the inside of your palm.

She leans towards you, and you run your tongue across her bottom lip, and before she gets a chance to respond, you kiss her in a way that leaves you in total control. But for a second it changes and she catches you in a weak moment (you blame it on the fifteen hour shift), and nibbles ever so softly on your upper lip.

All of the sudden she's got you pinned against the headboard, and as of now your hands are resting against her hips and she has your face cupped in her hands. You can't let it go that she is the one in charge now, and yet you are unbelievable turned on by how much more confident she has become.

She bites your lip, but you don't mind because you get even by pulling away, and focusing on her neck and on her soft spot.

And suddenly that feeling of earlier today is flushing through your body and you realize it now.



Before you know it, two days later, you are a married man.

Hey guys, I just sat down today and wrote and this is what came out. Hope you liked it, please let me know.