Okay, last one until at least Sunday, I'm going to New Mexico for the carnivnal, and then I have a party to go to when I get back, soo...


Wind whistled through the old shack we were crowded together in. It was amazing we had gotten out of that fight alive, and without any casualties.

'Except Total.' Angel chimed in my mind.

'But that was months ago, babe. You gotta let him go eventually.' I soothed.

No one had said a word in hours, at least not out loud. We had almost lost everything. The battle had been brutal, flyboys and whitecoats alike firing at us, trying to get a fatality. Somewhere in the confusion, Fang had grabbed a gun. Bullets rang out, coming so close it was heart-stopping. But we had, by some miracle, all survived.

As soon as we could, we fled. Everybody was dead. All the whitecoats, the flyboys, even some innocent bystanders.

We were wanted for murder. Murder of, what the world thought to be, innocent men, but what we saw as our tormentors, people who made our lives living hell.

Now we were fugitives.

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