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(Bella's P.O.V.)

We were moving. My mom, Renee, and my step dad, Phil, told my 2 brothers (Emmett and Jasper) and me that we were going to be moving in with our dad, Charlie, in one week. We didn't want to go, for obvious reasons. Charlie lives in Forks, Washington which is probably the rainiest place in all of the United States. We weren't going to be able to get used to it because we've lived in Phoenix, Arizona since I was three and Jasper and Emmett were four.

Renee and Charlie got divorced when we were three and four years old. Mom took Em, Jazz and me with her to Phoenix. We put up a fight about it, but of course, Phil and Renee won. We had to pack all of our things and worse, say goodbye to all of our friends.

My friends were mostly just Jazz and Em's friends which were guys, but I had a few girls for friends. You can call me a tomboy, most everybody does except for Renee who just said that my inner girl would come out soon seeing as I am almost an adult. I was almost forced to become a tomboy because I lived in a house with only one woman besides myself. The girly girls at my school didn't like me because I like playing rough sports and don't have a problem getting dirty.

The day Emmett, Jasper and I left for Forks, our mom said to call her as soon as we got off of the plane. She also said to remember that she and Phil loved us very much. We knew that already. We were just wondering why they sent us off to Forks when they loved us so much. We said goodbye and got onto the plane.

The plane ride was so much fun. Emmett, Jasper and I had never been on a plane before except for when we were toddlers, and we couldn't remember that. We were throwing our peanuts at random peoples' heads, and when they turned around to look at us, we pretended that we were talking to each other or reading or whatever.

When the plane landed, the first thing Jazz did was call mom. He was the most responsible one out of us. It isn't like Emmett and I weren't responsible, we just weren't responsible enough.

I looked around and saw Charlie making his way through the crowd of people. I nudged Em and pointed. He saw Charlie and ran towards him yelling, "DADDY!" Emmett tends to get overly excited about a lot of things. I got Jasper who I helped to get our bags and headed towards Emmett who was hugging Charlie so that his feet weren't touching the ground.

I sighed and heard Jazz sigh beside me. I hoped that Emmett wouldn't go too crazy in here.