Hey, guys. I probably should've done this a long time ago, but I'm telling you if there will be a sequel or not.


There will be a sequel! Some people told me that there shouldn't be a sequel because the chapters were too short in this story, and someone else said there shouldn't be one because of something I couldn't understand and I wasn't trying to understand. But, in the sequel, I promise that every chapter will be at least 2 pages long so you actually have something to read when I update.

I promise that the story will be up by Sunday, January 10. I'm gonna have a bit of trouble coming up with a title though. Oh yeah, Happy New Year! I'm kind of late though...

So... yeah. And if you want to, tell me what you want the title of the next story to be. 'Cause I have nothing after naming the first story "Tomboy Bella."


Reggie (I'm not giving you my real name.)