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4 hours into the delivery


"Breath Bella, breath, you can do it baby," Jacob stood next to me breathing just like the trainers in the lamaze coaxing me to do the same. I did as he asked and tried the breathing methods hoping they would alleviate some of the pain.

I was surprised when some of the pain actually ebbed, not by much, but enough to let me close my eyes for a minute without screaming in agony.

"You're doing great Bells," I felt a damp cloth on my forehead and smiled weakly as Jacob tended to me.

"I must look like shit," I managed to croak out. My throat was so sore from screaming I sounded like a smoker.

"You've never looked more beautiful," he rested his elbows on the bed next to me so he could bring his face to mine. "I love you and what you're doing right now is amazing. You're amazing,"

"I love you too Jake, more than I can ever describe, but right now, I just want this baby out!" I leaned forward doing the breathing exercises getting ready when I felt another contraction kick in.

"Oh fuck! This one's worse than the others," I tried to stifle my screaming by shutting my teeth tight but felt blood in my mouth when I'd accidently bit my lip instead. The taste of the blood had my stomach turning instantly, that is until another wave of pain had me twisted in agony. "Holy shit!"

"Don't bite your lip baby, you'll only hurt yourself,"

"I've already established that by the fucking blood on my face!" what part of wanting this baby out wasn't he getting.

"Ah Miss. Swan, so how are we doing?" Dr. Carlisle Cullen walked in, his smile friendly and warm. We'd taken Edward's recommendations and allowed his father to our obstetrician especially since he lived in the area and was readily available every time we'd called.

"Feeling like I'm pushing something the size of watermelon out of something the size of a lemon," I breathed a sigh of relief when the contraction ended. I knew I had about two to three minutes until the next one hit.

"Well my dear, that's because you are," he smiled sweetly at me. I wanted to tear his eyes out with a fishing hook. What the hell did he have to be all smiley about?

"Please tell me there's drugs. I want the drugs," my eyes widened as the contraction came sooner than I expected.

"If you like we have epidural ready to administer. It will make you much more comfortable,"

"You had drugs and you only chose to mention it now?"

1 hour later


I'd watched Bella suffer through each and every contraction, and each one was like a stab to the heart. I hated seeing her in pain. At least now with the epidural she seemed a lot more comfortable.

"Bells, is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable," she turned her head to me, looking a little groggy, but much better than she was before. I wiped the sweat off her brow and kissed her forehead.

"Oh Jake, my back, it's so sore," her voice was scratchy and her eyes were fluttering close she was so tired. If only I could just get behind her and rub-

"Wait I've got an idea. I'll be right back honey," I ran out the door and passed the waiting room where everyone was.

"Jake?" I didn't stop when I heard Embry call me. I kept on going until I arrived at the nurses' station.

"I need to talk to the nurse in charge of Isabella Swan's delivery,"

"Yo Jake, what's going on man?" I heard Seth's call as he, Embry and Quil caught up to me. "Is Bells okay?"

"Yeah but she's exhausted," I tried to see behind the glass as the nurses' asked around.

"What's going on? Rose and Tanya are with the kids. The rest of the girls went to check on Bella," Emmett walked behind us, his brow marred with worry. "Isn't the epidural working?"

"Yeah, but she's getting weaker by the minute," I whispered the words afraid that the delivery would be delayed because of her condition. "I've got an idea,"

"How can I help you Mr. Black," a little red head no taller than Alice and skinnier than Dinny appeared behind the counter. Clarissa, her name tag read.

"Bella is getting weaker by the second. Maybe could you come check to see if she's fully dilated by now,"

"Certainly, she must be close by now," I could see she was trying so hard now to blush at the site of all of us by the counter, I kept forgetting how much space we all took up.

"I have an idea that I think may help her," I stopped in front of her and noticed her eyes practically bug out of her head when the guys came closer to hear. I turned to the guys and raised my eyebrows, pleading.

"Guys, you're scaring the lady," I chuckled when they blushed and moved aside for Clarissa and me to pass as we made our way back to Bella's room.

"Sorry about them, we're all pretty close, especially when it comes to our girls," I smiled apologetically but breathed a sigh of relief when I was rewarded with a brilliant smile.

"It's quite alright Mr. Black, I understand," she stopped outside the door and turned to me, "what was your idea?"

"Alright, easy does it," the nurses held Bella sitting upright after having brought her down the bed a foot or two. I took off my shoes and slowly climbed in behind Bella when the nurses had nodded letting me know there was enough room.

"It's okay I've got her," I put my hands on shoulders and slowly lowered her back down onto my chest and sighed, finally relaxing once I felt her body heat rest against mine.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what are you doing exactly?" Bella's groggy voice sounded weaker than it did before. I smiled and brushed more sweat off of her forehead with a cloth the nurse had left for me on the night stand.

"You always said you felt safe and strong when I held you," I kissed her temple then gently pulled her legs up by the knees one by one allowing the nurse to check on my girl's progress.

"Okay, we're back in business people!" Clarissa smiled and called back Dr. Cullen into our room.

"You hear that baby, it's time,"

"What do you mean it's time?" her forehead wrinkled into the cutest frown. "What the fuck have I been doing these past hours?" I chuckled, she really was cute.

"Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are when you're angry?" I whispered in her ear. I knew she'd most likely get angry from what Emmett had told me about Rose's delivery and how seething mad she was. I had to help Bells get her second wind, and she always had the most energy when she was pissed off.

"Oh no you don't you nympho! You are not coming near me again with that thing in your pants!" I kept a firm hold on her shoulders, keeping her facing away from me so she wouldn't hurt herself twisting to yell at me face to face. It only pissed her off more. I couldn't hide my proud grin when the woman I loved growled at me and practically tore me a new one.

"What the fuck are you smiling at Jacob Black?" I kept my lips tight, trying my best not to smile, especially when I heard a few chuckles from outside the door. Bella was yelling so loud I'm sure the rest of the hospital heard.

"I hear we're ready to deliver a baby!" Dr. Cullen came in beaming, his smile widened into a grin when she saw how angry and flushed she was, and guessed the source of her anger with me behind her holding her upright and helping her.

"I see you've acquired some help," he checked her pulse and blood pressure while looking at the monitors to our left. "A little high, but considering the previous predicament we were in this might just be what we need to deliver your baby," he winked at me and gave me a quick thumbs up. I looked at Bella and was surprised to find her glaring daggers at me.

Suddenly her eyes squeezed shut, perspiration beading on her forehead as another contraction hit. She tried to stifle her scream but I knew it would help if she let it out. I rubbed soothing circles along her back and massaged her tense shoulders, hoping to relieve some of the tension.

"What happened to the epidural?" I wiped the sweat off Bella's brow and looked at Dr. Cullen.

"It must be starting to wear off. We need to get this baby out, now," "Okay Bella, I need you to push,"

I heard small whimpers and I knew my Bells was in trouble. I leaned down and gently kissed her ear and whispered, "you can do it baby, I know you can." I didn't care that she was probably still angry but I knew she needed a little encouragement.

I smiled when I felt her little hand slide into mine that was still on her shoulder and hold it tight. "I love you baby," her words were short and choppy as she said them through her breathing exercises then pushed with all her might.

I helped keeping her propped and bit my lip when her nails dug into my thigh when the pain became unbearable. I held her tight against me, conveying my strength to her to help bring our baby into the world.

After what seemed like hours of screaming, hand crushing and constant coaching from Dr. Cullen the most beautiful sound broke through the room as Bella pushed out our baby with a final hard push. Dr. Cullen quickly cut the umbilical cord and gave our baby over to the nurse to clean and swaddle.

"Congratulations," Clarissa came over holding a tightly wrapped little blue bundle with a smiling Dr. Cullen behind her. "You have an absolutely beautiful baby boy." From what I could see under the little tuque they'd put on his head, he already had a head full of jet black hair like mine and his skin was light russet colour.

"Can we see him?" Bella's voice was scratchy, her hair was sweaty mess, her eyes drooping, and her body shaking with exhaustion. She'd never looked more beautiful.

"You're amazing baby, I love you so damn much," I whispered in her ear, crying with exhaustion and an overload of so many different emotions. I was just as eager as Bella to see our baby as the nurse gently up him in her arms. She held him close to her breast, smiling through her tears.

"Look Jacob," she smiled broadly and turned to look back at me, "isn't he gorgeous,"

"He sure is," I let my arms come around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder feeling my tears of joy course down my cheeks and gently hugged her closer while being mindful of her stomach. "He looks like his mom,"

"Actually he looks a lot like you baby," she grinned and kissed my cheek. "He hasn't even been born ten minutes and already his skin's darker than mine," I chuckled and kissed her cheek.

"Have you both decided on a name?" Dr. Cullen's question brought us back to the present and I looked at Bella with a smile.

"Yes we have," she grinned back at me and nodded. "We've decided if it was a boy, we'd call him Ethan,"

Half hour later

After the nurse had held the baby while I slowly and carefully disentangled myself from behind Bella, the nurse had allowed Alexa to come in. She came straight into my arms and hugged me as tight as her tired little arms allowed.

"Is he here daddy?" I smiled and held her hand in mine. I brought her hand to my mouth and kissed it softly.

"Yeah, you're brother's here," her face lit up, all signs of fatigue gone. That's when it hit me. "How did you know you had a brother?" I know the nurse didn't tell her, so how-

"That's what I wished for when I blew out my birthday candle," her smile was so wide as she took my hand and took off for the bed with me in tow, completely at a loss for words.

"Can I see him mommy?" I picked her up and let her knee on the bed, my arm around her waist in case she'd lose her balance. "Hi there!" she waved at him, a big toothy smile playing on her lips.

"So you wished for him did you?" Bella smiled at Alexa and brushed the little girl's tousled hair out of her eyes with her free hand and kissed her forehead. "I love you baby and I'm so proud of you for coming tonight and for being happy to be a big sister,"

That was one thing we weren't sure how Alexa would handle. We knew she was excited with the idea of a baby but we were afraid of jealousy issues, or that maybe she'd feel less loved than the baby. But all along the way she'd been nothing but excited and more so now that her brother was finally here.

"I can't wait until we can take him home momma!" she leaned in close and gently kissed his forehead. "You think he can hear me?"

"I'm sure he can sweetheart," I hugged her close from behind and tickled her sides smiling when she giggled.

"Daddy!" she laughed and slapped my hand that was tickling her. She brought her hand to Ethan's minuscule one and stroked his skin softly. "I'm happy you finally came,"


We all hooted and hollered happily when the cries of baby broke the silence. The nurse came to ask us to tone it down a little, but the smile on her face showed that she was happy for Bella and Jacob.

Once we quieted down she asked for Alexa,

"How are you feeling sweety?" she knelt down to Alexa's height smiling when the little girl curled on Leah's lap stretched and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Good thanks," I couldn't help but chuckle, for a little sprite she sure acted older than her age.

"There's someone in that room who really wants to meet you," Alexa's eyes widened in excitement and a big smile spread over her pretty little face.

"Really? He's here?" we all frowned, a little taken aback that she'd already decided what the gender of the baby was. The nurse's eyes widened a little but she didn't say anything. That only meant one thing, it was a boy.

After almost 10 minutes we were all getting a little antsy; we wanted to make sure Bella and the baby had made it through okay.

Jacob came out of the room, you could tell he'd been crying but none of us were going to say anything, he and Bella had been through a lot today. Hell I knew how emotional it was; just remembering when Levi's cries finally sounded after hours of watching my poor Rose in pain was like I'd died and gone to heaven.

Seth, Quil and Embry stood, grinning like idiots and slapping the new daddy on the back. Jacob smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes and hugged them, thanking us all for coming.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world big guy," Leah hugged him close and rubbed the tears off his face and kissed his cheek. "Congratulations daddy," her words seemed to hit home and another tear came down his cheek.

"Sorry guys," he laughed an exhausted nervous laugh and pulled Leah in against him. She laughed and hugged him back. Quil laughed and joined in the group hug. Soon enough we were all in and hugging our friend in his time of need.

"Hey! Where's my lovin'?" a tired, scratchy, winded voice sounded from the room right next to us. Jake walked in first, I followed right behind. I stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey man, I just wanted to tell you myself, I'm real proud of you two. You're already great parents," he smiled, "no really you are, look at Alexa, she's a great kid with a big heart. Your son will be a fine man someday," I pulled him in for a hug and slapped him on the back.

"Thanks man," he whispered and smiled, making his way back to Bella.

"How's the beauty queen!" I smiled when she laughed, her eyes never opening more than a small slit. The poor girl was pooped.

"The beauty queen will live to tell another tale," she smiled, her eyes opening a little more when the little guy fidgeted in his blankets.

"Isn't he cute! I told you I'd get a little brother," Alexa excited little voice made us smile, we were so happy she was so open to an addition to their family.

"He sure is sweety," Tanya sat on the bed next to Bella and stroked the baby's cheek lovingly then looked up and smiled at Edward. Oh looks like more's to come. I smiled knowingly at Edward who already seemed excited by the glace his wife had given him.

"So we take it you like your little brother," Seth walked up behind Alexa and hugged the giggling child.

"You're silly Uncle Seth! Of course I like Ethan, he's my little brother" she turned in his grasp and grabbed his cheeks, looking at him seriously, her little pale hands creating such a contrast against his dark unshaven cheeks. "You have a scratchy face like daddy does sometimes," she laughed even harder when he rubbed his cheeks against her hands.

"Ethan, strong name, fits this handsome fellow to a tee," Alice smiled while she brushed Bella's sweaty bangs out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. "You two made a beautiful baby boy,"

"Thanks," Bella smiled, her eyes never leaving her new bundle of joy. He began squirming and a small cry escaped his little lips. "Sorry guys, but momma's gotta go to work. Looks like someone's hungry,"

"That's our cue!" Rose smiled. We all gave our congratulatory hugs and kisses and made our way back to the waiting room. Some of the guys headed home since they had to get up in the morning for work. Jasper, Alice, Rose and I stayed behind to help them with whatever they needed.

I looked around, at Rose and Alice in the sitting room with us, Rose nursing Levi under a baby blanket, Alice already showing her pregnancy, and the retreating backs of our long time friends who were underway to starting families of their own.

"I have a feeling things are just starting to get interesting," I whispered thinking of the shenanigans our little ones were going to get into. We were little hell raisers, we'd never deny that. You know what they say, what goes around, comes around. Oh lord…

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