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Important Note

The stuff that is in italics and in single quotation marks is not being spoken out loud it is explaining the action. This should make more sense when you read.

Unspoken Conversation

Alice and Jasper were sitting on the floor facing each other in the middle of their room next to the large window. The sun was just beginning to rise, but neither could look towards it. Jasper sat with his legs crossed wearing nothing but a pair of light blue jeans with his hands resting in his lap. Alice sat cross-legged as well her bare knees barley touching his; wearing the shirt he was missing.

Their eyes were only for each other, oblivious to the world around them. Alice then smiled softly, 'Hey.'

Jasper returned her soft smile, 'Hey.'

Alice looked down at the shirt and then looked back at him smiling fully, 'You look good without a shirt.'

Jasper removed his hands from his lap and placed them behind him. Leaning back on his arms for support, he cocked an eyebrow at her, 'Oh?'

Alice gave a silent laugh and nodded her head encouragingly.

Jasper smiled bashfully and sat back up, his moment of cockiness over. His face was sincere as he reached up and brushed his fingers along her cheek and down her jaw, 'You're beautiful.'

Alice nuzzled her face against his hand, 'Thank you.' She then reached up and brushed her hand along his cheek and down his jaw, 'You're beautiful too.'

Jasper smiled slightly, humoring her, but not agreeing. Alice wrapped her hand around his chin and stroked his jaw, 'You are.'

Jasper smiled a little more and removed her hand from his chin. He brought it up to his lips, kissing the back of it 'Thank you.' He then turned it over and ran a finger from the heel of her palm to the tip of her middle finger and then down to the heel of his hand, 'You're so small.' He then gave her hand a slight squeeze, 'I feel like I am going to break you.'

Alice jutted her chin out slightly her eyes fierce and determined. 'I can take care of myself.'

Jasper smiled softly 'I know you can.' He then leaned forward and scooped her up into his lap. He wrapped his arms protectively around her, engulfing her tiny frame, 'But I like protecting you.'

Alice shifted in his lap and wrapped her arms around him, 'Than I get to protect you.'

Jasper kissed the top of her head, 'Deal.'

Alice looked up at him and smiled before rubbing her nose against his 'I love you.'

Jasper smiled fully and rubbed her nose back, 'I love you too.'

Alice then hopped up out of his lap and stood just in front of him holding out her hand, 'Will you come with me?'

Jasper reached up and took it, 'Always.'

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