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kiki-twilighter-ever: When Edward first brings over Bella to the Cullens house

Jasper sat back on the low branch, his shoulders pressed into the bark of the tree, with his eyes closed. He bathed himself in Alice's joy and excitement, trying to smother out his nerves and anxiety; he had been on edge all afternoon. He sucked in a deep breath and released it slowly before opening his eyes, which were light from a fresh hunt, though he highly doubted they would stay that way for much longer. He sifted slightly on the branch glancing up through the leaves, a smile settling on his face when he saw his small wife moving gracefully along the thinner branches.

After watching her for a while, his moment of peace began slipping away to be replaced with panic. He worried what it would do to their family by bringing a human into their lives. He worried that he would make a mistake; That he would accidentally kill Bella and would break his wife's heart. He worried that the Volturi would somehow find out about Bella and it would cost them all their lives. He worried that he could not protect Alice from what seemed inevitable in his mind, regardless of what she said, it could only end badly.

He was shaken from his thoughts when he heard Alice moving quickly down the tree causing a few leaves to rain down on him. The branch he was on bowed slightly under the added weight when she settled herself on his lap with a smile. She reached up knocking a few leaves out of his hair, before leaning in and pressing her lips to his softly. Her excitement, happiness and love flowed through him 'Stop worrying.' She pulled back smiling at him, her eyes shining with confidence 'everything will be alright.'

Jasper smiled hesitantly at her, his eyes clouded with doubt 'I hope so.'

Alice rolled her eyes then pecked him on the corner of his mouth, her confidence surging through him 'I promise.'

Jasper smiled a little more as he picked up her hand, pressing his lip tenderly to her knuckles 'I trust you.'

Alice smiled back at him 'good.' She then perked up in his lap, her back going straight as she cocked her head slightly, causing Jasper to cock his head; he could hear a car speeding down the road towards the house. Alice squealed in delight, shooting off his lap and up the tree; Jasper watched her go with an easy smile. She stepped off the high branch onto their windowsill with the grace and balance that rivaled a cat. Turning on the balls of her feet she smiled down at him, as she all but bounced in place. 'Come on!' her emotions all but screamed at him.

Jasper chuckled at her enthusiasm and darted off the tree, trying to shake off the last of his nerves, as he followed her into the house to meet the human.