All's Fair in a Lover's War

Bella's life is good and her perfect boyfriend Edward makes it even better. But when they get into a fight, it starts an all out war between friends. Secrets are revealed, alliances are made; people are crushed. Who will win this ultimate lover's spat? AH

Disclaimer- I don't own Twilight, Stephenie Meyer creates these amazing characters. The only thing that is mine is the plot.


(Forgive and Forget)

Just when you think it's all done,

You'll be surprised what has begun;

You won't be ready for what you see,

It can't be real, it just can't be.


I knew it was time for forgiveness, time for peace, for joy, for love… we had been fighting for days, weeks, and it was time for a change.

Through all this time I had missed him, so much, it actually ached to be away, but I managed- out of trivial, unimportant anger- that could have been, should have been, so easily resolved. I couldn't believe I had managed to stay that far away from him for that long, it was an amazing accomplishment- or an amazing defeat, either way; it was amazing.

I wanted to enjoy his kisses again, feel his body pressed against mine, I wanted his love. After all we had been through, all we had done together, we needed peace. I had never once since meeting him gone this long with out a hug from him, a kiss from him, without hearing the words "I love you."

That's why I hated fighting. And it had been about something so stupid too, so stupid. I just wanted it to be over. I wanted to put it behind us, put on the top shelf, out of reach. Something that would be forgotten over time, that's what it needed to be. They said time heals all wounds, this would be gone, this tiny snag.

We would be perfect together, old times, we could be together, get married, have kids, there was nothing that could stand in our way, there was nothing. If our live survived- when our love survived, we could be together, forever. It was movie love, but more magical, more real.

I walked up the stairs, my heart anxiously beating in anticipation, ready to see Edward, like I should; not like an enemy, but as a friend, a boyfriend, a lover. I was ready to feel his lips on me skin, his hand in mine, my hand has been so cold these last few weeks…

The thump-thump of my heart beat rang in my ears, but a grin was evident on my face, excited was the dominate emotion. I couldn't wait to be back in his arms, our bodies mashed and tangled together. How it should be, how it soon would be.

But when I walked into Edward's office, there was already someone there- with him, on him, kissing him, where I should be, where I needed to be. My heart was pounding so, so loud. I was sure they would break apart just from hearing it…

The sight tore me chest in two, I couldn't breath- my throat had closed up.

I couldn't see- be vision was blurred in the way that could only be tears.

I couldn't feel- my limbs were numb, my body frozen, my legs were lead, unable to move from the sight in front of me.

I couldn't think- I just couldn't think…


My first try at this kind of thing... this was just the preface. Let me know in a review if you want me to continue!