Chapter Two- And so it begins (Part One)

"Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else." –Will Rogers

Chapter two is here, the fight will begin,
We still don't know, which team will win;
Read on as drama, begins to unfold,
Will the characters ever just do as their told?


Everything was going perfectly, that is until Alice arrived. I was at Edward's and my apartment getting ready, with Edward in the next room, changing, when Alice walks in, uninvited, and took one look at me and says "No."

I was wearing a blue sweater with a pair of nice slacks, which in my opinion looked fine. But apparently, Alice didn't think I was quite there yet. "Bella, we are going somewhere nice." She said now, as I let her in.

"Hi," I said, put out that my outfit wasn't up to her 'standards.' Ever since I made friends with Alice, my fashion sense, according to her, had gone up somewhat, but apparently my current outfit wasn't quite there.

"Hey Alice," Edward called from the other room, I saw him pulling on his jacket out of the corner of my eye. Edward always took my breath away, and when he was wearing a tuxedo- wow was the only word to describe his appearance.

But Alice didn't have time for formalities; she yanked on my arm and pulled me into the bedroom, pushed Edward out, and immediately began digging through my closet. I sat on the silky, ocean blue bed spread and sighed, taking a look at Alice. She was already dressed to perfection. Wearing a rosy pink dress that fell down to her mid thigh, with ruffles near the bottom, and a v-cut top that was revealing yet concealed- she looked amazing. Her inky black hair was smoothed straight down, and she was wearing funky dark pink earrings and a light, coral pink earrings- Alice never was to matchy-matchy. I couldn't help be a tad jealous- will my ordinary body- whose only special talent was tripping over its own feet, and plain, straight brown hair- not unique or breath taking at all.

Alice began taking things out of my closet, looking at them for a moment, and throwing them next to me on the bed in disgust. I thought my clothes were nice. "Alice, you know I am going to have to be the one who cleans that mess up." I said, starting to gather up my clothes. She just looked at me and sighed, before continuing to ransack my closet.

"You have nothing to wear!" She exclaimed a few minutes later, before a wicked grin appeared on her face. She took off suddenly and dashed out the door- as far as I could tell back to her car. I was slightly nervous, when Alice wore a smile like that- something usually ended up broken, or messed up, or in one case, it ended with this guy Jasper worked with, Mike something or another, in jail for the night, before Alice went and bailed him out.

She ran back in, a garment bag in her hands. She held it carefully, like a newborn- which made me even more nervous. Alice noticed the look on my face- and out on her puppy dog eyes. I sighed, not knowing what was coming- but ready for anything.

"Now Bella, over the past few weeks, I have been staying late at the store, in the workshop- and messing around with some of the stray material there. I took some of my old dresses in that I never wear anymore, and fixed them up a bit. Actually the one I am wearing used to be a Barney's." She said, her cheeks slightly flushed. I looked once more at her beautiful dress- realizing that she had pretty much made it.

"Oh my god Alice, that's amazing, you made the dress you are wearing, and wow!" I exclaimed, causing Alice to turn even brighter pink, which was very unusual for her.

"I didn't make, it, exactly." Alice said, though as she swished around slightly, I knew she was proud of her work. "But anyway, as I was saying, I have this dress, which should be about your size- with the alterations I've done. And you have to wear it, because I gave Rosalie one to, and she likes it- I think, and we can all be wearing the first of Alice designs." She said the last bit sort of fast, while unzipping the zipper of the garment bag. I let out a gasp- the dress was amazing.

It was a deep red, long, with a small v-cut top and silky fabric with some beaded designed here and there. It looked like it would go down to half way down my shins- and it had some layers at the bottom. I couldn't believe Alice had made it.

"It's amazing!" I gushed, running up to touch it. I couldn't believe Alice wanted me to wear one of her first ever designs.

"And it will look gorgeous on- now try it, we still have hair and make up to do!" Alice ordered, getting back into her bossy routine. She wasn't that bossy- okay, maybe she was, but it was usually about clothes and people's appearances- and sometimes everything else... but I loved her for it. She wouldn't be Alice if she wasn't bossy.

I quickly stripped out of my current outfit- which looked like ratty old jeans and a worn T-shirt compared to the glossy dress in front of me. I slipped the material over my head, and straightened it out, not daring to look in the mirror, Usually, when Alice gave me a new outfit- which was often, since apparently my wardrobe was to small for her likings, she made me wait until my hair and make up was done before she let me see it. She played the 'full effect' card on me whenever I protested.

Alice smiled when I turned to face her. "Fit's almost perfectly, I need to make a few minor adjustments- but besides that, splendid. Now, I know I usually make you wait, but turn around, I need to see your reaction." Alice said.

I turned slowly- and let out another sigh. The woman in the mirror wasn't me, it couldn't be. For the person in the mirror looked tall and like she actually had curves- a butt and boobs were actually there. Her legs seemed long- even with the dress falling down slightly past her knees.

It just couldn't be me.


I walked into Ballo Elaborato, the new Italian restaurant, on shaky feet. Alice had placed me in three inch heels ('Don't worry about it, you will be fine, I promise' she had said when I asked her how the hell I was supposed to walk in them), and I was very, very nervous about falling. I walked in clutching Edward's arm for support- something about that he found amusing, but I chose to just ignore him.

"Whoa." Was all I could say, the place was amazing. From the outside, it looked like a simple Italian restaurant, there were simple yet elegant doors, the brick was white, and there was dark green ivy creeping up the walls. But inside, it was even more amazing. Along the edges of the place there were exquisite rounded tables with pearly white table clothes and large, flickering candles casting a merry, romantic glow all around the room. In this middle space, there was a large open space, where there were a few couples dancing, next to a small stage that was set up along one side where there were no tables. There was a band on there, playing a slow song, and singing in what could only be Italian.

Above the dancing area there was a large beautiful chandelier, with what looked like diamond glittering off it. All in all, it was amazing- and exactly the place Rosalie would choose to have her birthday. I spotted Rose and Emmett sitting at a table together in the far corner of the room, drinking Champaign and laughing. Edward and I made our way around the dance floor- me still clutching onto him, and to their table. Alice and Jasper hadn't arrived yet, so we weren't late, as I thought we might be. Alice had taken forever on my hair- which was currently twisted up into an elegant bun with small, wavy ringlets coming out of it. It did look good- but it had taken forever. Defiantly not an everyday sort of style.

"Hey guys, don't you love this place, I can't believe I found it on such short notice- it's pretty amazing." Rose gushed. I looked at her slightly pink drinks, and already partly unraveled hair, and guessed she and Emmett had arrived earlier and had already started drinking- Rose wasn't this merry.

"It really is, and the dress is gorgeous." I told her, giving her a hug before sitting down. Alice had tried to explain to me the dress back at the apartment, but I hadn't really paid that close attention, but it really did look spectacular. It was a dark purple, with a long, plunging neckline with spaghetti straps to hold it up. When Rosalie turned around, I saw the back had strings of fabric that laced back and forth all over her bare skin, causing her to look very tall indeed.

We all sat down, sipping the wine that the waiter had just given us, talking about the place. Edward kept trying to talk me into dancing- but wouldn't budge. After a moment, Emmett and Rose themselves went onto the dance floor, and Edward, feeling left out, lifted me with his strong, muscular arms out of the chair and wrapped me around him. He ignored my protests, carrying me out onto the dance floor and began spinning me around.

"I can't dance, Edward!" I whined, as he hurled me around once more, but actually, I was secretly enjoying it. Edward was holding me very close, I was pressed against his chest, and I barely had to move, he had me in the air most of the time anyway- my feet barely touched the ground.

"You are now, and besides, I think you might enjoy it if you gave it a chance." He whispered in my ear in a deep, husky voice as he pressed me even more firmly against him. I gave up the argument- I did like being this close to him. I looked up after another twirl to see him smirking at me, his eyes alight and happy. I sighed, he just loved to be right, but sometimes it bugged me.

Another song later and I was starting to get tired. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jasper and Alice walk in, and when Jasper caught my eye he winked- before twirling Alice onto the dance floor too. It was cute to watch them, Jasper was at least a good foot and a half taller than Alice, and he picked her up and held her like she was a doll, his doll. I smiled as the song ended, and we all stopped dancing and clapped, before heading back to our seats.


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