It was early, early morning. The faintest rays of light were just beginning to splinter over the horizon. Everyone in Hogwarts castle, though they had originally been intent on staying up all night and celebrating Voldemort's defeat, had exhaustedly retired to their warm four-poster beds. For those that weren't students, rows of beds had been conjured up in the Great Hall. Everyone was sound asleep. That is, almost everyone.

A small, dark-haired Slytherin girl still roamed the halls. She was a second-year, but quite bright for her age. Professor Flitwick had once even predicted that, if she took her O.W.L.s then, in only her second year, she would receive an O in every test. However, the girl, no matter how much the teachers praised her, strived to never be noticed. Her hair always hung in a curtain over her face. She very seldom spoke, and did only in a whisper. She had no friends but the heavy, torn books she read that were almost certainly restricted. Because of this, Hermione Granger had once approached her, hoping to befriend the shy girl, as she too was usually to be found buried in a book, but backed away when she saw the girl's venomous stare. Indeed, the girl enjoyed her privacy.

On this dark end to such an eventful day, the girl was wandering through a corridor near the Great Hall, searching. She cracked doors open, slowly as she could so as not to wake anyone with the creak of rusty hinges. With each door she opened, her tread became heavier and she more disappointed. Her search left her weary and tired, but still she searched on. Finally, she found the right room. A devious smile played across her lips as she opened the door wider and entered the room. It was a simple classroom, with a large chalkboard at the front, rows of desks in the middle, and a small cupboard in the back. The only thing that made it any different from another average classroom was the white corpse lying on the floor.

The girl examined the corpse- its empty eyes, limp arms, and pale, dead face. Her heart raced. Eventually, the girl finished examining the dead body and stood up. She unsheathed her wand and directed it at the body. "Locomotor mortis," she whispered. The corpse rose in the air and floated there, about two feet above the ground. The girl walked away carefully, flicking her wand to bring the body along with her. She walked like this, her wand extended towards the airborne body, until she reached the Forbidden Forest on the grounds. Carefully, watching the suspended lifeless body, she made her way through the trees without fear. She traveled quickly, and soon reached a clearing in the woods. She let the body fall and turned away from it. A clear patch of ground lay in front of her. With a flick of her wand, the girl removed a large portion of the dirt and let it settle in a pile some distance away. At her feet was a perfectly rectangular hole. As she was admiring it, she noticed something glinting near its corner and went to investigate. It shimmered in the moonlight.

Upon picking the strange object up, she realized that it was a ring: A dusty gold ring, set with a large black stone with a crack down its center. She studied it for a while, and then walked over to where she had left the motionless corpse. It watched her as she slipped the ring on its finger. After kissing it ceremoniously, the girl lowered the body into the grave and covered it with the earth, where it would lay for nineteen years.

With a sadistic grin, Isabella Lestrange loped away.