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Title: Dividing Paths

Summary: Everyone takes a different path in their life...but how do you choose when multiple paths lie before you? Will you become a soldier? A demon? A savior? These question confront Maka, Soul and the other weapon Meisters as well as their companions.

Chapter one: The path of the Demon Hunter.

Maka sighed as she looked up at the sky wondering about her travels with her partner Soul. "should...I.......really do this...." She mumbled while she looked down at a letter she received from her mother. "Mama.....what should I do..."

As she kept looking down a small gust made her clothes sway as she continued looking at the letter. "....I don't think I can do this..." She mumbled again as she stood up and walked back towards the apartment she used to share with her partner Soul.

"Now that the Kishin is gone.....there is no reason to continue......I'll never be strong enough to make Soul a deathscythe" she continued mumbling to herself as she kept walking but then stopped looking at a familiar motorcycle in front of the apartment.

As her eyes widened slightly she ran into the building. "Soul....is he.....really back" She though as she kept running eventually making it to the door. A voice suddenly called out to her as she turned the nob. "Missed me...." Called out the voice.

Maka turned as she looked at her partner. "Soul..." Soul grinned as he looked at Maka "Heh I knew it....you missed me" Maka sighed and rolled her eyes but almost on impulse, she ran up to Soul embracing him slightly sobbing into his chest.

He smiled warmly as he hugged Maka back then lifted her head. "Maka......I'm back.....and this time....I'm staying..." Maka looked up at soul then let go walking to the door. "Soul.....am I strong enough.....to make you a deathscythe?"

Soul chuckled as he put his hand on her shoulder. "Your more than strong.....you power.....is exactly what I need to become a deathscythe." Maka blushed slightly then walked into the apartment. "So how will we find a witch?....we still need a witch soul and Shinigami-sama will take our other souls if we're not careful"

Soul laughed. "the next witch we face will be the last....we will make it especially with your anti-demon wavelength." Maka sighed and rolled her eyes. "Yeah I'm doing all the work" she joked as she flicked Soul's forehead.

Soul gave her a quick glare then chuckled. "Heh and I thought you were the serious one" He said waiting for Maka to open the door. "well I am" She replied opening the door and walking inside followed by Soul. "well your room is still the same......I haven't been inside since you left..."

Soul sighed. "You didn't have to do that for me.." Maka sighed as she looked around when she noticed something ringing. "Huh did you hear that?" She said out loud as she looked around. Soul yawned as he looked at a mirror. "Its shinigami-sama"

Maka walked over to the mirror and placed her hand on it. "Yes Shinigami-sama?" Shinigami chuckled when he saw Soul behind Maka. "Ah Soul-kun you're back.....how was your training with Justin?" Soul grinned. "heh I got much stronger"

Shinigami chuckled. "Good, now then..come to me and I will give you some mission details I've been meaning to give you for a while now." Maka sighed. "Ok then shinigami-sama" She said as she pulled her cloak on then opened the door. "Let's go soul-kun" Soul chuckled as he put his hands in his pockets. "Just like old times..."

Maka and Soul walked into Shibusen then walked towards the large mirror which lead to Shinigami's quarters. They both stepped through and walked down a hall as they stopped in front of Shinigami and bowed quickly. "Ah Maka-chan!!!" A voice rang out as Spirit came out of nowhere and tried to hug Maka.

Maka sighed as she pulled out a book and slammed it into her father's head. "Papa........" Soul laughed as he looked at Maka glaring at Spirit. "Deathscythe-sama.....you just got your ass handed to you" He said laughing harder.

Maka then turned to soul but a hand crashed down on his head making him hit the floor. Maka giggled as she saw shinigami behind Soul with his hand out. "Now then....can we begin?" Maka nodded as she looked at Shinigami. "So what is this mission about shinigami-sama?"

Shinigami looked at Maka and soul then sighed. "well as you know....you hold the anti-demon wavelength and then you still have the potential to become a deathscythe...I want you to choose which direction you will take."

Both Maka and Soul's eyes widened as they heard Shinigami. "wait what?!" Soul called out as he stood up. "You gotta be kidding me!" He said clenching his fists. "You can't make us choose!....." Maka looked at Soul then at Shinigami. "I must agree with Soul Shinigami-sama....I cannot choose" she mumbled as she walked away.

"Maka......as your papa....I have to tell you.....you must make a choice eventually even if it means that something will change" Maka ran away as she passed the mirror and ran to the roof. "Why?.......why do I have to choose...."

Soul looked at shinigami. "Why is the choice so important?....why can't it be both?" Shinigami sighed. "It cannot be both becuase.......when too much power exists, there must be a counterbalance.......and that would mean one of you two would disappear" Soul's eyes widened as he thought.

Maka continued looking from the roof as Spirit leaned on the railing next to her. "Maka.....you must choose....." His eyes looked much more sincere almost as if he was about to burst into tears. "But why papa? .......is it really that bad?"

Spirit sighed. "Yes Maka......it is bad...." Maka looked out. "Then what should I do papa?" Spirit smiled slightly. "That choice is up to you two to make.......together" Maka smiled slightly as she quickly gave her father a hug then ran back to her and her partner's apartment.

"Heh I knew I was good at giving advise" Stein jumped down. "heh I never knew you as actually trying to be a father senpai...." He said laughing at the comment. Spirit sighed and got up. "well you'll know when you have your own now won't you?" Spirit replied with a laugh.

Stein sighed and walked towards the exit. Spirit followed as he rubbed his head, "Kami......thank you" He mumbled as he smiled walking through the door. Maka rushed through the streets looking around as she looked for her partner. "Soul....where are you?"

Soul was about to get on his motorcycle when he heard Maka. "huh?" He mumbled as he looked at her running in his direction. "M-Maka! w-wait don't run I'm on my motor-" He yelled out as she crashed into Soul making them both fall. Maka looked up and saw saw was under her making her blush.

"s-sorry!" She quickly yelled out while standing and bowing quickly. Soul stood and chuckled. "No need to say sorry....well how bout you get on....I want to think about this" Maka nodded and got on the motorcycle while wrapping her arms around his waist.

Soul started the motorcycle and rushed out of the city with full speed. "If we're going to choose...might as well think about it first." Maka nodded as she held on to Soul. "yeah......hopefully we find our answer" soul smiled slightly as he sped up and kept going.

After an hour or so Soul stopped and got off as he looked around. "Wonder where we are...." Maka shrugged. "I don't know I guess we're pretty far from death city" Out of nowhere they noticed a small village. Soul walked back to his motorcycle but Maka grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the village.

"M-Maka! where are you taking me!" Soul yelled out. Maka continued walking without even noticing his complaints. "Maka!! Listen already!!" He yelled out as he tripped and fell. "ow..." He mumbled as he looked down and noticed he was on top of Maka.

"Eh s-sorry!" He jumped up and looked away hiding his blush. "Maka? you ok?" Maka stood up and continued walking. "Maka! Where are you going!" He yelled out again. Maka turned and gave him a warm smile. "We're going to find our way.....one way or another"

Soul raised his eyebrow and chuckled. "fine" They both turned to the village and walked towards it. A boy sat on the steps of his house and looked up at Maka and Soul heading towards the village. the boy then stood up and ran into his house yelling. "mom there here"

A woman wearing a white dress and a white scarf on her arm looked over at the boy. "son stay here....I'll greet them...let's go " She called out to someone who was in a shadow. "Alright then" They both walked out of the house and stood in the village entrance.

Maka and soul continued walking when they saw the two people. "you two are?" Soul called out. the man chuckled. "Ioji kuroi at your service" He called out while slightly bowing. The woman sighed and crossed her arms. "The name is Mina pleased to meet you"

Maka bowed and smiled. "My name is Maka Albarn and this is Soul my partner." Ioji raised his eyebrow. "partner? you two are weapon and meister? or couple?" Mina whacked Ioji making him fall forward on his face. "ow!"

Ioji glared at Mina then looked back over at soul and Maka whom were blushing. "I take it its couple then" He said laughing. Maka sighed and shook her head. "We're weapon and meister." she called out then looked at soul who was looking away.

Mina held her hand out and Ioji tilted his head. "you expect me to turn into my weapon form..." Mina glared at Ioji making him jump back. "f-fine I'll change" He said as he began to glow and turned into a halberd.

Maka looked at Mina with a puzzled look on her face. "Uh Mina-san why did you turn Ioji into his weapon form." Mina grinned and held Ioji in stance. "Because........unlike you people in shibusen.....I have to take care of what little family I have left and that includes my daughter who happens to be a witch!"

She yelled out as she ran at Maka with Halberd out in stance.

-end chap 1