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Chapter two: Path of the Demon Hunter: The Choice

Maka's eyes widened as she saw Mina rush at her with full speed. "M-Mina-san please stop! We're not here to hurt your daughter!" Mina lunged trying to impale Maka with the halberd. "I don't care! All Shibusen students are just after a witch for power!" Ioji sighed as he mumbled something under his breath.

Soul quickly turned his arm into the scythe blade to block the attack. "Calm down we only came here to find some answers.....thats all...." Mina pulled back and swiped the halberd to the side trying to cut Soul."Soul!" she called out as he turned and nodded transforming into the scythe.

Mina threw Ioji upwards and called out. "Kunai and chain!" Ioji sighed as he transformed again. "good" She said as she caught him and began to spin the chain. Maka held the scythe in a defensive stance and yelled out. "Mina-san! Please stop!"

Mina then laughed and ran at Maka throwing the dagger at full speed. Maka then quickly blocked the dagger letting it wrap around the blade of the scythe and started trying to overpower Mina. "Mina calm down please! I'm serious I don't want to kill your daughter!"

Mina growled ans began pulling back then coughed out blood making her fall to her knees and drop the chain. Ioji quickly changed back and picked up Mina. "Mina....I told you...don't over do it or else your condition will get worse....please....just listen to them and don't worry I'll protect Mizuki" He whispered into her ear then turned to Maka and soul.

Soul changed back and stood next to Maka who had a worried look on her face. "don't worry. That guy won't let anything happen to her no matter what" Maka turned to soul with a puzzled expression on her face. "What do you mean?" Soul yawned and rubbed his head. "Just look at him. That look only appears on someone who will do anything to protect their close ones."

Maka turned back to Ioji and Mina then smiled slightly. "You're right" she said when all of a sudden she remembered the night when Soul became cursed with the black blood, when they fought Stein, and when they fought asura.


Maka was breathing hard as she held the scythe in defense as Crona continued attacking like a mentaly insane person. "Maka! don't just stand there!" soul called out wincing from the damage he was taking. Maka quickly snapped back into reality as she tried counterattacking but Crona grabbed the blade and threw her and Soul back.

"You can't win" She called out raising Ragnarok. Maka winced as she stood back up holding the scythe in stance. "Maka don't! just run!" Soul yelled out. Crona ran at Maka raising her sword then slammed it down cutting through something.

Maka's eyes widened as she saw Soul standing in front of her with Ragnarok inside of him. "Soul!" She cried out as he fell back from the hit. "b....baka...." He mumbled as his eyes closed. "soul! soul!" She yelled out as she saw him out cold. As crona charged at them the door behind Maka and soul burst open with stein standing at the doorway holding a scythe.

End of Flashback.

"Maka?" Soul said waving his hand in her face. "Maka? You alive or just lost?" He called out while waving his hand in her face. "Huh? what?" she quickly replied as she shook her head to clear her mind. "did something happen?" Soul sighed and grabbed Maka's hand.

"W-where are we going!" She yelled out while trying to hide her blush. Soul looked and burst into laughter. "Calm down we're only going to Mina and Ioji's place. They let us stay as long as we needed to." He said as he kept walking and pulling Maka with him.

Maka sighed then stomped on the ground making soul fall back from the sudden stop. "She tried to kill us and we're staying with them!" She yelled as she looked at Soul. "Ioji offered us a place to stay so I said yes" He replied as he stood back up. "and if your not coming I'll just force you to go" He said as he placed his hands in his pockets.

Maka just looked away and sat there with her arms crossed. "I don't care" She said simply. Soul sighed and took his hands out of his pockets. "We're doing this the hard way then" He said as he walked over to Maka and pulled her over his shoulder. Her eyes widened and a blush spread over her face when she noticed she was on Soul's shoulder then screamed.

"Let me down!! Let me down!!" She said repeatedly as Soul kept walking towards the house. "Let me go or I'll make you pay!" She yelled out but Soul continued ignoring her screams and kept walking. "we're almost there" He said then decided to run then stopped and look around. "Hmm this place is pretty nice" He said and continued walking.

Ioji sighed as he sat in a chair across from Mina. "Mina why do you think Shibusen is after Mizuki?" Mina muttered something under her breath then drank some of her tea. "Because all they want is power....thats why I left shibusen. I decided I'd rather have a family and be on my own rather than be cooped up in a school of power hungry idiots" She replied.

Ioji sighed then leaned back in the chair. "I don't know how you can think that....we were the best of the best then we gave it all away." Mina looked at him then thought 'oh man....he's depressed again....what should I do.....what should I do.....Aha! I got it!' she mumbled then walked over to Ioji.

Ioji looked over then thought 'is she doing what I think she's doing' He then yawned and sat up but got pushed down. "M-mina!" He stuttered as he saw her on top of him. Mina kissed him and pulled on his cloak when they heard a sound. "Huh" they both said in sync as they stood up and walked over to the door where Maka and soul were arguing.

"I'm not staying here!" Maka yelled out glaring at Soul. Soul sighed and walked inside. "we're staying whether you like it or not....you're the one who wanted to come here not me" He said as he kept walking then looked at Ioji and Mina. "oh hello Ioji-san, Mina-san"

Mina sighed then looked over at Ioji giving him a quick glare. Ioji quickly backed away laughing nervously as he raised his arms up as if implying innocence. "Ioji......come with me" she said grabbing his cloak and dragging him into the kitchen. "W-wait!!!" He cried out while being dragged.

Mina threw him into a chair then glared at him again. "Ioji Shiroi....Explain!! Now!" She yelled out. Ioji sank into the chair then sighed and stood back up. "I invited them here because this is the only place where they are safe...otherwise...they would get attacked by the villagers."

Mina sighed and sat down as well. "You got a point....this village is a haven for young witches and families who have children who end up the same....if they find out they're from Shibusen....they'll be thrown out or killed" She said as she rested her head in her hand.

Ioji crossed his arms. "Anyways....I'll keep Mizuki safe, she's my daughter anyways...." He said as he stood up and headed for the room where Soul and Maka were. Mina looked up at Ioji then grabbed his hand. "Ioji.....did you take me because we were partners.....or did you really...."

Ioji stoped then turned towards Mina. "Mina. There is always a reason do something....but, when I chose to be by your side." He then knelt down an gave her a small kiss on the lips. "I didn't have a reason. The only one I can think of even now....is I love you and I would not want to be with anyone else." Mina smiled then pulled Ioji into a hug.

"Thank you" she said as she helped him stand. Ioji chuckled then walked back to the other room. Meanwhile Maka and soul were still arguing in the other room. "Maka how many times do I have to tell you. We're staying here." Maka sighed. "Fine do what you want." she said and leaned back on the couch.

Ioji walked in and looked at the two. "Now now, calm down you two. I have a special room for you two upstairs" He said with a slight chuckle then pointed to the stairs. "Go up those stairs one door to the left. Hope you enjoy your stay" He called out then went back into the kitchen.

Maka and Soul both walked upstairs then opened the door and noticed a large bed then they both looked around and noticed the room had so may things in it then they walked inisde and Maka headed straight for the bathroom. Soul sat down on the bed and called out. "Taking a shower?" Maka turned and nodded then walked inside.

Soul lied down on the bed and thought about what they discussed in Shibusen with Shinigami and Spirit.


"Soul....You do understand the consequences of staying by her side right? Spirit called out as soul headed for the exit. "Yes deathscythe-sama....I understand the risk in staying by Maka's side....but....how can I explain this....I don't want to be away from here....we've been through too much" He replied. Spirit chuckled and patted soul's shoulder.

Shinigami looked at Soul then walked over to him. "soul..You and Maka defeated the Kishin, you and her showed Crona the right path, and you two have defeated Madusa and Arachne. Please think about your choice, You only have one more soul you can take. Will it be a greater demon soul or will it be a Witch's soul."

Soul chuckled. "It's not up to me...its up to me and Maka. she is my partner after all" He replied then continued walking towards the exit when he turned and saw Spirit behind him. "Yes deathscythe-sama?" Spirit chuckled then held his hand out.

"If you want my daughter.....at least do me the favor of making sure she's safe. You have done many things to protect her and....I don't want her to lose faith in her partner. She already lost faith in me...so please, Don't let her down" He said and walked through the passage.

Soul continued walking and went through the passage mumbling. "Maka..."

End of flashback

Soul sat up and looked around then removed his jacket and lied back down as he looked at the ceiling. "Do I......love her?" He said to himself then turned on his side and fell asleep. Maka walked into the room and looked at Soul sleeping then sat down and continued looking at him. "Soul...."

Ioji sighed as he took another sip of tea and set the cup down. "Now then....what did you want to talk to me about again?" A man wearing a pitch black cloak all over him sat in front of Ioji. "I need you to kill the great demon.....then we'll leave" He mumbled then stood up.

Ioji sighed. "The demon fine....but this will be the last job we take got it." the man nodded then walked out of the door. He picked up the cup and took another sip. "This is it.....Mina.....hpefully your sickness will let us fullfill our mission without fail." He said then stood up and looked out of the door.

"Because.....if we do fail.....we'll die"

End of chap 2