Chapter 2

Fifteen minutes after we pulled away from the hotel I found myself at one of the most beautiful country side chateaus I have ever seen. When I got out of the limo a gentleman in a suit probably the butler approached me and asked to escort me to see Inuyasha. Instead of going inside like I thought we would he took me around the back of the house to a garden. There were lilies and roses and azaleas and many other flowers I can't name. Finally we walked towards a giant Gazebo that was surely bigger than my house. That was when I saw him He was stunning in a white button down shirt some dark wash jeans and a pair of what looked like very expensive high tops.

"Hey Kagome what's going on."He said cool as a cucumber. I was to nervous for words to describe so I took a moment to cool myself down and said "Nothing much so what was work like" That was such a dorky thing to say I'm such a nerd I wish I could just look deep inside me and find the Kagome that was at the party last night . "Work was work ,but now that you mention it today was a little harder because I didn't have an assistant." Oh god he's going to blame for that. " Come on Kagome let's have a seat". Okay don't make yourself seem stupid Kagome just chill out. " Alright so ummmm….. In your note you mentioned something you wanted to talk about."

She I so cute when she's all flustered like that I can smell how nervous she is. "Well Kagome since you mention it I do have a few questions. First last night you kind of forced me to fire my assistant and….." In mid sentence she cuts him of. "What the hell do you mean forced you I didn't force anything on anyone. First off if you wanted her as your assistant still I'm sure you wouldn't have fired her that easily and second she is a whore which reminds me do you have her number I would like to have my dress back." And there it is again the angry Kagome I saw last night. "Well I do not wish to anger you so ,but I am requesting that you become my new assistant to replace the one you broke."

Kagome looked at him incredulously not believing what he had just said. " Wait you mean me Kagome Higurashi ? You want me to be your assistant.?" She laughed at her own reaction not quite knowing why it sounded like such a bad Idea. "Why is that a bad thing? I just need a new assistant and seeing as you broke my old one's nose I thought you should be the one to replace her." He now looked very smug like he was the most brilliant person in the world. " I don't quite agree with those sentiments exactly but seeing as you saved from paternal over load last night I will acknowledge that I owe you one so consider me your new assistant." She admitted this with an undercurrent of glee. Knowing that she would be working closely with Inuyasha made her veins pulse with electricity. " Well first things first Kagome." He said not really want to continue this business talk. " You must meet my half brother and business partner Sesshomaru Taisho."

As he made this announcement Sesshomaru took this as his cue to leave his concealed hiding place and join them at their table. " Little brother" he stated coolly no sign of emotion in his voice. " Kagome pleased to meet you" He turned his dazzling smile on her and instantly she felt her attraction for this man whom she had never met before this day. " Delighted to make your acquaintance Sesshomaru." She sounded very wanton although that had not been her intentions she had made herself seem very interested in him. As she held her hand out to him he took it and turned it over and kissed the palm of her hand closing her fingers around the kiss. " Ahem" Inuyasha said reminding them of his immediately recoiled her had wandereing why she had reacted to Sesshomaru in that way. After she felt she was safe she snuck a look at Inuyasha only to see that he had put on a steely mask.

Inuyahsa's point of veiw later that night :

Why did I all of the sudden notice a spike in her arousal and it was aimed at Sesshomaru" Inuyasha wondered to himself later that night. It was like she didn't even remember I was there. He had spent half the night thinking the possabilitys over and only one made sense that she felt a physical attraction to his brother. This made him wonder if the possability that Sesshomaru could steal her away from him was floating in the electrically charged air that now flowed between him and Sesshomaru in there chateue that he would be sure to move out of tomorrow. " I cant believe this I finally get her away from koga and then Sesshomaru ends up in the picture I refuse to let that happen. Shes mine." He said loudly not carin if he was heard.

In Kagomes pov at the same time:

"OMG!!! Sango I cant believe I was practically falling over his brother like that I havent had a boyfriend in forever and now all of the sudden they start falling from the sky." She yelled to her best friend over the phone. "Kagome" Sango started as she interjected. "You're a teen age girl have some fun I mean jeez you act like it's a crime to like more than one guy as long as you only act on one at a time its toally fine." Sango had a little more experience in these areas than Kagome so she just let everthing go with the flow. Silently Kagome agreed with her friend but not saying out loud because ever since the dreaded Hojo incident she was weary to take advice from Sango always paranoid that the other girl would try too mess thing up for her even now when she seemed so in love with Miroku. " Okay good night Kagome I have to go Miroku will be here soon to get me for our date I love you and think about what I said" Sango stated before hanging up.

Monday in school:

" Inuyasha" Kikyou was calling him but he politley ignored her waiting for Kagome at her locker to walk to first period together. Just as Kikyou was starting to walk over Kagome made it to her locker. " Hey Kagome whats going on with you today" She hadnt even noticed him standing there. " Oh hey Inuyasha I guess nothing what about you?" To bad for them Kikyou decided to make her precence known at this moment as did a certain wolf man who had been eye balling the strange couple for quite a few moments. " Yasha I was calling you but you must not have heard me ummm so how about we go out tomorrow unless you have plans im free on Friday." Inuyasha kind of puzzeled that the girl would just walk up to him like that but then he remembered the way he had pulled her to him on there first day of class. "Kikyou I don't really want_" but he was cut off as Koga decided to jump in to the conversation. " Inuyasha you should go on and enjoy your time with your woman I know me and Kagome will be spending quite a bit more time together." Kagome jumped a bit having forgotten all about Koga. " Wait a minute Koga me and went on one date I hardly see how that makes me your woman and further more Kikyou isnt Inuyashas woman either." Kikyou was looking particularly irritated that Kagome had just said what she said but she would just brush it off and continue. "soooo Inuyasha are we going out or not?" Kagome got angry because she had already made a point to say that Kikyou wasn't Inuyashas woman and she was just going to persue him like that in front of her. At that thought something in Kagome snapped and the raw power and sexiness she had had at the party came rushing back to her. " Kikyou I would asume that you would rather walk away before Inuyasha real girl friend shows up because once she gets jelous you'll be hurting for a while and not even your friends will wanna help you sweety so just back off.!?!" Kagome said smirking at the shock on her face at hearing Inuyasha had a girl friend. " Oh well who is this BITCH I can take her Inuyasha wouldn't have asked me out if she was so important." Inuyasha started to look anstsy at seeing the look in Kagomes eyes having only seen that look once he actually feared for Kikyou. " Well my dear poor Kikyou because you have not heeded my warning and just backing off I guess I will have to make you pay as I said. Kikyou had a look of confusion on her face as did Koga. " What the hell are you talking about Higurashi ? I don't have time for this." Kagome got even more pissed knowing that her point wasn't getting across. Grabbing Kikyou by the collar she slammed her up against the lockers kids now gathering aroung in a tight circle yelling for the girls to fight.

"Kikyou I warned you and now your gonna pay im Inuyashas girl friend you stupid bleach blond bitch god your so stupid how many hints do I have to give before I just kick your ass." Kikyou shuddered in her grasp knowing full well what happened to Sango and Hojo when they had went behind her back and Sango was her best friend. "Please I didn't know I swear don't hurt my face please." Kagome softened slightly at her words the real her almost coming back her grip on the girl loosened slightly but not enough for her to get away. Kagomes thoughts immediately pulled her down again as she slammed Kikyous head against the lockers this time hard enough to draw a little blood at seeing her blomd hair begin to dampen with the red liquid Kagome quickly sought to do more damage. She did it once more to be greeted with a bloody scream and a gush of liquid throwing the girl to the ground she made sure to give her a good kick in the face making sure to ruin the girls latest nose job but before she could do anything else she was seized by a school security guard and her homeroom teacher breaking free momentarily just to get close enough to whisper to Koga that she was sorry it didn't work out with them. Koga only shook his head disappointed that she was no longer his beautiful rose but Inuyashas dangerous thorn.

Later in the principles office with Kagomes and her Father :

"Kagome" Began the principal. "I am very dissappointed in you nothing like this has ever been a problem for you in school. Now that you have tarnished your record which was sublime until now im afraid I must also suspend you for a week and give a months worth of detention on your return" Kagome just sat there looking quite bored as the initial adrenaline rush had not worn off yet. " do you have anything to say about this?" Kagomes Father looked quite distressed but hid his shame at his daughters actions and made a statement. "I apologize for my daughters actions and assure you that she will be punished a great deal for what she has done as I have also learned early this morning that she was galavanting with a boy after a party she did not have my permission to go to and punching some girl in the face and lying to me about where she was going to be. I do not know where this aggressive behavor has come from but I will deal with it and I will be scheduling her meetings with a physchiatrist soon." The Principal looked pleased with that answer and dismissed them. "Kagome im sorry to say im very disapointed and your grounded but before I forget somegirl dropped off a dress for you its got dry cleaning tags on it." Said her dad. That addition to the sentence immediately lifted Kagomes spirits.

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