My name is Bella Swan I'm four years old and no one loves me. My momma died a long time a go and my dady died, so a lady with blond hair and a nasty nasly voice came and took me. She always makes me work and doesn't feed me but I somehow find myself getting by. Her name is Tanya Denali and she was my step mommy.

"Bella! Get down here!" She yelled.

"Yes mam!" I yelled back stumbling down the stairs I tripped on the last step and fell on my face. She laughed at me. I could feel my eyes welling up with tears. I wiped them away with the back of my hand.

"You little rat go get some water out of the well, and don't come back until the whole bucket is full!" She yelled throwing the bucket at me. Yes! I could get clean! TAnya never ever let me take baths so I usually washed with the water from the well and since I couldn't drink the water anyway, and ebcause she was so mean, and needed to be taught a lesson I would hand her the water I washed with. I grabbed the bucket and ran outside. It was sunny and the light hurt my eyes, I tripped and skinned up my arm and ripped another hole in my dress...oh no Tanya was going to hit me again! Then when Eleazar got home he would hit me some more too. I decided then I can't go home I couldn't!I tossed the bucket down and took off running as fast as my legs could take me. I stopped when I came to a cluster of trees. I only rested until I heard my name being called out in the distance.

"Bella!!!!" Kate! Kate was Tanya's sister, She and their other sister Irina were always nice to Irina died two years ago, that's why Tanya is so bitter..and mean. I let her find me, she would understand wouldn't she?

"Oh Bella there you are." She scooped me up into her arms. Kate had Cancer and the doctor said she didn't have long to live but she was the one who loved me and since she was going to die soon...I considered myself un lovable. SHe had a backpack on her back, "Baby girl, you know how much I love you right?" she asked. I nodded. "Sweetheart, Eleazar is not happy to day and I don't want you to get hurt. Can you do me a favor?" She asked. I nodded again. "I need you to leave..your very smart and I know you can make it. 'Kay? I brought you something."She said taking the back pack off of her back. "There's food, dollie( that's my doll she got me for my birthday) some new dresses I bought for you, and some shoes. I also need you to remember this, can you remember this?" She asked her voice getting thick at the end.

"Yes mommy." I always called her mommy and she loved it.

"I need you to go find the Cullens...C-u-l-l-e-n-s. You got that sweet heart?"She asked. I nodded. There was a slight breeze and her hair whipped around her. She kissed my cheeks. "Good bye my darling...and take care. Remember that I always love you no matter what." She said

"i love you too."I said. At the same time a tear escaped from both of our eyes.

"Now go on, go darling, go love and be happy, sweet heart, be free!" She called out. I heard her sniff as she laughed. I turned around to look at her once more and then I took off....never to return again.