I continued to watch them day after day. I'd learned their names, the bronze haired man his name was Edward, and the pretty fairy was Alice, they also had more people that lived with them, Emmett, he was big and buff, Jasper, he looks weird, Rosalie, she's super pretty. They all seemed very nice. I watched as today all of them left. I took the opportunity to explore. I wasn't really supposed to be here, I was supposed to be finding the Cullens. I immediately felt guilty. What would Kate say? I hadn't noticed that while I was thinking I was walking, My back pack dragging the ground. as I walked, suprisingly the door was open, i walked in and was amazed...maybe this was a castle.

"What are you doing in here?" I turned to see Edward...his eyes confused. His tone was kind,

"I...I.. I'm sorry I didn't know anyone was home." I stuttered, I was afraid.

"Its are you?" He asked as he came towards me.

"B..Bella." I said. " Who are you?" I asked. That was a stupid question, I already knew.

"I'm Edward,"

"Where are your parents Bella?" He asked. My eyes watered. Don't cry stupid! I thought to myself.

"They're dead..." I said my voice cracked. His expression turned worried.

"OH Bella I'm so sorry." He said as he stooped down to me. He put his hands on my shoulders. " Do you have anyone to take care of you?" He asked.

"No, but Kate, said to find the Cullens." I said. Why was I telling him all this I barely knew him?

"Well you've found them. Bella would you like to stay with us?" He asked.

"Yes please." I said quickly. That's when the door burst open.

"We're back!" Alice shouted happily as she danced inside the house, hundreds of bags in her hands. She dropped them all at the sight of me. "Oh my. aren't you cute!" She squeeled. "Who's this EDward." She said as she danced over to me.

"This is Bella." Edward said. Alice's eyes twinkled,

"I'm Alice." She said she hugged me. That's when everyone else walked in. Including two people I hadn't noticed before.

"CArlisle look who we have!" Alice squeeled..there was another blond haired man he and a nother dark haired lady walked in. His expression lighted up so did the lady.

"Hello darling." He said, "I'm Carlisle. and this is my wife Esme."

"Hi." I said talkig for the first time. Edward had picked me up. Rosalie walked over and took me from him.

"Hello sweetie. I'm Rosalie. " I waved at her.

"I'm Bella. "

"Bella's staying with us." Edward said his voice soft and sweet yet final. Carlisle's face went to that of shock. "She has no where else to go." Edward said. It seemed to be a group decision....I was staying.

"Thankyou guys so much...I'm a hard worker, and I won't bother you guys and I-"

"What do you mean work?" Edward asked his eyes knitting together.

"Don't you want me to? Don't I have to in order to stay?"I asked I was confused. Why would someone just take me in if they didn't want me to work?"

"No...we would never do that? Why would you think that?" Edward asked.

"Well, come on little one let's go get you cleaned up." Esme said as she held me in her arms and carried me up the massive stairs. I was going to like it here.