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Chapter One

Only someone with a most desperate cause would flee out into the Frontier at night. Indeed, this woman seemed just so desperate. She ran as fast as possible—careful of her footing—hugging a bundle close to her chest as if it were the most precious thing in the world. This was a simple woman. Her cotton dress, darned in many places but especially at the knees, blew around her in the small evening breeze, showing the shape of her stout legs. She was not a big woman at the waist, but her stomach still carried the weight given to her by bearing a child. She was middle-aged, gray wisps in her brown hair currently flying free of its hastily pulled-back bun.

She tripped, but caught herself quickly, gasping out in fear and shock. She could not fall. She must not hurt her precious bundle of cottony pale blankets. She glanced worriedly behind looking for any signs of those who had been chasing her—those she had counted as friends not so long ago. Seeing none, but thinking that she heard voices, she quickened her pace towards the town exit.

Condemned for something she had never thought was evil, this practitioner of midwifery felt tears slide down her cheeks. She could see the end of the town she had thought she could make her home come into view. She was at the fastest she felt it was safe for her to move. After all, her bundle…

She saw the figures at the town's limits before she reached them. Behind her, she heard those that were chasing her coming closer. She stopped and released a sound somewhere between a gasp and a dry sob. She turned so that the two groups of pursuers closing in on her—the figures at the edge of town and those coming up behind her—were on her left and right sides. She was backing away as they formed a semicircle in front of her. She felt herself bump up against something and looked back at it. An empty water trough for its adjoining tavern's visitors to hitch their horses to blocked her path. Throwing skyward a quick prayer, she placed her bundle inside the trough, shushing it once.

When she looked back, the figures—their faces now clearly visible—were upon her. Men, all citizens of the town and all members of the town's vigilante squad, made up the two groups that had merged to capture her.

"Please, leave me alone! I'll leave, I swear!" she pleaded.

The burliest of the men stepped forward. His hair was hacked short and the same color of the toothpick he was currently chewing on. He grinned.

"Sorry, Mrs. Dawes. You see, it's this town's policy to kill any and all witches that crosses our path. We see it as a charity to the other villages," he drawled with an old country accent hanging all over his words.

Suddenly, unfurled from his beefy hand was a whip. It fell right to the dusty road on which they stood with a dull thud and a small cloud of dirt. It was soon followed by those of other men. The woman—Mrs. Dawes—began to cry. The men laughed.

"And, once we're done killin' you, we'll find that baby of yours and put it out of its misery. Stop a witch before it starts."

"Yeah," quipped one of the other men in the squad, "we saw you run out with the kid. Whatcha do with it?"

Mrs. Dawes set her jaw, her tears stopping instantly.

"Leave my baby out of this! Don't you touch her!" she raged at them.

Their laughter turned to menacing growls. Dawes thanked God that her child had not made a noise yet. They raised their hands, about to strike at her with the whips. She cast her eyes about quickly, looking for someone—anyone—that could help her. And in the distance, a black shape darker than the surrounding night was coming slowly into town.

"Help me, please!" she shouted as the vigilante squad's whips came down.

It was an odd sensation to feel your own blood spray from your body. She knew that they had severed several of her major arteries. She was dead, and she knew it. Her body hit the dusty ground and her wounds stung with the dirt that was sticking to them. She heard slicing noises seconds after and heard several bodies hit the ground around her. Slowly, painfully, she forced herself onto her back, looking up.

Kneeling over her was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. His long black hair fell slightly over his shoulder as he looked down at her. His face was expressionless as he placed his left hand upon her forehead.

"You're dying," the man said simply, sounding as emotionless as he looked.

She tried to smile. If she had to die, at least she got to see something beautiful. Then, with a stab to her heart, she thought of her child. She raised her hand weakly, pointing towards the trough.

"Abigail…" she managed to croak around the slashes on her neck.

"Who's Abigail?" the beautiful man asked her.

"My…daugh…ter. In…trough…Please…take…her…to…Michael…in…Korin…th," she struggled.

She was fading and fast, and it hurt to talk. But this was the most important thing in her life. She had to keep her Abby safe. By the look of this man, he was most likely a vampire hunter. Only a hunter could take Abby to Mrs. Dawes's husband across the Frontier in Korinth.

"He'll," she struggled, knowing her time was upon her. But she had to make it worth this hunter's while, "…pay."

With a final, rasping gasp, she felt her eyes close against the world…and against life…


D stood, casting an eye over to the trough. His dhampire senses told him that another life was indeed lying inside it. He approached it and gazed down at the sleeping form of an infant girl, no older than six months at least, sleeping peacefully.

"So," a voice from D's left hand said, with a dark laugh, "what do you know about kids, D?"

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