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Chapter Two

Fifteen Minutes Earlier…

He was pale and unearthly beautiful. His ebony black hair and traveler's cloak were caught in the gentle evening breeze—the only thing gentle on the Frontier at night—causing them to fan out about his equally dark form. His cyborg stallion seemed to come from the night itself as it slowly trotted towards the desolate Frontier town before this pale rider. In fact, the rider seemed as if someone had desired to make death beautiful, resulting in this being.

His wide-brimmed hat—also black—was pulled down over his eyes, and this rider—whose aura screamed nothing but "death" and "unnatural"—looked as if he were sleeping. His body swayed in time with the slow gait of his horse, and it seemed as if nothing in the entire world could disturb him. That was until, upon nearing the town, he heard the calls and shrieks of several people. A hoarse voice from somewhere near the vicinity of his left hand huffed.

"Whaddya suppose that is?" his Left Hand asked.

Silence was the appendage's only response. Sighing, he tried again.

"D, do you think that's this town's Vigilante Committee? That could spell trouble for us!" Left Hand protested. "Maybe we ought to go around, instead of through."

But the rider known as D made no acknowledgment of his Left Hand's statement. So, horse and rider continued into the small, Frontier town.

D came upon the source of the commotion just in time to see several brutish men slash a woman to death. As her body hit the ground, blood pouring out of the wounds left by the men's weapons, D dismounted from his horse. The cyborg was well-trained enough to instinctually move out of harm's way. The men whirled on D, seeing him for what he was—a dhampire—immediately. They raised their weapons to strike him, but D was too fast for them. In a flash of black and silver, D had drawn his weapon and sliced the lot of them down. It was then, and only then, did D notice that the woman's life had yet to expire.

And, moments later, he had been contracted to carry the now dead woman's infant child across the Frontier. Once he had taken the child from the trough, his Left Hand scoffed again.

"Seriously, D. You know less about kids than you do about women's emotions!" the parasite said with a laugh.

D gave no response, instead moving, while juggling the child easily in the nook of one arm, to hitch his horse to the hitching post. With quick, even steps, D made his way inside the town's nearby inn. The man at the inn's front desk looked up at him with sleepy eyes at first. However, the middle aged, brown haired man quickly snapped to attention once he caught sight of the vampire hunter. D slid several gold coins onto the rough, wooden countertop in front of the man.

"One room for a night, and all the necessary supplies for a child this age for one month," D said, his voice as even as his walk, as he gently showed the man the child in his arms.

The man blinked his squinty, black eyes and nodded.

"Any-anything else, sir?" he asked, his voice shaky.

"I need several field pack refills. That's it," D said.

The man nodded quickly as he handed D his room key. He then directed him that the room was upstairs, and two doors on the right. D gave the man no further acknowledgement as he made his way into his room.

The key slid easily into its lock as D twisted the dirty gold doorknob and pushed his way inside. The room was nothing grand. A simple, double bed with plain linens lay up against the right wall. A desk rested against the opposite wall directly across from the bed, and a single light hung in the center of the room. D crossed the room to its single window and drew its thin curtains closed. He left the light in the center of the room untouched. Just as he was about to take a seat at the desk's chair, a knock came at his room's door.

He answered it to find the man from downstairs, an apologetic, nervous grin on his face.

"Sorry to disturb you, but… I found that we had this bassinet downstairs, and I thought you could make use of it tonight," he said, wheeling a white baby's bassinet into view.

D rolled it within the room with his free arm. Once it was safely behind him, he slipped the man another gold coin.

"Thank you," the dhampire said just before shutting the door.

He turned and placed the baby—Abigail—safely within the bassinet. Abigail had not yet awoken from the night's ordeals. She continued to sleep just as peacefully as she might have in the presence of her mother. D finally took his seat at the desk, and removed his hat, resting it on the footboard of the bed.

"Supplies for a month?" his Left Hand cackled. "That child will probably burn right through those! Or it'll just weigh us down."

"Then I'll get more," D replied in his smooth, monotone voice.

Left Hand scoffed. "Okay, D, seriously. What the hell do you think you're doing? A child? We can't, cannot, carry a six month old kid across the Frontier with us. It's just not gonna work."

"This was the job I was contracted to do," D replied.

"Oh, don't give me that crap. No money's been exchanged yet. You can still bow out. You know what I think? I think you ought to leave this baby on some nice woman's doorstep, and be done with it."

At this, D stood, moving to look down upon the sleeping infant. Left Hand chuckled under his breath.

"I know you, dhampire. You're considering it. You know it's the right thing to do. You don't know jack crap about how to take care of a child," he said pompously.

In her sleep, Abigail yawned and wiggled her little body. Then, her face positioned where it looked as if she was staring right at D—although her eyes were still closed and the child was still quite asleep—she smiled. It was a tiny little thing, pulling her thin lips barely upward… but it was undeniably a smile. At that, D moved away from the bassinet and sat down upon the bed, moving his body so that his back was leaning up against the headboard.

"We'll leave in the morning for the town of Korinth," he said, closing his eyes.

"Damn adorable babies," Left Hand muttered to himself. To D, he added, "I hope you know what you're getting into."

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