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Elm Street angel

Clair was staring at the house her family had just bought, it was the one she had told them about, and they understood why she wanted to live here. Clair stared at the two story house, it looked a little old, but it seemed nice enough to live in.

She walked up the porch steps, hearing the creaks and moans of the worn wood, she knew she could do this, it was her destiny to be there, it was her destiny to free all of the tortured and pained souls that had been killed throughout the years.

She took hold of the charm on her necklace, all of the most powerful women in her family wore this pendant, they said in time of need it would be the greatest of all weapons.

Her father came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder looking at her with eyes filled with concern.

"Dad, you know I have to do this, I had the vision, I had to come hear. That woman in my dream, she seemed so sad, all she wanted was for those poor souls to be free. That girl, Alice I think she said her name was, thinks she stopped him and freed the souls, but she hasn't, he's still there, waiting for her to make one mistake, just so he can kill her. I must defeat him father." Clair said, he understood and nodded his head, Clair's father, if anything, was a man of few words, but he pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear, "I love you so much Clair, while were all here, be safe."

After Clair's father had said his peace to her, the family walked through the doors, all of them having supernatural abilities felt the evil like smog, and it was almost unbearable. So much evil was in the house, and it was Clair's job to drive it away.

Her brother Tommy, who was about two and a half years older than her, set down his suitcase and pulled up his sleeve to reveal a bracelet with different charms all over it, he lifted it up saying a spell of banishment to all of the evil that could have harmed anyone in the family other than Clair, it was strong magic and took a lot out of Tommy, but he had to do it so that the only on that monster could go after was her.

Clair went upstairs and looked around, finding a room, it was a moderate size and had an amazing view from the window, but that was not the reason she picked it, the reason she picked it was because she could feel the evil, feel the presence of someone's soul, someone's very bloodthirsty soul.

"My name is Clair Moor; I am here to put an end to your evil deeds. My brother has placed a curse upon you, from now on you can only attack when in this house, and you cannot attack my family. I will destroy you Freddy Krueger, and truly save all of those children you have killed. They will have true peace knowing you will no longer be able to harm them." She said feeling a cold air traveling up her spine, but this did not scare her, the only thing that could ever scare Clair was feat itself, and even though this Freddy Krueger claimed to be fear incarnate, he was wrong, Clair had seen fear and fought against it, this sadistic bastard would probably run away from what she had seen, he knew nothing of a true fight.

"Clair." Said the voice of Tommy, "Mom needs you downstairs real quick, she wants to perform the ritual now." He told her. Looking at his sister with the deepest respect, he led Clair downstairs for the moons ritual, it would be were Clair would call upon her mystical powers to form around her and help light her path, as she fought the killer or Elm Street.

She descended the stairs and stopped at the foot to look at her mother and father, she knew they were proud of her for taking on this burden to bear.

"Clair, are you ready to face the evil that has plagued this place for many decades?" Her mother asked her.

"Yes, I am ready to do destroy anything that wishes to kill innocents, I will protect the natural order, and kill the creature by the name of Freddy Krueger." She said as the light around her glowed as bright as possible, making her feel as if she really could destroy him.