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Chapter 1-Just the Beginning


I fucking hate these parties. Guys always groping me, thinking just because I don't have some loser plastered to my hip that I'm fair game. Just once I'd like to come to get drunk off my ass and not have to worry about getting drugged or raped.

I'm gonna kill Alice. You'd think she'd be over all that sneaking off to the closet for a quick fuck shit. Two months left of college then she and Jasper would have their perfect June wedding and they were still acting like a couple of horny ass teenagers. Now, I've got Mike Newton trying to feel up my ass, again.

"Come on, Bells. We've always been close." He drew his fingertip up and down my forearm causing my skin to crawl. He must have taken my pimpled flesh as an involuntary reaction to my desire for him. "I know we could be more." He hooked my finger with his own and began to raise it to his lips when I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and a chin rest on my shoulder.

"I see you've been keeping my girl company, Newton."

Mike stepped back as I smirked and started stroking the arms around my waist.

"Your girl? Please, Cullen. You and Bella? You've been best friends since birth. You want me to believe that months before graduation you finally decided to get a piece?"

"You really know how to charm a girl, don't you Mike?" I rolled my eyes at the thought of them getting into some sort of pissing contest.

"Tell me it isn't true, Bells. I'm so much better for you than Cullen. I'm starting my PhD in the fall. I can offer you so much more than he can, from my wallet and from my bed."

I felt Edward start to pull back, but I grabbed his arms and held them tightly around my waist.

"Mike, you have no idea what Edward offers me. Believe me when I say being in his bed is an experience that can never be duplicated by any other man. He has me moaning his name all night long." I licked my lips as Edward's head tilted to kiss at my neck.

"I don't believe a word of it." Mike stepped back. "I've known you two forever and I've never seen you ever kiss each other let alone do something that would lead to any sort of moaning."

"If it's proof you need, I'd be more than happy to oblige." Edward turned me around in his arms.

Before I could do anything about it, his lips we on mine. A slow, sensual caress at first, until I realized what was actually happening. I knotted my fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him in deeper. I pulled back to open my mouth for a gasp of air and his tongue found mine at once. I felt a thousand electric currents surge through my body as we pressed our bodies together, one of his hands squeezing my ass.

He nipped at my bottom lip as we began to slow down from the hands down, most magnificent kiss of my entire life. He brought his lips up to kiss the tip of my nose, then for one of his most famous forehead kisses. Then he turned me around to face Mike again.

"That was just a warm up, Newton. I'm afraid Bella and I keep the rest of our sessions in private, so you'll just have to trust us on that one."

Mike's jaw flapped for a couple of seconds then he grabbed his drink and walked off shaking his head.

I turned around in Edward's arms and placed my hands on his chest. "That was quite a performance, Cullen. If I didn't know it was complete bullshit, I might have actually believed it."

He raised his eyebrow at me. "Swan, you know I'd rescue you any day from that prick. Just take it as a community service."

I shook my head and pulled him in for a tight hug. My best friend, Edward Cullen, always right there at my side to rescue me.

"OH. MY. GOD. I knew it, I soooo knew it. Jasper, didn't I tell you they'd so hook up one day." I was suddenly ripped out of Edward's warm embrace and thrust into that of the arms of his pixie sister.

"Alice, please. It's not-"

She cut me off to throw herself into Edward's arms. "Mom is going to be so happy. She's so wanted this for years."

"Alice, calm down. Don't go picking out china or anything." Edward pushed Alice off of him and passed his intoxicate sister into the arms of her fiancé.

"I'm taking her home, promise." Jasper looked to Edward giving him assurance.

"I think that's a good idea." Edward laughed as Alice stumbled a few more steps before pointing at me.

"I want details, Swan. First thing."

"Fine. Whatever you want, Alice." I laughed with Edward as I pulled my red plastic cups to my lips and chugged what was left.

I turned to Edward and saw that familiar twinkle in his eyes. He was thinking and that was never a good thing.

"Cullen, what's going on in that head of yours."

Edward just smirked his most beautiful grin. "Let's go home and I'll let you know everything."

He grabbed my hand and threaded his fingers through my own as we made our way outside past Mike Newton.


Edward was silent the entire ride home. It was very unsettling. I knew Edward and I had never shared a kiss quite like the one we had that evening, but could it really of been that bad? In my mind, it made toes curl, all my hair stand on end, and soaked my panties throughly. Not that Edward had never had that effect on me before. There were many nights when I woke up dripping wet in sweat drenched sheets because of one of my erotic dreams that starred one Edward Cullen. But never, in my waking life did I ever expect Edward to kiss me the way he did.

We had lived together off campus for almost two years since Alice decided to shack up with Jasper. With Rose already living with Emmett, Edward just thought it was the most natural alternative. We'd shared everything over the course of our lives, why not an apartment. The one thing we had never shared with each other was our bodies.

Not that either of us were virgins, far from it. Well... not that far for me. I could count my lovers on one hand. I really never wanted to know how many women had shared Edward's bed, but I knew it was quite a few. As for the last man to grace my bed, one heavenly built specimen of man called Jacob Black, he was astonishing. If he weren't such an ass, I might have kept him around forever. The man did make me cum for hours on end and was built like a Greek God, but his mind was a rotted wasteland. Not that I minded at first. Fucking him was an unbelievable experience, but I needed a little more stimulation upstairs to sustain a relationship. I wish I could have been that shallow. The amount of batteries I had been buying had tripled since I broke things off with Jacob.

I brought myself out of my Jacob memories as Edward's Volvo pulled up in front of our apartment. We made our way in. I tossed my keys and my cell on the entry table, kicked off my shoes, then sunk into the couch.

Edward sat down at my feet and started massaging. "I've got an idea."

"Whatever it is, the answer is yes as long as you keep doing that." His delicate fingers pressed all the right spots taking away the soreness the killer Alice heels had caused.

"Seriously, hear me out."

"Fine." I opened my eyes and crossed my arms across my chest. "Give it up, Cullen."

"You can say no. Don't feel obligated or anything since we've been friends for so long, but I think we should hook up."

"What?" I pulled my feet from his hands and sat straight up.

He shook his head as he wrung his hands. "No, not like that. I mean, pretend... to be dating."

I looked at him like he had just asked me to jump off the nearest bridge with him.

"Just look at it like this. We pretend to be dating, I keep creeps like Mike off your back. You keep sluts like Tayna and Jessica off mine. Alice seems to have made her assumptions already so we keep our families happy. We can focus on finals and not have to worry about all that shit."

I shook my head as I wiped my hands down my face. "Then what?"

"What do you mean?"

"What happens when you meet the girl of your dreams and she thinks you're with me?"

"You know that's not something I'm looking for. I want to concentrate on school. I'm joining the symphony for the fall season and I'm going to be practicing my ass off all summer."

Pretend to be Edward Cullen's girlfriend. On the surface, it made perfect sense. We made perfect sense, but we always had. We had never really done anything about it. We were always just Edward and Bella, friends till the end. I knew it was a lame thought, but I couldn't help thinking it might be his attempt at more. I decided to see if I could find out a little more of what was going through Edward's mind.

"What about sex?" I asked casually.

"Excuse me?"

"I mean, if we are going to be pretending to date, it's gonna be kind of hard to have a sex life."

Edward's brow furrowed as he thought over his options I assumed. "I can go without. It's not like we're talking about forever."

"What about me? I have my needs." I raised my eyebrows at him.

"I think you know how to take care of those needs all by yourself. I know you have a drawer dedicated to your batteries."

I picked up a throw pillow and tossed it at him in mock disgust. "Fine, so no sex, but if even one of my little friends gets worn out, I'm coming to you for the replacement cost."

"So, is that a yes?" He smirked that beautiful smirk and I was putty once again.

"In public, we will be the perfect happy couple that all parents dream of until we decide other wise."

"Thanks, Bells. You won't regret this." He kissed my forehead before making his way back to his bedroom.

I slumped back into the couch. "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"



I couldn't believe she actually went for it. I had actually been thinking of asking her to do something like it for a while, but Newton provided the perfect opportunity that night. I had thought about kissing Bella many times, so much so it was like the most natural thing in the world when our lips met. The spark, that was something I hadn't anticipated. Then when our tongues started battling for control, my dick was instantly hard as a rock. I was so close to just having her wrap her legs around me and find the darkest corner to fuck her senseless in.

No, that just wouldn't do. Not for my Bella. And I could actually call her that now. She wasn't James', not Jacob's, not even that prick Newton's. She was mine, well... at least to the rest of the world. Now if I could only convince her.

I knew we would have to announce our next step at my mother's brunch the following morning. Bella always came with me, but now that Alice had suspected, we'd have to come clean so to speak. I wanted nothing more than to have Bella become a real part of my family. Being friends for so long, I hadn't a fucking clue how to do it. I knew the attraction was there. I knew my heart would always be with hers. I knew that every time I thrust myself into some random girl I was wishing it was her. Her delicate nipple in my mouth. Her tight little clit between my fingers. Her lips and tongue swirling around my hardened cock.

My dick was straining hard in my jeans and I knew I needed a quick release. As soon as my boxers hit the floor, I heard a slight buzzing noise coming from Bella's room. I ripped off my shirt as I made my way over to the door to the cubby hole between our two rooms.

I slowly opened my door, making sure all my lights were out if her door was open. It seemed to be about half way open. I could see her standing at her dresser in just her bra and panties. She was playing with something on top of the dresser that was buzzing on and off. She took some batteries from her top drawer, slid the old ones out and replaced them with the new ones. When she turned it over in her hand and I could hear the continuous buzzing, I knew she was about to play with her favorite toy.

I grabbed my dick and started slowly pumping as I saw her bring it down her chest and secure it in her panties. One hand grasped the edge of her dresser while the other was helping the toy massage her center.

The sight was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Her lips swelling as she bit down hard. Her face flushing. Her breath panting from ecstasy. I felt the pre cum on my head and spread it up and down my shaft as her breath became more shallow and ragged.

"Damn you, Edward," she whispered.

Holy fuck! She was thinking of me. I could hardly hold myself back.

"Why does my pussy ache for you only? Why can't I ever wish it was anyone but you touching me?"

She felt bad for wanting me to touch her? To make her feel good? To make her cum? I was certainly going to have to change that.

I could see her head fall back and the ministrations between her legs sped up as mine did.

"Edward. Oh, Edward. Why can't you be the one inside me?"

With two quick long strokes, a steady stream of my seed covered my bedroom wall. "Soon, my Bella. Soon," I whispered as softly as I could.

Then I heard a soft high pitch sigh and saw Bella trembling with her own release.

I knew then, our pretense wouldn't last long. I would be hers and she would forever be mine.


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