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"So," Pansy said, turning about to face me with a smile, "should I paint my bedroom white or that pale green, Bunny?"

I paused before I could answer, blinking at her. We were sitting in the Slytherin common room, holding hands, and she was looking down at me expectantly with a smile. But I couldn't process an answer. Bunny? Really? Serpent, dragon, prince…any other nickname I would have understood. But "bunny"…What was she thinking?

Was it a joke? Something along the lines of every other House calling me "ferret"? Was she making fun of me? Or was she making a sex joke? Was she saying that I'm always after her…like a rabbit?

Or was she calling me cute, like a bunny? I focused back on her now, noticing the strange look on her face. I blinked again, trying to bring myself back to the present…and not look like I was mentally slow.

"…Um…Bunny?" I asked, not able to focus on her original question.

Now, she blinked at me. "What?"

"You called me bunny, Pansy."

"Oh!" she laughed. "That was just filler."

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