Chapter 1

"Where are you going, Volkner?" a teen boy with dark green hair said to a man about 20, walking toward the doors of the Gym. Volkner stopped and didn't turn towards the boy when he spoke,

"I'm going for a walk." he replied.

"But what if a Trainer comes here looking for a battle?" the boy said. Volkner shrugged.

"You battle 'em." he replied. The boy looked shocked.

"Volkner, you know I can't do that!" he replied. "You're the Gym Leader, not me, as much as I'd like to be." Volkner sighed.

"I know." he said. "Well, tell them to find me, or wait 'till tomorrow. I fought 4 battles today, Zachary, and I won them all with ease. Being a Gym Leader isn't all it's cut out to be." The doors opened automatically and Volkner walked out.

The sun was just beginning to set and the sky was turning a purple, but it was still pretty blue. Volkner walked over to the solar panel walkway. Sunyshore City had 2 levels, one below, and one above. Newcomers often got lost here, but Volkner knew this city like the back of his hand. He was the one who basically built it, after all. The solar panel walkway stretched to the other side of the city and to the Vista Lighthouse, his destination. He went there a lot on his free time, just to stare at the Pokemon League building in the binoculars.

He paused for a minute to look at Pokémon Rock, a rock that the townspeople had given it because it was shaped like a Munchlax. He smirked to himself and continued, waving to a Sailor who waved at him first.

After about 5 minutes, he reached the Lighthouse. He walked into the front door, which was an elevator, and pressed the top button. The elevator shifted and lifted, the music in the radio above relaxing him. Moments later, the elevator dinged, and the doors opened. He stepped out and looked around to see if people we around. It was just a little kid and his father today, looking out the window. The boy turned around to look at Volkner and his eyes shone with happiness, for he recognized the Gym Leader. But what else is new, everyone knows me here.

The boy whispered to his father and the man chuckled. He walked up to Volkner with the kid holding on to the back of his shirt nervously and smiled. "Hello, Volkner. My son is a big fan, could you give him your autograph?" Volkner smiled lightly.

"Sure." he replied, taking a pen and paper from his back pocket. He always carried them, just in case he needed to write things down. "What's your name, kid?"

"R-Ralph." the boy stuttered. Quickly, Volkner wrote down, 'To: Ralph, a big fan of mine. Volkner.' He ripped the piece of paper from the pad and gave it to the boy.

"Here you go, Ralph." he said, smiling, and putting his hand on the boy's hat. The boy smiled big, looking excited. Just as Volkner was just about to walk toward the binoculars, the boy called him.

"Volkner!" he blurted. Volkner turned around. "I-I really like Electric-Type Pokémon. In fact, look!" The boy took out a Poké Ball from his pocket and put it in his hands. The red-and-white ball opened up and white energy came out, gathering in the air. The white faded and a round, silver Pokémon with one eye appeared.

"Magnemite!" it cried. The Pokémon was round, and it had a screw coming out of its head, and two in the front. On its sides, there were two magnets reaching out. The Pokémon floated due to the electromagnetic waves it produces. Oh, yes, Volkner knew a whole lot about Magnemite, not to mention most Electric-Type Pokémon. That's what he specialized in.

"That's a mighty fine Magnemite, kid." he said, holding out his hand for the Magnemite to fly up to him. "It's really shiny, I bet you polish it a lot." Ralph nodded.

"I nicknamed it Coil!" he said. As he said the Magnemite's name, it looked at him and floated towards its master. "I can't wait to get my Pokémon License and start my journey with it!" Volkner smiled. Wouldn't that be fun, a Pokemon Journey. he thought. "Thank you, Volkner!" the kid said, calling his Magnemite back into its Poké ball. Volkner waved as the boy and his father went into the elevator to leave.

He turned around to look at the Pokémon League Building. He had a very good friend up there, who he talked to a lot about the Gym. Suddenly, the elevator started up and started to go up. Volkner stared at the building before turning around to watch who came out of the elevator. No sooner did the elevator door open did a boy with bright blonde hair come rushing out of it and almost collided with Volkner.

"Look out!" the boy yelled, and tried to stop, but slid on the slippery floor tiles instead. Volkner stepped casually out of the way of the slipping boy and grabbed him by the collar before he could crash through the giant windows and fall 20 stories to the concrete below. The boy got on his knees and breathed heavily, getting up immediately after. "Thanks, mister." he said.

"Can't you read the signs?" Volkner replied, pointing to the 'No Running' sign next to the elevator door.

"I'm sorry, it's just I was in a rush." the boy said. "I'm looking for the Sunyshore City Gym Leader."

"That would be me." Volkner responded. The boy's eyes lit up.

"I'm Barry, from Twinleaf Town. I'm here to challenge you to a Gym Battle for my final Gym Badge before I can enter the Pokémon League." he yelled, pointing at Volkner. "The boy with the green hair told me to go find you, or battle you tomorrow, so here I am." Volkner paused for a minute.

"Alright, Gym rules say I have to accept your challenge." Volkner said, pausing again. He smiled. "All right, I've decided."

"Decided what?" Barry asked.

"If I find you to be a weak Trainer, and I defeat you, I will enter the Pokémon League challenge." Volkner replied. Barry widened his eyes and stared at Volkner.

"Are you serious?!?" Barry exclaimed. Volkner looked at the blue Pokétch on his wrist, to see what time it was.

"Okay, I still got time for one more battle. Meet me at the Gym in a couple minutes." Volkner said, going into the elevator and pressing the button to go down. I'm actually looking forward to this match. he thought.