Well, here it is, the last chapter of VKS. I'm kinda sad, but I really think it's time to move onto bigger things. This was my very first Pokémon fic, an experimental fiction that went quite well, and I hope everyone liked it as well. Well, time to go out with a bang. And, for the last time for this fic... enjoy!

Disclaimer: For a final time, I do not own Pokémon or any of its characters.

Chapter 62

Volkner recalled his Raichu into its Poké Ball and the group of four walked into the Sunyshore Gym's battlefield. Immediately, memories started to flood back to Volkner, and it felt like it was only yesterday that he was challenged by Barry and beat him with ease. Now here he was, challenging his best friend. Volkner walked over to his original position where he stood many times and turned around as Flint got into his side. Buck sat down in the stands on the side of the Gym. Volkner noticed the referee's post had been taken down as well. "So, are we going to do this by the Gym rules and have a three on three battle?" Flint shook his head.

"No, six on six." Flint said. "A single battle, too." Volkner nodded, then turned to Zachery.

"Will you be refereeing?" he asked the younger boy. Zachery stood up hastily.

"Oh! I meant to tell you about that!" he exclaimed, then ran out the side exit. Then, he brought out a little robot that went up to Volkner's knees. The robot hovered in the air, and the white steel that made its body shone in the stadium's light. Instead of hands, the little robot had two flags at the end of two white poles, one green and one red. It had a circular shaped head, and its face was all black, except for a yellow Poké Ball symbol on it. Zachery put the robot down and it started to float over to the referee's side of the stadium.

"What is that?" Volkner asked, interested in the robotic creature. Since Volkner himself had basically created all of Sunyshore City's solar panel walkways, plus Sunyshore Tower, it was clear he was very interested in mechanical things. Like his teacher, Zachery also took interest in creating things out of metal.

"This is your new referee, Volkner. He doesn't have a name yet, but I created him as the referee, since I didn't have one myself." Zachery replied.

"Zachery, you're my referee. Why bring him out?" Volkner asked. Zachery ran over and sat down next to Buck.

"I'll tell you after the battle." Zachery said. "But for now, enjoy yourself!" Volkner shrugged and turned towards Flint. That thing doesn't have a remote control, so how is it going to know what to do? Volkner thought. His question was soon answered however when the robot reached its spot and turned around.

"Now, the six-on-six Pokémon battle between Volkner the Gym Leader and Flint of the Elite Four begins!" the little robot said in a mechanical voice. "Start the battle!" It then waved the red flag on its right hand, signaling the Trainers to send out their first Pokémon.

"I think I'll choose the first Pokémon! Rapidash, go!" Flint called, releasing a unicorn-like Pokémon with a fiery mane and tail out onto the battlefield. The Pokémon neighed with excitement and reared up on its hind legs. "How will you respond to that, Volkner?"

"Why don't I show you! Ambipom, I choose you!" Volkner shouted, tossing his Poké Ball. Ambipom came out of the flash of light and laughed as it flipped around the stage.

"Ambipom? That's pretty whack, with you being an Electric-type Gym Leader and all." Flint said, shrugging. "Ah, well, I'm not one to talk. Rapidash, use Sunny Day now!" Rapidash neighed loudly and a ball of white energy appeared at the tip of its horn. Rapidash then jumped up and the white ball of energy shot at the ceiling. The ball hit the ceiling, then started grew larger when it stuck, looking like a large sun inside the building. It also started to get very hot in the stadium. "Way to turn up the heat, Rapidash! Now use Flare Blitz!" Rapidash landed on the ground and its body became surrounded by fire as it started to charge at Ambipom.

"Ambipom, Agility!" Volkner commanded. As Rapidash started to get close to Ambipom, the purple monkey Pokémon sped out of the way. Volkner opened his mouth to shout out 'Nasty Plot', but then thought of Leaf, and how she had beaten him so easily because of how predictable he was. "Shock Wave!" Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Buck's and Zachery's eyebrows rise slightly, and Ambipom tripped over itself, a faint red aura appearing around it as it was also expecting Nasty Plot. However, the Long Tail Pokémon quickly recovered and raised its tail, a light blue ball of electricity appearing in-between the two hands on its tails. It then fired a stream of yellow electricity from the ball at Rapidash. The fire around the Fire Horse Pokémon disappeared and it skidded to a stop, but it then got hit with the attack and called out as the electric attack surged through its body. Flint grunted and gripped his Pokémon's Poké Ball in his hand.

"C'mon Rapidash, you can take it! Use Bounce attack!" Flint instructed. Rapidash shook its head, breaking off the attack and bounced high into the air. Ambipom looked up, but was instantly blinded from the Sunny Day attack and covered its eyes with its hands just as Rapidash was falling above it. Rapidash landed on Ambipom hard, and the purple monkey Pokémon cried out in agony as it was crushed against the ground. Volkner growled slightly as Rapidash bounced off his Pokémon. I need to get Ambipom faster if I'm going to use Octillery.

"Can you get up, Ambipom?" Volkner asked his Pokémon, who responded and jumped up. "Good, now use Double Hit!" Ambipom's tails started to glow light purple as it ran towards Rapidash, and it jumped into the air and flipped around.

"Rapidash, Agility!" Flint called. As Ambipom started to land in front of Rapidash, the Fire Horse Pokémon rapidly galloped out of the way of one strike, but was hit with the other and fell to the ground with a thump.

"Now use Nasty Plot!" Volkner ordered, and the purple monkey Pokémon giggled as its body became surrounded by a crimson aura. Rapidash started to twitch, then slowly got up, and its master let out a sigh of relief.

"What a relief." Flint mumbled. "Rapidash, Flare Blitz!" Like before, Rapidash's body suddenly became surrounded by red-orange fire and shot at Ambipom, its feet rising off the ground as it shot at it like a rocket.

"Ambipom, Agility!" Volkner commanded. Ambipom happily laughed then disappeared. Rapidash stopped in its tracks, the fire around it disappearing as it stopped to look around for Ambipom. Suddenly, Ambipom appeared above Rapidash and landed on its back. However, it quickly jumped up when the fire mane going down its back burned its rear end. "Ambipom, Baton Pass!" Ambipom, while still squealing in pain above Rapidash, started to glow red and disappeared into its Poké Ball that Volkner held in his hand. The Poké Ball was then replaced with another and Volkner tossed it. "Octillery, Octazooka!" The red octopus Pokémon came out of the Poké Ball exactly where Ambipom was when it was recalled, and it wrapped its tentacles around Rapidash's body, its fiery mane doing hardly no damage. Octillery then put its mouth against Rapidash's neck as the Fire Horse Pokémon kicked and bucked its legs to get the Jet Pokémon off its body. However, Octillery held on tight and put its face against Rapidash's neck. Suddenly, there was a huge orange explosion, and when the smoke faded, Octillery was sitting on top of Rapidash's fainted body, looking bored and tired as ever. Suddenly, Zachery's robot lifted up the red flag on its right side.

"Rapidash is unable to battle. Octillery wins." it said in its high pitched robotic male voice. Flint gasped in disbelief as the robot judge made its call. Octillery nodded, yawned, then crawled over to Volkner's side of the battlefield.

"Great job Octillery!" Volkner said to his Pokémon. Octillery waved a tentacle at its trainer without looking back. Flint recalled his Pokémon into its Poké Ball and sighed.

"I didn't know he had a Water-type." Flint said, mostly to himself. "But that's no skin off my back." He took out a Poké Ball and tossed it. "Infernape!" Out of the flash of light, a slender, brown and white monkey-like Pokémon with a stream of fire coming off its head like a crown came out. The Pokémon came out and said nothing as it stared at Octillery calmly. Volkner smiled.

"Hello, Infernape. How are you?" he asked his friend's Pokémon. The Flame Pokémon raised its blue and yellow eyes to look at Volkner and waved once. Volkner looked at the red-headed Trainer across the stage. "I'm surprised you're using your Infernape so early in the battle, Flint." Flint shrugged his shoulders.

"Whatever gets the battle rolling." he replied.

"Octillery, use Charge Beam now!" Volkner commanded. Octillery nodded and it took a deep breath. Then, it fired out a huge beam of electricity from its mouth at Infernape.

"Repel it!" Flint shouted. Infernape did nothing as the attack headed towards it, but at the very last second, it raised its hands and brought them down on top of the Charge Beam, canceling it out. Both Octillery and Volkner's eyes widened as Infernape took no damage from the attack and got back into its standing position as though nothing ever happened.

"Octillery, Octazooka!" Volkner called, and Octillery fired an orange blast from its mouth at Infernape.

"Jump!" Flint ordered, and as quick as lightning, Infernape jumped into the air, the Octazooka completely missing it.

"Ice Beam, quickly!" A light blue ball formed in front of Octillery's mouth and it fired light blue beams at Infernape, who was still in the air.

"Block it!" Flint bellowed, putting his hands in an 'X' like formation in front of his face. Infernape did the same thing, and the Ice Beam struck its hands, freezing them in blocks.

"Okay Octillery, Psybeam!" Volkner yelled, thinking he had Infernape cornered. Octillery fired a multicolored beam from its mouth at Infernape, but the Pokémon swung one of its ice covered hands and blocked the attack, the ice covering it also shattering.

"ThunderPunch!" Flint called.

"Octillery, dodge it!" Before Octillery could react, however, Infernape disappeared and reappeared right in front of the Jet Pokémon, its fist glowing yellow with electricity. Then, with intense speed, it brought its fist forward and struck Octillery in the mouth, sending it shooting backwards against the wall, barely missing Volkner's arm. Octillery slammed into the wall, sparks covering its body as it fell to the ground. "Octillery!"

"Octillery is unable to battle. Infernape wins." the robot announced. Volkner recalled his Pokémon into its Poké Ball and stared at Infernape as it stood in the same spot it had before. Flint's Infernape has definetly got stronger since our first match. It completely blocked Octillery's Charge Beam without getting damaged at all. Volkner thought. He took out a Poké Ball and thought for a moment, thinking if he was going to make the right decision.

"Luxray, go!" Volkner shouted, tossing the Poké Ball onto the battlefield. The ball burst open and the Gleam Eyes Pokémon came out of the flash of light. Flint smirked at the Pokémon and recalled his Infernape into its Poké Ball. When Flint battled, he usually held the Poké Ball in his hand to have something to grip. He quickly replaced his Poké Ball with another and tossed it.

"Get 'em, Magmortar!" Flint yelled, and a large, red and yellow Pokémon came out of the flash of light. The Pokémon was very large, and it had flames coming off the top of its head, and both of its shoulders. One of its most distinguishing features was its arms, which were yellow, and rounded. It had claws at the end of them, coming out from the inside of its flaps. Volkner smirked.

"I remember that Magmortar from when it was a Magby." he said to himself. "Luxray, use Shock Wave now!" At his command, Luxray started charging electricity in its fur. Suddenly, the electricity shot into the air above it and formed a light blue ball of electricity above it. Luxray called out and it fired a stream of light blue electricity from the ball at Magmortar. The Pokémon stood there as the attack headed towards it, and it took the attack, grunting in pain as the electricity charged through its body.

"Magmortar, Flamethrower now!" Flint ordered. Magmortar suddenly opened its eyes and waved its arm once, the electricity breaking away and dissipating. Then, it held out its arms and its claws disappeared into its arms. The folds on its arms melded together as well, forming into two cannons. It then fired a stream of red-orange fire from its cannons at Luxray.

"Again, Luxray, Shock Wave!" Luxray once again started gathering electricity into a light blue ball above it and fired a stream of light blue electricity at the Flamethrower. The two attacks collided and fought for dominance before both exploded, causing dust and smoke to kick up all over the battlefield. "Luxray, Thunder Fang!" Flint heard Volkner shout on the other side of the battlefield.

"Magmortar, Fire Punch now!" Flint retaliated, and both Pokémon charged forward, getting rid of the dust scattered around the stadium. Luxray's fangs were glowing yellow and sparkling with electricity as it rushed forward, and a ball of fire appeared at the end of Magmortar's arm cannon as it rushed forward. As Magmortar neared, it swung its arm forward to strike Luxray, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon ducked at the last second and bit down on its upper arm, electricity sparks appearing and running through Magmortar's arm. Magmortar called out and started swinging its arm to get Luxray off. "Magmortar, Hyper Beam!" The Blast Pokémon seemed to calm down and put its other arm cannon next to Luxray's body.

"Luxray, get away, quick!" Volkner shouted, and Luxray let go of Magmortar's arm. "You use your Hyper Beam as well!" Luxray opened its mouth and an orange ball appeared in front of it. In front of Magmortar's arm cannon, an orange ball also appeared in front of it, and it swung its arm forward, firing the blast. Luxray saw the attack coming and fired its blast as well, resulting in a large explosion that shook the Gym. When the smoke cleared, both Magmortar and Luxray were on the ground, collapsed.

"Both Pokémon are unable to battle." Zachery's little robot said, raising both flags, then putting them down to wave them. Volkner and Flint smirked at each other and recalled their respected Pokémon.

"Not bad Volkner, not bad at all." Flint said across the battlefield.

"Same with you, Flint, but this battle is just beginning!" Volkner replied, and both Trainers rook out and threw their Poké Balls at the exact same time. Out of Flint's Poké Ball, a red cat-like Pokémon with fluffy cream colored fur around its neck, tail, and on its forehead came out, a Flareon. And out of Volkner's, a yellow dog-like Pokémon with spiky yellow and white fur came out, his Jolteon. Both Trainers stared at the Pokémon their opponent released, then at their own and started laughing at the same time.

"Well, well, I guess great minds think alike!" Flint said, snickering and scratching his nose. Volkner smiled as he stopped laughing and stared out onto the battlefield. Suddenly, both Trainer's faces became serious despite laughing hysterically mere seconds ago. "Flareon, Fire Fang!"

"Jolteon, Thunder Fang!" Both Eeveelutions rushed forward, Jolteon's mouth sparkling with yellow electricity and Flareon's mouth blazing with fire. The two Pokémon approached and jumped at each other. Both backed out at the last second, however, scared of the other's attack, and bounced back, the elemental fang attacks fading from their mouths.

"Will-O-Wisp!" Flint commanded.

"Hurry Jolteon, fire your Charge Beam!" Volkner shouted. Jolteon's body became surrounded by static as Flareon opened its mouth and fired a light blue fireball from its mouth at Jolteon. At the same time, Jolteon fired a huge blast of yellow electricity from its body at Flareon, and the two attacks collided. "Now, use Shadow Ball!" As soon as the attacks collided and exploded, multiple purple and black balls started shooting from the dust at Flareon. The attacks caught Flareon by surprise and two of the three Shadow Balls hit Flareon, knocking it to the ground. The Flame Pokémon got up quickly however.

"Flareon, Overheat now!" Flint commanded, and Flareon's body started to turn red as it powered up the attack. Then, Flareon opened its mouth and fired a white flame from its mouth with a red-orange flame spiraling around it straight at Jolteon.

"Agility, Jolteon." Volkner said, and Jolteon started running towards the huge flame. As soon as the flame was about to hit it, Jolteon disappeared, suddenly reappearing next to Flareon. Both the Pokémon and its Trainer gasped in surprise, and Flareon tried to stop the Overheat attack, but was too late. "Thunderbolt!" Jolteon's body charged with electricity and it fired a beam of it from its body, shocking Flareon and slamming it against the wall, knocking it out.

"Flareon is unable to battle. Jolteon wins." the mechanical referee said, raising the red flag on Volkner's side. Flint gripped the Poké Ball he was holding and recalled his Flareon back into the ball.

"Volkner's Pokémon are very quick, that's going to be a problem for a while." Flint mumbled to himself, deciding which Pokémon he should send out next. I probably should have switched Drifblim with another Pokémon before starting the battle. But I never thought Volkner would last this long. He truly is Sinnoh's strongest Gym Leader. Finally, Flint sighed and took out a Poké Ball. "Drifblim, I choose you, dude!" The Poké Ball burst opened and the happy-go-lucky Blimp Pokémon came out of the Poké Ball and floated happily around the stadium. "Alright Drifblim, time to battle!" Drifblim nodded happily, and then faced Volkner and his Jolteon.

"That was a very bad choice sending a Flying-type Pokémon into this Gym, Flint." Volkner said, saying to himself how good it was to be on the other side of the battlefield again. "Jolteon, Thunderbolt!" Jolteon instantly responded by charging electricity in its body, then fired in as a beam of yellow electricity at Drifblim.

"Drifblim, Ominous Wind now!" Flint commanded. Drifblim chanted happily, and waved its arms, a dark purple wind coming out of them with each wave and slamming against the electricity. It then opened its mouth hidden underneath the yellow 'X' on its face and started blowing hard, a spiraling purple wind coming out and hitting the Thunderbolt, making it disappear. "Now, use Will-O-Wisp!" The Blimp Pokémon raised its arms at its master's command and suddenly, multiple light blue fireballs started appearing around Drifblim's body. It then waved its arms and the fireballs shot at Jolteon. Jolteon was able to dodge the first couple, but then was bombarded by the other seven fireballs, knocking it back some. "Wrap this up with Shadow Ball!" After firing the rest of its fireballs at Jolteon, Drifblim put its arms together and formed a purple and black ball of energy between them. After charging up the ball, it tossed it at Jolteon.

"Counter with your Shadow Ball, Jolteon!" Volkner responded, and Jolteon opened its mouth, firing a Shadow Ball as well, from its mouth however. The two attacks collided and exploded on impact, but another Shadow Ball fired from Jolteon's mouth at Drifblim, this time hitting its target. Drifblim started to fall through the air, but puffed up to catch itself. However, it was already too late as Jolteon's body became surrounded by electricity. "Jolteon, Thunderbolt!" Volkner commanded, and Jolteon fired the electric attack at Drifblim, electrocuting it and knocking it out.

"Drifblim is unable to battle. The winner is Jolteon." the judge announced, once again raising its red flag once again.

"Sorry, buddy. It had to be done." Volkner said to Drifblim as Flint recalled it into its Poké Ball. Flint replaced Drifblim's Poké Ball with another one, feeling bad about what he did to Drifblim.

"At least he got in a couple of good shots and managed to damage Jolteon." Flint said to himself. "Houndoom, go!" Flint tossed the ball and released a black dog-like Pokémon with medium size white horns protruding out of its head, and many white marks on its back and around its neck as well. It had a long black tail, and at the end was an arrowhead. The Pokémon howled loudly, which echoed throughout the large Gym. Houndoom crouched down and started to growl at Jolteon, and Jolteon growled back slightly.

"Jolteon, stay calm." Volkner urged. "Use Double Kick now!" Jolteon took off right away, charging at Houndoom and jumped into the air.

"Houndoom, Flamethrower now!" Flint commanded, and Houndoom fired a red-orange steam of fire from its mouth at Jolteon, hitting it and slamming it into the ceiling. As Jolteon fell, it's body became surrounded by electricity and it fired a beam of yellow electricity at Houndoom, a Thunderbolt. "Finish it off with Faint Attack!" Houndoom barked once and disappeared as soon as the Thunderbolt struck the floor where it was. Suddenly, Houndoom appeared in the air behind Jolteon and fired a Flamethrower from its mouth, slamming the Thunder Pokémon into the ground and knocking it out.

"Jolteon is unable to battle. Houndoom wins." the referee said, waving the green flag on its left 'arm' this time. Volkner took out Jolteon's Poké Ball and recalled it.

"You put up a good battle, Jolteon. Time for a rest." he said, putting the Poké Ball away. "That Houndoom surprises me, Flint. It must be powerful to take down my Jolteon. But, I think I send out a Pokémon that will be extremely difficult for you to defeat." Volkner pulled out a Poké Ball and pressed the silver button on the Poké Ball, making it bigger. "Electivire, you're up, bud!" Volkner tossed the Poké Ball and the huge Thunderbolt Pokémon came out of the Poké Ball, beating its chest and calling out as it did. Houndoom growled at Electivire, and the yellow Pokémon looked down at it, saying nothing.

"Houndoom, Sludge Bomb now!" Flint shouted. Houndoom opened its mouth and released globs of dark brown sludge from its mouth at Electivire. Electivire crossed its arms in front of its face and blocked the attack. As each blob of sludge hit Electivire, it resulted in a small explosion, but it didn't seem to phase Electivire. After about 30 seconds, Electivire moved its mouth quickly to its side and a huge electrical energy field came off its body, disintegrating the Sludge Bomb attack.

"Electivire, ThunderPunch now!" Volkner commanded. Immediately, Electivire put its hand in a fist and a yellow glow of electricity surrounded it, and it started running towards Houndoom, its fist back and ready to punch. Flint, however, had other plans.

"Houndoom, use Dark Pulse now!" he shouted, and Houndoom opened its mouth, firing a beam of purple and black circles from its mouth at Electivire.

"Switch to Light Screen!" Volkner ordered, and Electivire stopped in its tracks, putting its hands out in front of it, a yellow box appearing around its body. The Dark Pulse attack hit the golden box around Electivire and disappeared instantly. The force still hit Electivire, however, damaging it a little. Suddenly, out of the smoke, Houndoom shot out and its mouth was blazing with flames, a Fire Fang attack. The Dark Pokémon bit the golden box around Electivire, shattering it to pieces, and lunged forward, biting Electivire's left forearm. The fire spread throughout its arm, surprising it. "What the?"

"Awesome job, Houndoom. I knew you'd use Light Screen to block Dark Pulse, Volkner." Flint said, chuckling to himself.

"Well, I bet you didn't expect this!" Volkner replied. "Electivire, use ThunderPunch now!" Electivire's eyes shot open and it put its right hand in a fist, its hand becoming surrounded by a yellow electricity aura. Electivire then raised its left arm, with Houndoom still attached, and struck it in the stomach. Houndoom yelped out and was thrown across the battlefield, hitting the wall of the Gym behind Flint, leaving a dent. Houndoom whimpered and fell to the ground in a heap.

"Houndoom is unable to battle. Electivire wins." the mechanical referee said, raising the green flag and waving it once. Flint gasped in surprise, then recalled his Houndoom. He stared out at the floor, then started laughing.

"You really surprise me Volkner. I would never have thought you'd knock out five of my Pokémon." Flint said, taking out a Poké Ball. "But, that's as far as you're going to get. Go Infernape!" Flint tossed the Poké Ball and the Flame Pokémon came out once again, saying nothing and staring at Electivire with a basic look on its face. Volkner bit his lip and tightened his fist, remembering his battle against his Octillery, and how Infernape completely swept the floor with it despite the type differences. It hardly did any work, also. Volkner thought.

"Electivire, use ThunderPunch now!" Volkner commanded. Electivire nodded and pulled its hand into a fist again, an electric aura surrounding its hand.

"Counter." Flint stated as Electivire started running towards his Infernape. At the last second, Infernape pulled its fist back, the same electrical aura appearing around it and it struck forward, slamming fists with Electivire. The attacks canceled each other out, and both Pokémon jumped back. Volkner smirked as a plan started to concoct in his head.

"ThunderPunch!" Volkner repeated. Electivire charged at Infernape, and like before, its fist became surrounded in electricity.

"Again, Volkner?" Flint asked, scrunching his eyebrows together, then shrugging. "Alright, it's not going to make a difference, though. Infernape, ThunderPunch it back!" Infernape stood and waited in its spot, waiting for Electivire to get closer, and when it did, Infernape struck forward with a lightning-fast punch, its fist becoming surrounded by an electric aura. The two attacks collided, then Electivire bounced back, its feet skidding across the stadium floor.

"Electivire, ThunderPunch!" Volkner shouted again. Flint chuckled.

"Using the same old technique again and again isn't going to help your chances of winning, Volkner." he replied. Electivire's fist became surrounded by electricity again, but then it dashed towards Infernape at an incredible speed and struck it across the face, much to Flint and Infernape's surprise. Infernape flew across the air, but then bounced off the wall and landed on the floor next to Flint.

"It was smart countering Electivire's ThunderPunch with one of your own to block the attack, Flint, but my Electivire has an ability called Motor Drive, and every time it's hit with an Electric-type attack, it absorbs it and turns it into speed." Volkner said. "So I have to thank you for helping me get rid of Electivire's weakness. Electivire, use Giga Impact!" Electivire's body became surrounded by a purple orb and the orb became surrounded by orange streaks that spun around the orb. Electivire then sped straight at Infernape with incredible speed. Flint stepped off to the side so he wouldn't get hit.

"Infernape, use Flare Blitz now!" he commanded, and Infernape's body became surrounded by a fiery aura and it rose into the air. Then, it shot at Electivire with incredible speed, the Giga Impact and Flare Blitz slamming into each other with huge power and strength. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion that rattled the whole Gym, and smoke kicked up all over. Volkner coughed and tried to wave the dust away. Finally, he heard the robotic judge speak up and lifted up its red flag.

"Electivire is unable to battle. Infernape wins." it said, and when the smoke cleared, Electivire was on the ground knocked out, and Infernape was standing in the spot in front of its Trainer. It had a couple scratches, but that was it.

"Oh man." Volkner said to himself as he recalled his Electivire into its Poké Ball. It's pretty obvious that Flint trains his Infernape a lot more than his other Pokémon, he thought, and took out another Poké Ball. "Ambipom, go!" Volkner tossed his Poké Ball after replacing it with Electivire's, and the purple monkey Pokémon came out and danced around the stadium, waving to Infernape and Flint. Infernape glanced at the Long Tail Pokémon, and Flint chuckled at the Pokémon.

"I'd hate to, but I'm going to have to knock out that Pokémon, no matter how much of a clown it is." Flint said.

"Ambipom, use Nasty Plot now!" Volkner ordered, and Ambipom screeched loudly as a crimson aura appeared around its body.

"Ah, that combo again?" Flint asked, smiling. "That's not going to happen. Infernape, use Mach Punch now!" Before Ambipom could finish the attack, Infernape shot across the stadium, its fist glowing light blue and it struck Ambipom in the stomach with the attack. The attack was so powerful that Ambipom was picked right off its feet and it was slammed against the wall. When the Pokémon fell to the ground, it not only left a dent, it actually put a small hole in the steel wall. Volkner stared at the hole in surprise, his mouth opened a little as well. "Not bad, eh?" Volkner glanced at Flint, and then recalled his Ambipom. He took out another Poké Ball and sighed, looking at it.

"It's your turn, old friend. Please don't let me down." Volkner said. "Raichu, I choose you!" The Poké Ball sailed through the air and burst open, the white light coming out and forming together. Raichu came out of the ball and stared at Infernape with determination, then recognized his old friend and waved. Infernape smiled and waved as well. A huge grin spread across Flint's face as he saw Volkner's choice of Pokémon.

"Well, well, look at this." Flint said. "It just like our very first battle – one on one and only using our starters." Volkner looked at the field and smirked as well.

"I guess you're right, Flint." Volkner replied. "The outcome is still going to be the same though. Raichu, Thunder now!" Raichu's cheeks sparkled with electricity and it jumped into the air, firing a blast of electricity from its body at Infernape.

"Repel it!" Flint ordered. Infernape lifted its hands above its head, and when the attack was about to hit it, it slammed the attack into the ground, receiving no damage at all. "Infernape, Flamethrower now!" Infernape nodded and took a deep breath, opening its mouth to release a red-orange stream of fire from its mouth at Raichu.

"Raichu, Agility!" Volkner shouted, and Raichu managed to speed out of the way of the Fire-type attack. Raichu suddenly skidded to a halt when Infernape appeared right in front of it.

"Infernape, use Close Combat now!" Flint ordered, and Infernape's eyes flashed yellow. Suddenly, Infernape started to repeatedly punch and kick Raichu over and over again. Raichu tried to block and dodge some punches and kicks with wits paws, but it was too slow for the Flame Pokémon's attacks, and still got hit with a great deal of attacks. "Now, for a Mach Punch to finish the job!" Flint called, imitating a punching motion. Infernape also pulled his arm back and its fist started to glow light blue. An opening!

"Raichu, Thunderbolt now!" Volkner exclaimed, and Raichu took no time in firing the attack, hitting Infernape and pushing it back some. "Okay, now's a good time for a Charge Beam attack!" Raichu responded by jumping back a great deal and its body becoming surrounded in yellow sparks.

"Infernape, Overheat now!" Flint retaliated. Infernape shook off the Thunderbolt and back flipped, its whole body turning a shade of red. Finally, Raichu fired a huge blast of electricity from its body at Infernape as the latter fired a yellow tinted fire from its mouth with a red-orange flame spiraling around it at the Charge Beam. The two attacks collided, pushing back and forth, but the Overheat attack was stronger and broke through Raichu's Charge Beam. Raichu and Volkner gasped, and the Fire-type attack struck Raichu, sending it flying through the air and slamming on the ground.

"Raichu!" Volkner screamed, running up to it. The Pokémon looked knocked out, but before Zachery's robot could make the call, it twitched and shakily stood back up. "Raichu, there's no need for you to battle anymore." Raichu looked at its Trainer and smiled. "Rai Rai, Rai-chu." it said, patting Volkner's shoulder lightly before facing a shocked Infernape and Flint. "If you say so." Volkner stood back up and walked back over to the Gym Leader's side of the battlefield.

"I can't believe Raichu is still standing!" Flint said. "The little guy has spunk, but it's still no match for my Infernape. Now, attack with Flare Blitz!" Infernape's body became surrounded by an aura of fire as Flint told him what to do and it rose into the air slightly before shooting at Raichu. I need to wait for Raichu to build up its electricity, so I'm going to have to go with a Physical attack for now.

"Raichu, Iron Tail!" Volkner commanded. Raichu's whole tail started to glow white and it jumped into the air as Infernape shot at it, jumping over it and flipping over, slamming its tail into Infernape's head. Although the attack didn't do much, it managed to knock Infernape out of the Flare Blitz attack, and onto the ground. Volkner, however, noticed a trail of sparks had trailed down Raichu's tail when the Iron Tail connected. Raichu gracefully landed on the ground in front of Flint, and Infernape slowly got up and turned around.

"Lucky shot. But it's not going to happen again." Flint stated. "Infernape, use Flare Blitz again, and this time, let's finish this battle up!" Infernape held out its arms and started to power up the attack, but suddenly, yellow sparks surrounded its body and Infernape fell on one knee. "What?" Volkner smirked.

"I was right. Looks like Raichu's Static kicked in at an awesome moment." he said to Flint, who gasped in horror. "Raichu, use Volt Tackle now!" Raichu's cheeks started to sparkle with electricity and it started running towards Infernape at full speed. Raichu's body then became surrounded with an aura of golden electricity, and it jumped at Infernape, slamming right into its stomach. Infernape was pushed against the Gym wall and when it did, the power of Raichu's Volt Tackle caused an explosion. Raichu was ricocheted off Infernape from the impact and it landed in the middle of the Gym on the ground. Both Raichu and Infernape were on the ground, looking knocked out. Both Trainers stared at their Pokémon and concentrated on them. Now whoever won would be the one who stood first in the minute, otherwise, it would be considered a draw.

"C'mon, Infernape..." Flint mumbled, gripping the Poké Ball in his hand.

"You can do it, Raichu." Volkner said to his Pokémon. Finally, Raichu managed to twitch and stand before the minute was up. It turned to face Volkner and waved a weak paw at him.

"Infernape is unable to battle. Raichu wins. Therefore, the winner is Volkner the Gym Leader!" the mechanized judge said, raising the green flag once. As soon as the referee spoke those words, Raichu fell to the ground to sleep. Volkner walked up to his Pokémon and picked it up in his arms.

"You battled amazing, Raichu. You are free to sleep as much as you want." Volkner said, taking out his Pokémon's Poké Ball and putting it back into it. Flint recalled his Infernape and walked up to Volkner, sticking out his hand.

"Awesome battle, dawg." he said, grinning from ear to ear. Volkner smirked and shook his hand back. Zachery and Buck walked down, and Zachery showed them his white knuckles.

"I didn't know who would win at all!" he exclaimed. "I was on the edge of my seat from the get-go." He turned towards his robot, who shut down and was lying on the ground behind them. "And it seems my referee worked quite fine." Buck smirked at Volkner.

"And now, it's our turn!" he said, laughing. Volkner smirked and shook his head.

"My Pokémon need to take a nice rest for a couple days before they start battling again, especially after this battle." he replied. "And, didn't I already beat your butt in Kanto?" Everyone started laughing at that, while Buck blushed.

"Well, I guess it's time for us to go." Flint said. "Grandpa wanted me to tell him the result of the match."

"Just don't you go telling him that you won, you sneaky Buizel." Volkner said, and Flint laughed.

"Don't worry, Buck will be there to support the story." he said. "Well, catch you later." Flint said, and both him and Buck walked out of the Gym, leaving Volkner and Zachery standing there. Volkner looked around at the destroyed stadium and sighed.

"Well, looks like we'll have to clean this place up before we re-open it, Zachery." Volkner said.

"Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you about something." Zachery responded. Volkner glanced at him.

"What's up?"

"Well, seeing you battle in the Pokémon League, it made me so excited, and, well... I built the robot judge not only for me but..." Volkner smiled.

"You want to go and travel around Sinnoh, don't you?" he asked, putting his hand on the younger boy's shoulder. Zachery nodded. "Go ahead. But make sure that when you have your seven badges, you come back here so we can battle, okay?" Zachery smiled huge and nodded, running off to his house to collect his things together. Volkner sighed, not a boring sigh, but a sigh of happiness. "It's good to be home." He walked over and sat down on the benches on the side of the Gym. "...But, why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?"

o 0 o

"Daisy, will you stop staring at that thing!" Misty yelled, as she passed Daisy for the twentieth time. Daisy was sitting at Cerulean City's front desk, staring at her white PokéGear with intent, as if she was waiting for it to ring.

"Well, Volkner said he'd call me when he finished with the Pokémon League! I saw him lose, why hasn't he called me!" Daisy shouted, then put her head down into her arm and started to cry.

o 0 o


And so, the story continues from here. The next day, Zachery headed out to collect the Gym Badges all around Sinnoh, starting with the Gym in Pastoria City to challenge Crasher Wake to a battle.

Leaf got home, and a week later, she got a letter from the Elite Four to meet them at the Indigo Plateau to battle them. She lost managed to beat Prima, but lost against Bruno's Onix.

Christopher and Alicia is currently traveling throughout Kanto with each other. Alicia's Dratini evolved into a Dragonair during her battle against Erika, and her Scyther evolved into a Scizor when she accidentally left her Scyther's Poké Ball at the Pokémon Center before Rock Tunnel. It's claws was polished up with a polish Christopher found that turned out to be a Metal Coat.

Christopher managed to win 5 Frontier Symbols, before getting stuck on Pike Queen Lucy's Milotic. He's still currently trying to get his Luck Symbol.

Volkner's energy streak lasted for about 2 months. Then, once again, the Trainers started to become weaker and weaker, until Volkner grew depressed once again, and resorted to creating a automatic machine that would give out badges to any Trainer that knocked at the Gym doors. That is, until a boy named Ash Ketchum showed up and brought back his fighting spirit.

The End

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