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"The moonlight is growing weary, my Queen"

"Yes Galaxia…I am afraid it is" The silver haired Queen whispered as she watched her daughter from afar.

"I have spoken with her again, as you asked me to Queen Serenity…but she refuses to return" Sailor Pluto felt the tears come to her eyes "if she doesn't return soon…she'll die"

Queen Serenity nodded "and what of her guard? What do they have to say about this situation?"

"Lady Mars is ready to drag our dear princess back to the moon, against her own will, along with lady Jupiter…" the Queen laughs "as for Lady Venus, she has tried to speak with her cousin but as I've said before the princess will not leave."

"What of Lady Mercury? Has she not found a cure or a loop whole of some sort?"

Pluto shook her head "I am sorry your majesty, she is working rather diligently on a solution, but none has been found"

"What of the Prince? How is he doing? Does he still not know of my daughter's life threatening ordeal?"

"I am afraid not your majesty" Galaxia spoke up "the Princess had made it clear that she does not wish for neither he nor her children to know…" she thought for a moment "I might have a way to fix things"

Knowing what Galaxia spoke of Sailor Pluto snorted

"I know you already know, but trust me…I believe this will work…plus teaching that arrogant prince a lesson in the process"

"Very well" The Queen whispered sadly "continue to have the Senshi watch over and speak with my stubborn child, I just pray that it isn't too late…" taking a breath "Why does fate wish to torment you my sweet serenity…"

A King for a Queen

Chapter 1

Darien sat quietly in his empty office as he tried talking with his ex-wife over the phone

"Serena please, I told you I've been busy with running a hospital"

"I don't care if you were busy attending to the pope, Darien it's been six months since you've seen them last, not to mention the last time you came to 'visit' them you were at hospital conferences the whole time! So actually it's been a year!

"I know and I hate it, but I'll be there once things slow down"

"Your daughter is sixteen years old Darien! We promised each other that no matter what, we would be here for our children. DJ needs his father, He's going through a pretty hard time right now, being 12 and a freshman in high school, you promised him you would be there to help him through this-since you went through it yourself! He's scared and Rini is too busy with her own life to help her little brother with the transition! Then there's Celina, she's taking DJ's grade skipping pretty hard!-"

--Doctor Chiba you're needed in trauma two---

"Look Serena, I have to go, but how about I call tonight and we can talk more about this"

There was silence on the other end


"I don't think so Dr. Chiba"Darien winced at the cold tone "I have far too many papers to grade and three teenage children to take care of. I rather not waste my time or yours talking about a subject you obviously could care less about"

"Serena tha-"

"Good Bye Dr. Chiba"

Darien stared at his phone for a few seconds before hearing his name being called to the ER again.

CLUB 151 San Diego CA at 10:30pm

"Why don't you return home? Take your family back" a tall brown haired man asked

"Chris, I can't just leave" Darien answered, aggravated.

"Dude seriously, you need to get your priorities in order"

"Dude-My priorities are perfectly in order" Darien defended

"Yea whatever you say" Darien glared at his friend "look the way I see it is you picked your job over your family, and from the photos you've shown me of your wife…well ex-wife…she's wow…I mean talk about sexy…and after three kids…Jesus…"

"I get it Chris" Darien yelled "I never put my job before my family, she made the choice to divorce me, and I never made the decision"

"So how did you guys meet in the first place?" Chris asked staring at a photo of a 15 year old Serena and 19 year old Darien, then at a 32 year old Serena with Darien's three children.

Darien snatched the photos from his friend's hands and placed them back in his wallet "we meet when she was 14; we started dating soon after we met and got married when she turned 18…"

"Wow, so you've known each other for 17-18 years, that's a long time" Darien only nodded as he took another shot of 151.

"But obviously that meant nothing to her" Darien stared at his empty glass bitterly "I gave her everything"

"Come on man, you're drunk let's get you home"

"No" Darien said waving his hands up for another shot "I'm not ready to leave yet"

"That's enough Dare we hav-"

"Hey there cutie" came a sultry voice "how 'bout you and I get to know each other"

"No thank you miss, he's had too much to dri-"

"Okay" Chris stared at his friend in shock "let's go" was all Darien said before standing up

"Darien…man come back here! You'll regret this in the morning!" he yelled after his friend as he left with the tall red headed stranger. "Shit! He's gonna be pissed when he wakes up"


Serena sat in her kitchen thinking about what had transpired after her phone call with her ex-husband

Serena took a deep breath as she tried to steady her nerves

"Mom was that Dad?" came her son's voice

Serena turned around forcing a smile on her face "yes honey it was" she watched as her sons face lit up, DJ was known as a gifted child, since the age of 4, when he was able to recite the scientific theory of air. By eight, he was driving his teachers crazy, correcting them ever other minute. Now he was 12 and heading off to high school.

"So he's coming back to help me start high school?" the hope in his eyes crushed Serena's heart and made her resent her ex-husband even more.


"He's not coming is he?" there it was that beautiful lit up face was now one of complete and utter sorrow.

"DJ honey you know your father is really busy-with running a hospital in America and all, He really woul-"

"It's okay mom"


"Really mom" DJ slapped a smile on his face to comfort his mother "I'm cool; it's to be expected right? Besides I'm a smart kid, I mean I'm 12 and starting high school, I think I can handle it without my father…" DJ turned to walked away when his mother pulled him into a loving embrace

"I'm sorry sweetie…I know that I'm not your father, but I am here for you" Serena looked into her sons bright blue eyes, he looked exactly like Darien, he smiled lovingly at his mother and hugged her "I know mom, Thank you"

Serena and Darien Chiba had three beautiful children together, Rini, who as 16, DJ and Celina, who were twins and both 12. Their family had their issues, especially after the divorce. Even during their marriage, Darien was never really they're. Work always came first, no matter what the occasion.

He even missed the birth of his twins—DJ and Celina—because he was delivering another couples twins, even though many doctors offered to scrub in. But it wasn't always like that. When Serena was 16 she found out she was pregnant with Rini, Serena was surprised and excited.

Not only had she just saved the world once again from Galaxia, but she was going to be a mother. After the fight with Galaxia Darien returned to America to finish his medical degree, at Harvard.

Serena called Darien and informed him of her pregnancy. To Serena's surprise he stayed in America. He made it back in time for Rini birth but left short thereafter, he visited twice a month for a year. Once he graduated he returned and stayed by his families' side until he became chief of staff for Tokyo general.

That's when everything took a turn for the worse. He started to come home late, miss birthdays, Anniversaries and so on…then Serena found out she was pregnant with twins.

After missing the birth of his twins, Serena tried to continue with the marriage. But soon enough was enough, the year before last Serena filed for a divorce, and last year it was finalized.

Now Darien is back in America running a Hospital, while Serena is in Japan raising her three Children alone, like she had been doing since she was 16.

After School-Japan

Serena packed up her bag as she looked at her son's expressionless face, she could tell his first day was horrible. "How was it?" she asked already knowing the answer, DJ only shrugged "DJ, did something happen today?"

He only shook his head "I'm fine mom, can we just go home now, please?" Serena nodded

"I'll go get Rini, mama" Celina said standing up and walking out the door. Even though Celina and DJ are twins, they are only fraternal twins, as DJ took after his father; Celina looked exactly like her mother.

The young girl grew up close to her twin brother, she took it hard when she found out that he would not be attending the 7th grade with her, but instead be attending High school. So after being dropped off by her mother, the small blond would go about her day waiting for the bell to ring. Once on the bus she would be dropped off at the High school where both her siblings attended and her mother taught.

Serena looked to her son with a small smile "don't forget our foreign exchange student will be coming in a week…maybe you two will become friends" she said with shrug



A week had passed and Darien hadn't shown up to work.

Making it to his boss's apartment, Chris knocked waiting for Darien to answer.

"Darien?" he asked through the door "its Chris, your best friend" there was no answer. Going through his pocket he pulled out a ring of keys "Darien's car, storage, office, apartment perfect" opening the door he walked in slowly.

The apartment was dark and a mess, which was strange for Darien, because his house was always neat and clean.

"Dare?" Chris asked as he walked more into the room "it's Chris…don't jump out and shoot me" he said sternly. As he walked into Darien's bedroom he stood silent

There on the bed lay a teen age boy. "Could this be his son?" Chris asked himself smiling maybe he did listen to me…wait "but I thought his son was younger?"

"He is" Chris turned around to see the same red headed woman from the club.

"What are you doing here? And where is Darien?"

"He's right there" the woman said pointing at the teenage boy

Chris shook his head "No, Darien is a 36 year old Doctor, not a 16 year old teen"

"He is now" she said with a smirk "that boy in that bed is your friend"

At that time they heard a groan, Chris turned to find the teen sitting up and staring at them "Chris what the hell are you doing in my apartment? And who the hell is that?" he said pointing at the woman behind him

Chris pointed at the teen stuttering not able to speak

"Oh you know me Darien, you know me all too well" she said with a laugh

Darien stood from his bed as the woman made her way into the room "hello again prince" she said with a smirk

"Galaxia" Darien said shocked as Chris just stared confusion 'could I have food poising?'

"Call me Alex" she said with a wave of her hand "before you ask, I'm here to help you"

"Help me?" he asked with an aggravated tone "I don't want nor need any help from you! You tried to kill my wife! In fact I remember you killing myself along with the rest of the Senshi"

Senshi? Chris watched the two with raised eye brow

"Ex-wife, and that's all in the past prince, the princess granted me new life, or have you forgotten that small bit of information"

"What do you want?" he hissed

"I told you, I am only here to help you"

"Help me with what?"

"Turning you into a teen age boy again" Chris blurted out still confused 'Yea gotta be food poisoning or maybe I'm in a comma…'

"What?" Darien asked now perplexed, Chris pointed to the mirror as Darien walked over his eyes widened, taking the size of two basketballs.

He slowly touched his face and ran his fingers through his hair "what….what did you do to me?"

"Like I said I am here to help you"

"By turning me into a 16 year old teenager?" He screamed turning back to Alex.

"Excuse me can someone explain to me what's going on here?"

The two turned to Chris, at that moment Darien realized that he had not only forgotten that his best friend was in the room, but that he also just told his secret…Not knowing what to say Alex spoke up

"This is not just Darien Chiba, your best friend is also the Prince of earth, the suppose King of the Galaxy"

Chris started to laugh "right, now what's really going on?"

"What she said is true Chris" Chris stared at his friend for a moment

"Really?" Darien mealy nodded "that's so….cool"

Rolling his eyes the raven haired teen turned to the woman in front of him "Enough games, Alex change me back!"


"NO? How dare you!"

"No how Dare YOU?"

"I'm the fucking Prince of Earth I order you to change me back!"

Alex laughed "just to clear one thing up, I serve the Moon Princess, not the Earth Prince"

"But you're on MY planet!"

"So is my princess, and where she is I go, unless you kick her out" she said with a smirk "but then you would be kicking your children off their own planet"

Darien growled in frustration "I can't go to work like this!"

"That's not a problem"

"Not a problem? Look at me! I'm a fucking teenager!"

"Now now prince no need for such language, your friend Chris will return to work and announce he is taking a long vacation then I will disguise him to look as you did before I turned you into this" she said pointing at Darien's Teenage body "then Chris can act and play you, while Darien, you come with me"

Chris smiled nodding "sounds good to me" he said excited, he still didn't get what was going on, but if it meant he got to play chief of staff, then he was more than happy to help.

"Good? This isn't good! And where are we going anyway?"

"You will return to Japan and be a transfer student"

"And were pray tale will I live?"

"With the princess of course"

"WHAT? I can't go there looking like this!"

"You can and you will! The princess has agreed to house a transfer student from America, and you will be that transfer student" she glared at Darien as he was ready to fight back "if you do not do this I will NOT change you back, there's a few thing you must learn Prince…"

Nothing more was said.

Walking out of the cab Darien took a deep breath


Opening the door Celina smiled up at the young man in front of her "Hello!" she greeted "I'm Celina, but you can call me Cel…you must be Mamoru, the transfer student from America!"

Darien stared at his little girl, was that recognition in her eyes…did she really recognize him…no couldn't be…Shaking his head Darien smiled sweetly at his little girl. She had long blond hair and the same bright blue eyes as her mother. It was like looking at a carbon copy of Serena. He realized then how much he really missed his sweet little girl.

"Cel, don't just let him stand outside all day, let the boy in" Darien looked up to see Motoki standing in his former home

'What is he doing here?'Darien thought

Darien walked in the house bags in hand, looking around he could see that Serena redid the place. Each room looked like it came out of a magazine "it's nice" Darien said looking around.

Motoki smiled "yea, that would be our good friend Rei's doing, you'll meet her later. But until then let me show you to your room"

"Um…wasn't I supposed to meet Mrs. Chiba?"

"It's Ms. and her name isn't Chiba, its Tsukino" Motoki corrected not noticing the pain in Darien's eyes, but Celina did "You'll meet her in about an hour; she's out with Rini and DJ, her son and daughter."

"Oh okay…" Darien said as Motoki left him to unpack and get settled in.

An hour later Darien heard yelling from down stairs "He's my boyfriend mom…I Love HIM!" Rini screamed

"I don't care if he was your husband, you don't make out in the middle of the school!"

"It was just a kiss mom!"

Serena laughed "Do you think I was born yesterday? That was deeper than just a Kiss Serenity Selene! That was more like…like Sex!"

Darien froze in the middle of the stairs at the word 'Sex? My little rabbit?"his face went pale as he continued to listen

"So what if it was? So what if we have sex? It's not like you and dad didn't when you were my age...but at least Helios and I mean more to each other than just SEX!" Rini regretted her words the moment they left her mouth. She watched as her mother's eyes fill with tears, as pain shot across her face.


Darien clinched his fist and was ready to say something when Motoki jumped in "That was not only rude and disrespectful but uncalled for, you go to your room this instant Serenity, and I mean NOW!" as Rini watched the tears fall from her mother's eyes she turned to Motoki

"Sorry" she said softly before running up to her room and slamming her door shut

Motoki walked over to Serena and embraced her. Darien stared in shock, Motoki just took over his role as a father…and he was comforting his wife…he thought, Motoki was his friend? What was going on?

"I'm fine Motoki-oniisan…really…" Serena said smiling "I don't want her life to end up like mine…I mean I love my children don't get me wrong, but everything I gave up because of a decision Darien and I made when I was 16…I just want her to have a chance to enjoy life before she has to grow up…"

"Everything will be alright, she's just going through a faze that all teenagers go through….um by the way…Mamoru is up stairs"

"Actually I'm right here" The two turned to see Darien standing at the bottom of the stairs, Serena stared at him in shock "Ms. Tsukino, are you alright?" he asked concerned

Serena shook her head "you just really….wow…um…Oniisan doesn't he remind you of…"

Motoki looked at Darien when it hit him "holy shit! Wow"

"Is there a problem?" Darien asked worried

"No, sorry" serena said with a nervous laugh "you just look a lot like my ex-husband… weird…"

"…sorry…" Darien said not knowing what to say

"No, no it's alright; it's just…weird…" Serena shook her head "Anyway, sorry about the fight, teen age girls and their boyfriends, so how was your flight? Are you hungry? Is your room alright? Do you need anything?"

"No, I'm fine thank you" Darien said now noticing how beautiful his ex-wife looked. No longer did she wear her hair in her 'Meatball' style, it was now shorter laying flat little below her shoulders in layers, her bangs had grown out and now fell to her mouth. Her hair which once was a golden blond was now a Silver color, but not because of age. It reminded him of Queen Serenities beautiful moon light silver hair.

"Well in the living room you'll find my son DJ, he's 12 and is a freshman in high school"

"Wow" Darien said trying to act as if he didn't know

"Yes, he is very intelligent, but lonely…it's hard making friends with people so much older than you…but anyway I have to start dinner, go in there and introduce yourself, he's very sweet."

Darien nodded as Serena said her goodbyes to Motoki and entered the kitchen to start on the night's dinner.

Darien stood as he watched his son sitting silently watching the news. "You know you shouldn't stare at people they might think your weird…or gay"

"Um…sorry, I was just spacing out" Darien took a set by his son "what are you watching?"

"The news"

"American news? You speak English?"

DJ nodded "my dad is there, in America" Darien heard the sadness in his voice "my names DJ by the way"

"Mamoru" Darien said as the two shook hands "so 12 and in high school, how's that going for you?"

"Could be better" DJ said with a shrug

"Do you mind showing me around tomorrow?"

DJ stared at Darien in shock "I think Rini should show you around…"


"Well she's popular and the two of you will be juniors together…it's not cool to be seen with a freshman let alone a 12 year old"

"I don't care what people think, will you please show me around tomorrow? I'm hoping we could be friends"

DJ looked at Darien with a smile "I would like that…I don't have any in high school…"

"Well you have one now"

"Thanks Mamoru"

Serena walked in to the living smiling at the two boys "dinner time guys"

"Great! I'm starving" yelled Celina as she ran down the stair

"Um…Mamoru you might want to fix a plate fast…Cel seems to eat A LOT"

Darien chuckled to himself just like her mother

As they sat down to dinner, Darien watched as Rini came down stairs and embraced her mother "I'm sorry mom" she said as tears fell from her eyes "It's just that lately things have been so weird…"

"What do you mean honey?"

"Well…it's just getting um…well Helios and I…"

"Have you?"

"No" Rini said quickly as Darien sighed in relief, Rini looked at him for a second and then turned back to her mother "can we talk about this later…alone?"

"Yes, but Rini what you did today was inexcusable"

"I'm grounded aren't I?"

Serena nodded as Rini sighed "alright"

"Now go sit down and eat before your dinner gets cold"

Serena walked into the dining room smiling at her children as they ate their food happily. Serena took her seat with a glass of water "Mom, aren't you hungry?" DJ asked concerned

Serena shook her head "no, I'm fine sweet heart"

"You're not feeling well again, are you mom?" Rini asked worried

Darien looked from both his children then back to Serena "I'm fine honey, just tired"

"Mom seriously, you should go to the doctors, what if you have some crazy disease?"

"Rini, not at the dinner table, you're scaring your sister…and besides like I said I'm fine. Nothing for either of you to worry about"

"You should tell dad" DJ blurted out as he quickly looked up to his mother

Serena shook her head and glared at her son "Darien Kenji-Endymion Chiba, you will not tell your father a single word is that understood?"

DJ backed down in his seat; he had never heard his mother yell at him for just mentioning his father's name…Rini looked to Celina as they both looked up at their mother shocked

Serena covered her mouth "I'm so sorry sweetie…I'm just really tired…but please this conversation is not to go to your father, I promise you tomorrow I will speak with Aunt Ami"

Darien stayed quiet listening to the conversations, he was worried.

At that moment a knock came at the door "you guys finish up your dinner and then head off to bed"

Once Serena was gone Darien turned to DJ "is everything alright with your mom?"

DJ looked at his sisters and then back at his plate

"She hasn't eaten very much, almost nothing at all for the past few days…" Rini said sipping her water

"Yea…and her hair changed colors, almost overnight" Celina added

"She said she's fine guys" DJ said calmly wanting to change the subject

"Yea but doesn't she look paler than normal?" Celina asked looking sad

Rini nodded "DJ you really shouldn't of mentioned dad."

"Well you shouldn't have made that comment about their relationship only being about sex!" he retorted

"What's up with your dad?" Darien asked wanting to get more information from his kids

The three children looked at one another before Rini answered "He lives in America, running some hospital down there or something…we don't see him much at all…so don't mention him. Personally he's not really a father"

Darien winced

"Rini stop it, daddy is busy and and has lives to save and and he he…" Celina started crying she stood up and ran to her room

Darien stood up wanting to run after her when Serena and someone Darien didn't expect to see ran into the dining room

"What happened?" Serena looked to the three teens sitting at the table "why did Celina run off crying?"

"I'll go check on her" Seiya said running upstairs, Serena nodded as she turned back to the dining table "well?" she asked

"Um…." Rini began

"I asked about their father" Darien intervened

Serena was quiet "oh" she said softly "what was said that upset her? What did you ask about her father?"

"Just where is he…"

"She's been really upset about her dad not coming to visit so please do not mention him in front of her…she's very sensitive when it comes to her dad…she what you call a daddy's girl" Serena said as her face grew pale

"Mom" Rini said standing up "you don't look so good"

"Celina's fine I just…Serena?" Seiya ran to her side as he saw her bent over a chair "Kids take your plates to your rooms, I'll take care of your mom"


"No buts DJ just do it!"

Reluctantly they fallowed what Seiya said and went to their rooms. Darien on the other hand hid himself in the shadows and listened

"Serena" Seiya said again helping her to sit down "Serena you have to tell them"

Serena shook her head "no, I can't for the hundredth time I can't tell them anything…I made a promise, that this responsibility will not affect them….that I would not allow my fate to be Queen, affect my children's lives…I remember living as a princess…the duty and responsibility it came with" she laughed bitterly "no, they won't share the same fate…even if it means my life…"

Seiya stared at his friend with understanding "Let me help you to your room…you need to rest"

Serena nodded "thank you" she said softly.

Darien walked from the shadows and into his room.

The next day Serena dropped off Celina at her middle school as she drove Darien, Rini and DJ to the high school, but stopped a block away.

"Mamoru" Serena said

Darien looked up and made eye contact with Serena "I run the English department among other things, so if there is anything you need just ask, my room is 204, okay?"

Darien nodded confused as to why Serena was getting out of the car "isn't the school a block away?"

Rini and DJ kissed their mother goodbye as Rini jumped into the diver's seat.

"Yes, but Princess Rini doesn't want the school to see her mother driving her, because it might tarnish her poor image."

"WHAT?" Darien yelled as Rini started to drive away "wait we can't just leave her!"

"Oh she'll be fine Mamoru, chill" Rini said waving her one free hand

"Two hands on the steering wheel!" Darien hissed "when did you get your license?"

"Like a month ago why?" she asked confused by Darien's attitude

"Why would you let your mother walk? You both said she's sick!"

"It isn't me, its Ms. Queen-bee, and when I try to argue the point Mom always tells me to let it go….anyway mom said she likes the walk it gives her a chance to clear her mind"

"Well what would your father say? I'm sure he won't like the idea of his wife walking to school when she has a perfectly good car"

"Ex-wife, and like he would care, if he really cared he would be here not over there" Rini said with an attitude

"Well maybe he has good reason!"

"Mamoru, don't…don't defend him, so just drop it okay?" DJ grabbed his back pack and zipped it closed

Rini pulled into her parking spot and jumped out of the car running up to her friends Cres, Juno, Vesta, Palla and Hotaru

"Rini where's your mom?" Hotaru asked as Darien and DJ walked up behind them.

"She's walking" Darien said irritated

"Oh, girls this is our new transfer student Mamoru, from America" Rini said smiling

Hotaru's eyes darkened as she stared at 'Mamoru' "Mamoru was it?" her voice was dripping with disgust, the others stared at the teen confused.

Darien nodded 'does she know who I am?'

Yes I do.

Darien's eyes widened

What the hell are you doing here?

Darien winced as the question was screamed into his head Ask your friend Galaxia!He yelled back

"Um…Hello?" Rini asked staring at the two "do you know each other?"

Darien shook his head as did Hotaru "no" they said in unison

"Well you two were staring at each other as if you hated one another"

"It's nothing, come on DJ we need to get my schedule and find out where my first class is, and then I want to check on your mom"

"I'll check on Serena" Hotaru growled 'stay away from her, you've done enough!'

Hotaru turned around and stormed off.

"Wow Hotaru is normally a nice girl…but it seemed as if she hates you" DJ said surprised

"Yea…seemed that way" Darien said irritated.

The teens dispensed never knowing of the person watching.

"I hope you know what you are doing my dear" The Queen said as she watched her former son-in-law walk with her grandson into the large school

"We have tried everything your highness…this is our last chance" Galaxia whispered "fix what you broke prince…your our last hope" a single golden tear fell from the former enemy as she began to pray to Selene…