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King for a Queen

Chapter 7

"Rini you can't just take off, you have people here that love you! What about Helios ? You're just going to leave him behind? What about your brother and sister? And what about your friends?" Darien ran his hands through his hair in frustration as desperation started to take over him.

"Dad please, There's a part of my life I had no clue ever existed, for 16 years I have felt like there was a piece of me missing, as if I was living as half a person, now I find out that my other half, is really a princess …with a destiny bigger than you or I" she walked over to her father and hugged him "I'm sorry daddy" she pulled away and walked back to her mother grabbing her hand "I can't just sit here and act as if nothing has happened…I need to do this, for myself"

Darien turned his head to the side as he looked to the ground

"So you're leaving?" Rini turned around to find Helios, Celina and DJ standing behind her


"I understand" he said walking to his father "you have a destiny as do I, just please…come back and visit?"

Rini walked over to her little brother and embraced him "I'm sorry for never protecting you…I'm sorry for never being the sister you needed…"

"You were always the sister I needed, I love you"

"I love you too squirt" Rini ruffled her brothers hair as she whipped her tears away

"Take care of mama for us" Celina said hugging her sister

"Try not to give dad any heart attacks with that boyfriend of yours" Rini said with a wink

Celina only smiled as she walked over to her father "can't promise you anything" she said with a giggle

Rini walked over to Helios "Well I still don't understand where you fit into all this-"

"We'll talk later" he said giving her a kiss on the cheek "If her majesty allows?" he asked with a bow, Neo-Queen smiled down at the young guardian "Helios you are welcome always, as long as your prince allows" Neo-Queen looked over at Darien, who only nodded.

"Take care of her" he said sternly

"We will discuss the treaty some other time then" Neo-Queen Serenity held her daughters hand and disappeared.

Uranus and her team walked into the family room "She is not what she seems prince" Uranus said warningly

Darien looked to the outer scouts and nodded "I could tell"

"How do we bring her back?" Jupiter asked

"We can't" everyone gasped "but he can" Saturn said pointing to Darien who nodded

"What will you do daddy?" Celina asked

"Court her again" he said with a shrug "but for now there's something I need to take care of back in America" he said looking to Alex "While I am gone, Mel I need you to take everyone to the old castle"

Mel nodded as the scouts formed a circle around the big group. "DJ, Celina go with them…I promise I'll be there as soon as I finish"

The two teens nodded as they joined their friends, within seconds they were gone. Darien turned to Alex and grabbed her hand "let's go and quit my job"

NQ (Neo-Queen) Serenity walked into her palace as she guided Rini to a room filled with paintings

"Wow" was all she said

"Astonishing, exquisite, incredible, stunning, lovely…but never wow my dear, you are a princess so you must speak as one" NQ Serenity corrected "and yes it is stunning isn't it?"

"Who are they?" Rini asked as she placed her fingers over a 20000 year old photo of a young 16 year old pink haired princess "she looks so much like…me"

"That's because she is your grandmother, my mother Queen Serenity" NQ Serenity said proudly "All of these woman are part of our family, here you have Selene, the goddess of the moon" she was beautiful, long silver gold hair and soft crystal blue eyes

"You look so much like her…" Rini said amazed

"So will you" NQ Serenity placed a soft hand on her daughters shoulder "here is a photo of myself at 16 with my mother" NQ Serenity smiled sweetly at the photo "she was a wonderful Queen"

"Will we have our photo up there?" Rini asked staring at the new photo of just her mother as Neo-Queen Serenity

NQ Serenity nodded as Rini looked down at her jeans and tank "I don't exactly look like a princess" she said disappointed

NQ Serenity smiled as she kissed her daughters forehead causing the moon sign to show "One part is finished now go to your chambers, there you will find your dresses and everything a princess could ask for" NQ Serenity smiled as did Rini "Now, Lia will show you to your chamber" as her name was spoken a short raven haired lady wearing a light blue 1800 type non puffy dress, walked in. She bowed at both royals and waited for Rini to fallow.

"Thank you mother" Rini said with a bow of her head

"Anything you need Princess Serenity just ask Lia and she will receive it for you."

Walking into her room Rini was in awe of how huge and beautiful it was "this was once your mothers room" Lia said as she watched Rini pick up a photo of her mother Princess Serenity and Father Prince Endymion "They loved each other" Lia said as a tear came to her eye, realizing what she had just said she covered her mouth "I am so sorry my lady" she said with a quick bow

Rini smiled at the picture "please don't act that way, it's alright, when we're alone you can speak to me without the royal protocol." She said with a laugh as Lia smiled and bowed her head

"Well if there is anything else prin-Rini, please let me know" with a quick bow Lia left the room.

"Have you thought of a plan yet?" Rini turned around to find Pluto standing behind her

"Aunt Susan?"

Pluto nodded "With you here, Lady Serenity, you can speak with your mother about your father…you're the only one who can break the altered mind hold that your grandmother placed on her majesty"

"But how?"

"There is nothing either of you can do" Rini and Pluto turned around quickly


"Majesty?" Pluto knelt and bowed her head quickly as Rini walked over to the tall woman

"How could you do such a thing to my mother?" She demanded but her response was a hard cold slap across the face

"Do not take that tone with me child!" Queen Serenity hissed

Pluto was by Rini's side, standing in front of the young princess protectively "I am sorry majesty but I cannot allow you to place your hands on her once more" she said in a warning tone as Rini stood in shocked, holding her reddening cheek

Queen Serenity let out a laugh; she waved her hand over the solider of times face and smirked "You will do as I command"

"Yes your majesty" Pluto said robotically as she bowed, Rini watched on in horror "You will convince the New Queen to throw a ball and invite ALL the planets Kings, Queens, Princesses and Prince's"

"Yes your majesty" with that said Pluto walked out of the door closing it from behind

"And you! You will show me the proper respect!" Queen Serenity hissed

Rini now frightened nodded slowly still holding her cheek as tears fell from her eyes

"awe dear child" the old queen said in a gentle voice as she softly touched her red cheek "Disobey me, or try to hinder my plans and I'll kill you and your siblings" she snapped her fingers still speaking in her sweet sugary voice "in a snap"

It was time for the ball, Princess Serenity stood by her mother as Neo-Queen greeted her guest "Queen of Mar's it is delightful to see you tonight and welcome Prince Jay and Princess Vesta"

Rini wanted to hug her best friend, but knew it would be a mistake. After seeing all the inner scouts with their families, Rini smiled brightly as her father and siblings were announced. She looked up at her mother to find her frowning

"It's alright mother, I can greet the royals from Earth" Princess Serenity said grabbing her mother's hand gently

"Very well then" the Queen answered with a wave of her hand "I need to speak to Seiya anyway" and with that she was gone.

"Good evening" the moon princess said with a bow "and welcome to the Silver leaf Ball" she said with a sadden smile

"Princess, are you alright?" her father asked quickly

"I miss you father" she said softly "I hate it here" she whispered

Darien felt his heart fall "You're treated well?" he asked embracing his oldest child

"I…" she stopped when her eyes fell on her grandmother standing across the room, sending her a warning glare "I am treated wonderful father" she said quickly

DJ looked to his sister concerned as he looked down to his twin, she was thinking the same thing, something wasn't right.

"Um…I really must go…Mother wanted me to meet someone, she said it was important" she quickly bowed and walked away to find her mother.

"Daddy…"Celina began

"I know pumpkin, something isn't right"

Walking over to her mother, the young princess found her hand in hand with Seiya as they laughed with a young prince

"Ah, Serenity my dear" NQ Serenity smiled as she let go of Seiya's hand "I would like you to meet Prince Ken from the star planet Prijipati"

Princess Serenity bowed as the young prince kissed her hand, he was handsome, with short white hair and silver eyes "my princess, you are as lovely as they say"

"T-thank you…" she was confused

"It is my great honor to be your mate" he said kissing her hand once more, Rini pulled her hand away quickly "Mate?" she asked horrified

"After your mother and I's marriage, you and Prince Ken will be wed" Seiya said smiling

Rini stared at the two in horror "W-What?" she screamed "Marriage? You and HIM? Me and HIM?" Rini was panting for air as she looked to her mother frantically "What about Helios?" she screamed

NQ Serenity waved her hand in the air "Do now joke child, I could never allow you to marry a horse" as she said it Helios walked into the ball "He is not worthy of a princess"

"B-But mother you said…"

"I was only saying what you wanted to hear, so that you would leave with me" she said with a laugh

"What about dad?" she screamed as Darien ran over to his child with the rest of the scouts "You cannot marry Seiya, he turns into a GIRL!"

"Marry Seiya?" Jupiter asked confused

"Everyone needs to calm down I am sure this is just a misunderstanding" Darien yelled calming everyone down
"There is no misunderstanding, Seiya and I are getting married and Rini and Ken will be married shortly after"

Darien stared in shock as the party gasped. Darien shook his head frantically "no please, Serenity don't do this! We're meant to be, I love you! We can work this out!" Darien grabbed her arm desperately

NQ Serenity pulled her arm away "Do not touch me! There is no love between us any longer! I will marry Seiya" she turned to Seiya and kissed him "I love him"

"No NO!" Darien yelled as he looked to his crying daughter "NO!" he screamed

"DARIEN" Serena yelled as she shook him

"NO!" he yelled sitting up quickly, his body was covered in a thin layer of sweat and he was panting heavily. What he didn't realize was he had knocked Serena right off the bed.

Serena crawled back on to the bed rubbing her bottom "ouch" she moaned "did you have to knock me right off the freaking bed? Gezz what were you dreaming about anyway?" she asked turning to him annoyed

"Dream?" he asked looking around, there he was in an extremely large bedroom that was a beautiful crystal blue and silver.

"Yes dream" she answered with a yawn "I've been trying to wake you up for the past 10 minutes; I almost called mercury to ice your ass"

"Wait…wait…why are you here?" he asked confused

Serena looked to her husband strangely "I'm your wife?" she answered hesitantly "are you feeling alright?" she asked as she felt his forehead "Should I call the doctor?"

"You're my wife?" he asked surprised

"Yesss….I'm think I'll call for the doctor now" she said getting out of the bed and walking to the door

Right before she could open it, the doors flew open causing Serena to fall to the ground. There in the door way were 8 disheveled scouts and 3 teenagers, obviously awoken from their sleep.

"What happened?" Uranus yelled holding her sword

"Where's the intruder?" Yelled a angry Jupiter

"This better be good!" Mars Screamed "Whoever woke me will be my morning toast!"

Venus walked over and helped Serena up as she looked to a sweaty, breathless Darien

"Oh my" Mercury gasped as she covered her eyes

"WOW….um…guys I think we're interrupting ….play time" Venus said walking away from Serena as the scouts all calmed down and looked to the situation

"Well that's it I'm traumatized for life" Rini groaned as she covered her sibling's eyes


"I swear the two of you mate like fucking rabbits!" Mars hissed

"It's not what you think!" Serena yelled "Darien had this dream and woke up screaming 'NO' "She said placing her hands on her head as Darien walked over to the scouts and his wife "I was on my way to call the doctor when you lunatics came busting in here!"

"Well we're sorry your majesty, but when we heard you scream for Darien, and his highness yell out NO we thought something or someone was here…hurting you" Saturn said bowing her head

"Don't worry about it" Serena said waving the situation away

"Wait a moment!" Darien yelled "What happened to the ball? And that prince Ken guy? Which by the way Divorced or not Serena I will not allow my daughter to marry some spoiled star prince! Helios is a good boy and has every right to be with our daughter! And why did she seem so frightened when I came into the court? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ABOUT YOU MARRING SEIYA?"

Serena and the others stared at Darien in shock "IS everything alright in here?" Yelled Seiya as he ran in front of the scouts "what's wrong with you all?" he asked again but no one answered

Darien grabbed Seiya by the collar "You listen up and you listen good you no good son of a bitch! There's no way in hell I'm letting you marry MY soul mate you got that?"

Seiya turned his head to Serena "H-Help" he pleaded

"See this is why I was calling the doctor!" Serena said waving her hand at her lunatic husband. "See he has completely lost his mind"

"Dad put uncle Seiya down…no one is marring mom" DJ said calmly as he slowly walked over to his dad

"Daddy why would mamma marry Uncle Seiya when she's married to you?" Celina asked confused

Darien dropped the frightened Seiya "but we're divorced "he said confused as he turned to Serena "aren't we?"

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Serena yelled "Of course we're not!"

"Your majesty why don't you lay down….and I'll check you out" Mercury said in her doctor tone

"B-But we're at a ball, and I was suppose to save Serena because her mother altered her brain and now Serena was Neo-Queen Serenity and she was going to marry Seiya because we are divorced because I worked too much and Rini was in love with Helios and they made out in the school and DJ is a super genius and you were going to make Rini marry Ken and Celina talks to birds and knew we we're super heroes and royalty and and and…"

"Calm down your highness, breathe" Mercury said calmly "There is no ball, Princess Serenity is not marring anyone, or planned to marry anyone…you and Neo-Queen are not divorced, it was all a dream…do you know where you are? Who you are? Do you remember anything about your past?"

Darien looked around the room confused "sort of…" his dream started to fade away and his memories started to take hold "I'm King of crystal Tokyo?" The girls nodded "and we live in crystal Tokyo?" they nodded again "Serena and I are married?" everyone nodded again

"No more coffee for you Darien, I told you that junk would mess with your mind one day!" Serena hissed as she brought him a glass of water "and my mother did not alter my mind" Serena turned to the group "good night everyone" the group bowed as the three children ran up to their parents and kissed them on the cheek

Before leaving Celina whispered into her father's ear "Apologize" and then she ran off


"Prince Ken? Yuck!" Rini said shaking head as she walked with her siblings back to their rooms

"Well at least he's not a horse" Celina laughed

"Shut up" Rini said slapping her sister playfully over the head

"Speaking of boyfriends"

"DJ you leave Nathan alone!" Celina yelled

DJ shrugged his shoulders "can't promise you anything" he said walking into his room

"We don't get paid enough for this" Jupiter said dragging herself to her room

Mars laughed "we don't get paid" she corrected

"You think they work things out?" Mercury asked with a yawn

Venus nodded "I think so"

"Well they better not wake us with their damn screaming" Uranus grumbled

"Let's just all go to bed" Saturn said walking to her room "good night"

"Goodnight" they all replied

Once inside her room Saturn took a deep breath "did it work?" a voice asked

Saturn nodded "I believe so" she sat on her bed "so Galaxia, what gave you the idea to change his majesty into a 16 year old man anyway?"

Galaxia shrugged "saw this weird movie with that high school musical guy and thought it would be funny to do to his majesty" she said with a laugh.

Saturn just shook her head as she giggled "it was an entertaining ride" she added

"Are you feeling better?" Serena asked still annoyed "you almost gave me a heart attack"

Darien watched his love, he couldn't believe that, that whole experience was just a dream…as he watched his wife pace the room he could tell she was angry and irritated "are you alright?" he asked softly

Serena just laughed "Alright?" she laughed again "you have the nerve to ask me if I'm alright?" she said again laughing. Darien didn't like were this was going, what did he do wrong?

"I don't understand…."

"I can't do this anymore!"

"What?" he asked still not understanding

"Today was the last straw Darien" she stopped her pacing and faced her husband who was still sitting on the bed scared and confused "Forgetting our anniversary, birthdays and special occasions, is one thing

But how could you plan a visit to outer stars during your daughter's coronation tomorrow?" Serena felt her tears come to her eyes "you're the king; you can schedule meeting to your liking! I never schedule anything that interferes with my family! You're never here! You're always missing or forgetting important dates and events!

Well you know what I've had it! I'm done! The kids are hurting, they may not show it but they are hurting! Your daughter is being crowned high princess of the galaxy tomorrow! And you're too busy to be there! I-I want-"

Darien stood up right away "Don't say it please don't say it Serena" he now understood why he had such a crazy realistic dream. Suddenly his true life was as vivid as ever, he was about to lose his family if he didn't change. Darien grabbed his wife holding her "Please, I'll change I will, I swear to you!" he begged

Serena pushed away from him crying into her hands "how can I trust you?" she asked softly

Darien placed his hands on her shoulders causing her to look up at him "I love you Serena, I love you more than words can say, I love my family my children…I will be there tomorrow, and the day after that and day after that, I swear on my life and love for you I will change just please don't leave me" he was now crying as he fell to the ground wrapping his arms around his Queens small wasted.

Serena looked down at her husband, this was a first. After getting over her initial shock she to kneel down to his level lifting his chin so they made eye contact.

"Okay" she said softly "okay" she embraced her husband as he held her tightly "I love you so much my king" she whispered

"I'm so sorry" he said once more "God I love you"

"Forever and always?" she asked pulling away

"Forever and eternity" he corrected.