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Chapter 1: Prologue

"You have disobeyed me for the last time!" the old lady screeched. "That's it, you are no longer part of this family! You are forbidden to have any contact with one of this family. That includes your parents and your brothers! Leave, I never want to see your ungrateful face ever again. You are disinherited, you unappreciative, stubborn, little girl!"

The little girl of only six years started sobbing uncontrollably and ran out of the room.

"Sanada-san! Please refrain from sleeping in class!" All heads of the class turned toward the desk of the black haired girl who was currently dozing off.

"The answer is 29," the girl mumbled.

"T-that's correct," the teacher was stunned. "But please sit up anyway."

"Whatever," the girl sat up slowly and crossed her arms. Once the teacher was turned around, her two friends on her either side of her high-fived her.

"Nice one," the white haired trickster smirked.

"That was hilarious," the pink haired girl sitting on her right laughed.

"Whatever," the black haired girl smirked.