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Rabbit between the Sheets

Dean yawned and rolled over, his vision not yet completely his own. Sam and he were in a motel not unlike most of the ones they often stayed in. They had just successfully hunted a demon. Fortunately for the person it had been possessing, they had lived. Now, as Dean's eyesight cleared of all remaining sleepiness, he noticed movement…in Sam's bed. And Sam wasn't there.

In fact, it was the small, moving lump beneath the sheets that was the bed's only occupant. Dean reached for his gun, slowly standing and moving to hover over Sam's bed. His eyes swept the room, looking for some sign of his brother. When he saw none, he reached down and threw the blanket off the bed, aiming the gun at the lump.

There, snuggled in the center of the bed was a plump white rabbit. Dean blinked at it, wondering why the hell there was a rabbit in his brother's bed. This had to be some kind of sick joke.

"Sam?" he shouted.

No response.

"Sammy? Sam, where are you?" he called again, moving around the room.

No Sam. He moved to the door of the room, pulling it open.

"Sam, this isn't funny!" he said, seeing that the Impala was still parked safely in front of their room.

He slammed the door, panicking a little now. Where the hell was Sam? Then, his eyes fell upon the rabbit, who was cutely twitching his nose at him. Dean's eyes widened in horror as he rushed to the rabbit, dropping to his knees before the creature.

"Sam? Is that you? Who did this to you?" he asked, staring the creature right in the eyes.

The rabbit only twitched his nose a bit more.

"Oh God," Dean said, standing.

He glanced around the room. A witch…it must be a witch doing this to him. He looked down at his furry brother.

"Don't worry, Sam. I'll find that damn hex bag!"

Dean set to work. He tore the room apart, better than most rock bands were rumored to do. He was flinging everything, including the little red-bound Bible that was in the drawer. In between flying objects, he kept shouting reassuring things to his rabbit-brother.

"Don't worry, Sam. I'll get you fixed up!" he said.

"Fix what?" Sam asked.

Dean whirled. In his flurry of tearing apart the room, he had missed Sam—completely un-rabbit-fied--entering the motel room. He was holding a small brown bag in his arms and staring at the rabbit on his bed…and then the mess the room was in.

"Dude," Sam began, "what's with the rabbit? And why is this room torn all to hell?"

Dean looked back and forth between the rabbit and his brother, searching for something that wouldn't sound ridiculous. Finally, scratching the back of his head sheepishly, he said, "I…thought it was a…cursed rabbit."

Sam blinked at him.

"Cursed?" he asked.

Dean nodded. "He looked evil…those red eyes, you know."

"He's albino, Dean."

Dean growled. "Shut up, Sam!"

Then a wide, goofy grin spread across Sam's face.

"Dean…did you…think that I was the rabbit?"


"You did!"

Sam began to laugh. Dean shook his head.

"Just for laughing at me," Dean said, climbing back into his bed, "you're cleaning this mess up."

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