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Chapter 23: Wounded By Her Again

Tony lies in the now very cold bed. Ziva has once again been avoiding him and to make thing worse Ziva isn't even looking or even wants to talk to him. As far as Tony is concerned he has not done anything that he is aware of to piss Ziva off. Maybe she has found another man or she wants to break up with him.

The phone rings and wishes to god that the caller is the good news kind of guy and not the bad news. It is the middle of the night and some one is trying to disturb his already disturbed sleeping time in his nice big and comfortable bed.

"DiNozzo," Tony has decided to put the person to rest and then he'll try and go back to sleep.

"Tony there is something I want to tell you," Ziva says through his sleepy mind.

"Is this 'something' about you avoiding me for the past few days?" Tony stressed the something word. "Because if it is Ziva I don't want to hear it. Good night."

"Don't you dare hang up on me Special Agent DiNozzo!" Something has crawled up her ass and pissed her right off. "I would have preferred to do this face to face but I am sorry Tony-"

"You want to break up with me is that it," Tony has given Ziva his heart and very slowly fixed the broken pieces not long after Ziva had joined the team. "I hope you have a fabulous time."

Tony had hung up on Ziva and hoped that Ziva isn't making a huge mistake again. He had loved her and she had burned that love. Now he won't be able to go back to sleep.

He'll have to face her tomorrow and the rest of the damn workdays. But he'll just pretend that he is okay when he is in fact not okay. Tony knows how to deal with rejection from those he loves. That is one of the reasons why Tony had tried hard not to fall in love, out of fear that his heart will get broken in the end.

So why should he be bothered this time around? He really did love Ziva David deep down inside. Wounded by her again.

The End

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