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Yuuki awoke to find herself lying in familiar arms, surprised to see Zero watching her. She smiled, leaning over and placing a kiss upon his lips.

"I couldn't help watching you sleep. You're so peaceful…even though you drool," he joked, receiving a punch in the arm for his trouble.

"I do not," she griped, pouting as she attempted to stealthily check for evidence that she'd done such a thing, which only caused a smile to erupt across her partner's face.

"Then why are you checking to see if you did?" he wondered, catching her arm as she attempted to harm him bodily once again.

He noticed that her cheeks had reddened at his teasing, her pout an adorable sight to his eyes.

"I'm only teasing you. No need to abuse me," he griped with false irritation, watching as her blush dissipated, leaving her staring into his lavender eyes.

"Zero," she began," has this week been real? It all seems so surreal to me. I can't really wrap my mind around it all," she told him, her fingers tangling in his silver hair as she brought his lips to hers. His heart burned within his chest, his love for this girl having reached an entirely new level in the past several days.

"I feel the same way. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and realize it's all been some dream. But we're here, Yuuki, and everything is going to be ok," he assured her, knowing that she still had apprehension in her heart about the recent developments in her life.

His words had a wonderful, calming effect on her, helping to ease her mind. She watched as he rolled onto his knees, the sheet falling away and leaving him bare to her sight. She fought the urge to blush once again, though she knew that they were far past that point.

He then pulled the sheet back from her as well, though she made no move to cover herself. She watched as he touched her thigh tenderly, unwrapping the bandage that remained around it. Once again, she saw the pain wash across his face as he took in the sight of the many cuts she'd inflicted upon herself. He leaned in closer, inspecting the damage. Some of them looked as though they were becoming infected, causing him to sigh mightily.

"You have to take better care of these, Yuuki. How painful are they?" he asked, relieved that the blood had dried sufficiently and that there was nothing left to stir his bloodlust at the time, save for the faint scent of her injured finger.

"I know. They sting quite a bit. It's nothing unbearable, but it hurts when I lay on my right side," she told him, watching as he unwrapped the bandage on her upper arm in much the same fashion.

His fingers trailed lightly along the healing wounds on her arm, his lips then touching them tenderly.

"I'll clean them for you in a bit," he said, before straddling her small body, his silver hair falling into his eyes as he looked down upon her. She cleared it away, seeing then the want and love swirling within them.

Yuuki allowed herself to become absolutely lost with him, her thoughts ceasing to eat away at her as she heard her own voice crying his name, a name that was now and would forever be sacred to her.

After a while, the prefects were dressed and Yuuki opened the door, seeing that the hallway was empty. Her arms full of a change of clothes, she turned to Zero, who was gazing down at her with still hungry eyes.

"I'll meet you in the Chairman's bathroom, ok?" she asked, receiving a nod in response. She gave his hand a squeeze before heading down the corridor towards the door which led outside. He watched her go, feeling an odd pang in his chest. This situation was leaving him a bit drained, though he was valiantly fighting it for her sake. She needed him and it would do no good for him to fail her now.


Zero sighed, having made his way back to the boy's dorm for a shower. He'd changed into his uniform, save for his jacket and tie, the top three buttons of his white shirt undone. After buttoning his black vest, he adjusted his holster, slipping his Bloody Rose into it with a mind to visit the shooting range later on.

He started towards the Chairman's quarters, his mind never leaving the girl that held his heart in her hands. He was determined to help her heal, to keep her from bringing any more harm to herself. It was bad enough, he thought, what he did to her, though she'd told him more than once that she didn't mind it, that she enjoyed it, even.

As Zero made his way across the academy grounds, a familiar voice caught his attention, and he immediately felt his anger rushing forth like some unleashed beast.

"Kiryu-kun," came his voice, causing Zero to turn, his jaw clenched as he met the dark eyes of Kuran Kaname full on.

"What the hell do you want, vampire?" he spat, hoping this would be quick so he could attend to Yuuki.

Kaname responded with a smooth laugh, only angering Zero further. He really didn't have time for this.

"You say it as if you yourself aren't the same…though, you aren't really, are you? No, you're nothing like me. You're merely a mongrel that has chosen to prey on someone far too good for you. You're nothing, Kiryu, and yet you deem yourself worthy enough to take from her. How dare you?" he spat, disgust dripping from his voice.

His guilt struck him hard, Kuran's words eating into his very soul. Deep down, he agreed with him, despite what Yuuki had told him previously. The Pureblood was right: Zero knew he didn't deserve her, and yet he couldn't tear himself away from her.

"What's the matter, Kiryu? Cat got your tongue? Or is it that you know I'm right?" he asked, leaning against a nearby tree, his black shirt blowing in the breeze of the day.

Zero felt his anger boiling over, his rage building steadily as the moments ticked by. He knew better than to start anything, for fear that Yuuki would take it badly once again. But there was only so much he could take and he could already feel his patience wearing thin. The Pureblood knew exactly what buttons to press and he was quite adept at doing so.

"It's none of your concern, Kuran. Yuuki's old enough to make her own decisions and last I checked, she wasn't your possession," he shot back, seeing the dark haired vampire's scowl deepen.

"Yuuki, being the dear heart that she is, doesn't always realize what's best for her, and you certainly don't. You only care about your own desires, Kiryu. You use her and you know it," Kaname nearly growled, seeing the rage flash through Zero's eyes.

"Don't presume that you know a damn thing about it, Kuran," he spat, feeling the weight of his gun under his arm, nearly begging to be called into play.

"But I know it well. She's your victim, Kiryu, nothing more. Yuuki is a kind hearted girl and her pity for you calls for her to allow you to use her to fulfill your own selfish desires. You're nothing but a disgusting beast, and you've hurt my girl for the last time," he said darkly, before finding his back slammed against the tree, the Bloody Rose held to his head.

Zero was positively incensed, the Pureblood's words echoing through his mind. His blood ran hot, a murderous urge racing through him as he held Kaname to the tree by the throat, his fangs bared as his eyes glowed red.

Kaname's smooth laughter only enraged him further, the next words he spoke painfully true.

"Do it and she'll never forgive you. The Council will hunt you down and have you exterminated like the diseased fiend that you are. You're nothing but a trigger happy degenerate and I'll see to it that you never touch her again," Kaname roared, his fingers gripping Zero's throat as he pushed him backwards, slamming him to the ground.

His breath knocked from him, Zero lay dazed for a moment before realizing his position. The Pureblood had him pinned to the ground, having ripped the Bloody Rose, chain and all, from his grip, tossing it away from the fray.

Fangs bared, Kaname glared down at his rival, their fingers tight around the throat of the other.

"You think you're so mighty that you know everything, don't you? She's not your girl…she never will be. Not now," Zero growled, his fingers clawing at the ground for the gun that lay just inches from his grasp.

"What do you mean 'not now'? What've you done, Kiryu?" he demanded, the back of his hand connecting hard with Zero's face, blood soon seeping forth from his lip.

Though he knew he shouldn't have, his rage had taken total control of him, his words flowing forth without his consent.

"You heard me. She's my girl, Kuran. I've seen to that. That's something you'll never take from her," he told him, shocked to hear himself speak of such things.

His words seemed to stun the Pureblood, his grip going slack for a moment and giving Zero the opportunity to lunge sidewise for his gun, gripping the handle as his rage exploded.


Yuuki had made her way to the Chairman's bathroom, then taking a shower and brushing her teeth. As she awaited Zero's arrival, to her horror, she heard a shot ring out. She ran to the window, her eyes growing wide as she took in the sight before her. Gods, they were killing each other.

She threw on her clothes as fast as she was able before dashing out the door, pure fear racing through her veins.


She ran, her blood running cold as she rounded the corner, racing for the trees.

Finally, she came within sight of them, appalled to see Zero on top of Kaname, the butt of his gun connecting with his face again and again. Her partner's shoulder was bleeding, his white shirt soaked through with his blood. She saw Kaname kick Zero away from him, his face bloodied and fangs bared like a mad dog as he lunged for the silver haired vampire, ripping his gun from his grip before aiming once again.

"No!" she screamed, colliding head on into him, sending him reeling, a stunned look upon his wounded face.

She stood between them, a horrified look upon her face. She'd not seen this much blood since the night Kaname had rescued her ten years ago and she was terrified to turn around, afraid of the condition she would find Zero in.

Finally mustering enough courage, Yuuki turned to find Zero struggling to sit upright, holding his injured shoulder, wincing all the while.

"God…what have you done?" she demanded, her anger focused on the bloodied Pureblood behind her.

He looked like hell himself, blood running down his beautiful face, trailing along his neck and down onto his chest.

"You…you shot him?" she demanded, kneeling next her fallen lover, rage still burning in his eyes.

"Stay out of this, Yuuki," Zero said, his voice deep with fury as he got to his feet, pushing her behind him as he faced his opponent.

"Well, Kuran? Is that all you've got? Come on!" Zero shouted, the ache in his shoulder not seeming to faze him as the Pureblood did naught but stare.

It was very unlike him to act so barbarically, but Zero had managed to bring out the worst in him, and his temper was nothing to be fucked around with. Kaname then realized he was still holding Kiryu's demon weapon, dropping it to the ground as he took in the sight of Yuuki, who had stepped in front of Zero once again, her eyes filled with rage and hurt.

"Enough!" she shouted, causing them both to start. Neither had ever heard her sound so incensed, and neither had ever imagined the tiny girl capable of sounding so menacing.

"Look at yourselves! What are you doing?" she demanded, her arm going around Zero's waist as she saw him wobble a bit on his feet. His arm laced itself about her shoulders, his adrenaline dying off and making way for the pain to eat away at him.

Kaname wiped the blood from his face with his shirt sleeve, though the bleeding had yet to stop. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

His eyes locked with Zero's and he could see the rage dying within their lavender depths as he leaned on Yuuki, her chest heaving from her run.

"Yuuki…" he tried, only to be silenced by her voice.

"I hope you have a very good reason to have just shot a member of this academy, Senpai," she said, scalding him with her words.

"And I hope you have a very good reason to have lied to me, Yuuki. Since when have you kept so much from me?" he asked, the wounds on his face having already begun to heal due to his Pureblood lineage. She seemed confused by his words, until at last she looked at Zero, her eyes begging for it not to be true. He looked away, and it was all she needed to know the truth.

Unable to deal with it at the moment, Yuuki sighed, knowing that Kaname would heal quickly, while Zero would require a bit more care before he was well again.

"I may owe you my life, Senpai, but you don't own it," she said, maneuvering Zero and beginning to walk him back to the boy's dorm.

"I won't tell the Chairman or anyone else about this, if you let it die right here, right now," Yuuki told the Pureblood, her eyes filled with hurt.

"But I can't forget it," she added, knowing in her heart that this war between them would never truly end, especially if Zero had told Kaname what had happened between them.

No words would come as Kaname watched them go, his fists clenched at his sides, his dark hair dripping with his own blood. So, she'd made her choice at last. The thought cut into him like a knife, though he realized then that he'd only be hurting her more if he kept warring with the man she'd chosen over him.

The tension had always been thick between him and the Hunter's son, but Kaname knew that this was the end. Though he despised the former human and thought him undeserving of Yuuki, he could no longer fight it if she'd chosen this for herself. They were both right: he didn't own her.

Admitting defeat and needing a good sulking, the Pureblood turned back to the Moon Dorm, where he could find some peace, if only for a while.


Yuuki carefully helped him to his bed, laying him down before beginning to unbutton first his vest, then his shirt. She removed them carefully, seeing him grit his teeth as she did so. She wanted to scream at him, to ask him why he'd betrayed their secret to the one that had saved her very life ten years ago. But instead, she remained calm, tending to the wound that his own gun had inflicted. She'd managed to grab it as they were leaving, and it now sat, bloody and still on the floor.

Zero's shoulder was still bleeding and she wrapped it with his shirt, which was soon soaked red. She knew how to expedite the healing process, but she also knew that he'd fight her. However, she was in no mood for it, her hands pulling her shirt over her head as she crawled over to him, gathering her hair away from her neck as she bowed her head.

"I don't know what just happened, but you're hurt and you need this," she said, soon hearing what she'd expected.

"No," he said, attempting to push her away.

"Zero, stop being stubborn and do it!" she shouted, surprising him with her sudden fury.

She felt his good arm go around her, wincing as his fangs found her, piercing her more violently than usual. She gasped as he drank, her arms gripping him tightly as he took of her life force. After a moment, she began to feel weak, her hands pushing at him. He didn't budge, and it was her painful cry that set him free from his bloodlust. Zero pulled back, her blood staining his chin, his eyes returning to their familiar lavender luster. He was horrified as she slumped against him, her breathing shallow as he cradled her small body against his good shoulder. He wiped his chin, then licking the remaining blood from his hand before titling her chin up with his fingers.

"Are you alright?" he asked. His brows furrowed after he received no response, his lips touching hers only to discover that they felt cool.

"Fuck," he cursed, ignoring the pain in his already healing shoulder in order to lay her down, pulling his blankets up over her body. He removed his bloodstained shirt from around his shoulder, noting that the wound had stopped bleeding before climbing under the covers with her, gathering her body up in his arms. She'd passed out cold, her breathing shallow as he lay whispering apologies to her, knowing she wouldn't hear them.

He felt like a fool, having given in to Kuran's provocation. It'd gotten him shot, with his own gun, nonetheless…and now he'd nearly drained his lover dry when she was only attempting to keep him from suffering. Zero hated himself, for being so damn temperamental, for disclosing something that should've remained between himself and the girl in his arms. As if Kuran didn't have enough reasons to hate him as it was.

He was sure that when she awoke, he'd be getting the tongue lashing of a lifetime from her for what he'd participated in. He just hoped that would be the extent of the consequences to follow.

Zero lay there, keeping close watch over his partner, making sure her body temperature was steady and hoping she would wake soon.


Her eyes fluttered open, her head swimming from her black out. Her head tilted back, taking in the sight of Zero gazing back at her, his eyes full of pain and shame. The memories of the earlier events of the day hit her and she was upright, her eyes welling with tears as a painful look crossed his face.

"How do you feel?" he ventured, receiving a curt answer.

"Fine. How's your shoulder?" she asked, his heart breaking as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Yuuki, please…" he began, taking her face in his hands.

"What the hell happened? Why were you…" she said, her voice still weak from her fainting spell.

He sighed, not wanting to explain the details of his violent encounter with her savior, though he knew it was necessary. She was already in a fragile state. This, he feared, would only hurt her more, make her want to hurt herself again. He attempted to clear his thoughts, to be sure he'd get his story straight.

"I was on my way to meet you when Kuran stopped me. He said some rather offensive things, as usual. I tried to ignore him, Yuuki. I really tried, but he kept pushing me. I tried to walk away, but he wouldn't let it go. I just snapped," he told her, his thumbs brushing her tears from her cheeks as she looked into his eyes.

"How did he get your gun?" she asked, her hands covering his as he continued to look her through.

Zero paused, not wanting to answer her but knowing that there was no way around it.

"I pulled it on him, and he took me down and wrenched it from me. I got it back before he took it again, then he shot me. I got it back and then…well, you saw the rest," he told her, hearing her sigh.

"Why couldn't you have just walked away?" she asked, surprising him with her words.

"You didn't hear what he was saying. Yuuki, he provoked me to the point of no return," he tried to explain, his anger rising once again.

"What did he say? And what do you tell him?" she asked, an almost accusing tone to her voice.

" He called you my "victim", said I was nothing and that I only used you...that you were his girl and that I'd never touch you again," Zero answered, nearly bristling as he spoke.

"I told him he was wrong, and that you would never be his, not now," he continued, seeing shock spread across her face.

"Not now? God, Zero, you told him?" she asked, feeling a touch mortified that their secret had been revealed.

"I'm sorry, Yuuki. He just kept provoking me, and I let it slip. Please…forgive me," he said, kissing her forehead tenderly.

Her heart ached, and she felt torn once again, though she knew he was speaking the truth. Kaname had said terrible things, had started the violence that followed their initial confrontation. She felt at fault once again, knowing that the entire episode had been because of her. Why couldn't these two accept how she felt about each of them? Why did it always have to be this way between them?

"I have to go," she said suddenly, moving to get to her feet. Before they touched the floor, his arms were around her, keeping her still.

"I'm not letting you go right now. I know you're upset, and I know you think this is your fault. It's not, Yuuki. We're just two prideful idiots that should know better," he said, his breath hot against her ear.

"I don't want you to hurt yourself again and I know that's what you're going to do, despite what we talked about before. So stay with me," he asked, pulling her close, her back pressing against his chest.

She closed her eyes, unable to deny his request, knowing that she would soon calm down if she stayed in his company. Slowly, she turned to him, her eyes still wet from her tears.

"God, Yuuki. Seeing you like this breaks my heart. I'm so sorry," he said, stealing her breath as he kissed her. She could feel her guilt washing away, his tenderness melting her heart.

"Stay with me," he asked again, pressing his lips to hers again and again until finally their foreheads touched, her breathing a bit labored.

"Ok. I will," she told him, "and I won't do anything stupid."

He thought for a moment, smoothing her hair from her face before making his suggestion.

"Let's get out of here for a bit. We can go down into town for a while. I'll buy you some icecream," he said, causing her to smile.

"Sure thing. But you still need to clean these," she said, placing his hand on her upper thigh.

Yuuki knew that this wasn't over. She would still have to talk to Kaname about his incident with Zero, but for now, she only wanted to be by her lover's side, for he could do what no one else could: he could chase away her guilt and make her feel whole again.

She took his hand, following him to his door, watching as he stopped to retrieve his Bloody Rose from the floor. When they reached his door, he stopped, tilting her chin up with his fingers, kissing her lightly.

Giving him a small smile, she followed him down the hallway towards the stairs as they headed for the Chairman's bathroom.


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