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Minuzo Ami was running late to school for the first time in her life. I can't believe that Mom had to leave so early this morning and didn't tell me that she wouldn't be able to give me a ride to school! As she near the corner of the street before the school, she could hear the sounds of an animal in pain, so deep and horrible that she could not continue onward to school. Instead, she turned towards the sound only to see three pre-teenage boys using sticks and their feet to kick and poke at a black kitten with a bandaid on it's forehead.

"Hey you three leave that cat alone!" She yelled at them as she neared the area they were abusing the helpless kitten.

Oh no! We are going to get into so much trouble! The collective thought of the boys was obvious as the sticks dropped and they ran away.

"You poor kitten! Are you hurt?" Ami asked as she bent to pick up the kitten. "Oh, I bet that bandaid hurts real bad..." She said as she gently took the bandaid off. The cat looked at her intently, the bell could be heard all around Ami. "Oh no! I'm late!!" She said as she dropped the cat and ran to the school.

There is something about that girl. The black cat thought to itself as it walked back to the wall where it had originally been laying. As the cat laid there, thousands upon thousands of images bombarded the onyx cat. The girl looks exactly like Sailor Mercury! But I have no knowledge of where the Heiress Princess is... Oh goddess, the Queen will never forgive me if I don't find her daughter and ensure her safety. The first thing, however, that I must do, is ensure that Sailor Mercury knows of her heritage and the sacred duty of finding and protecting the Heiress Princess.


A very bluenette and nervous freshman girl enters her classroom with a tepid look towards her new teacher. "Sumimasen Hurano-sensei. I did not have a ride to school and did not know the way by myself. I accept any detention that my tardiness brings." She whispered as her head bowed to the ground with shame.

"Forgiven, Mizuno-san. Please let's find you a seat for you." Ms. Hurano replied as she looked at her seating chart. "There is a seat by Tsukino-san that is available, perhaps after today you can be a positive influence on her." She pointed to a seat by a girl with massive blonde hair in a most unusual style and a far-away look to her cerulean blue eyes as she gazed out the window as though there was no care in the world for her.

"Arigato, Hurano-sensei." Ami replied.

Ami neared the seat that Hurano-sensei pointed to, as the girl turned towards her with a brilliant smile. "Welcome, Mizuno-san! I am Tsukino Usagi." The girl said with a sweet, gentle and genuinely honest voice. Ami stared at her in amazement.

How can this girl be so nice and kind to me, when so many have shunned me for my hair, my intelligence and my shyness? She welcomes me with such warmth. It cannot be real. Ami smiled shyly as she took her seat and got out her notebook to begin taking notes on the lesson that Hurano-sensei was giving. The girl turned back to the window and stared out into the brilliance of the trees begetting budding flowers, young children playing on the playground and she continued to think of the man that haunted her dreams nightly. Ami watched the girl out of the corner of her eye, wondering how the girl was even keeping up with the class with no notes and no indication of hearing a word that Hurano-senshi was teaching.

As the bell rang for the lunch break, Usagi turned to Ami. "If you would like, Mizuno-san, I would be very happy to share my lunch with you. I noticed you did not have a lunch bag with you." She said to explain why she extended the offer of food to the bluenette girl. Ami, looking down at her bag, realized that in her rush, she indeed had forgotten her lunch.

"Thank you Tsukino-san. I would gladly accept your offer of lunch." Ami replied in a very timid voice.

Usagi lead her new friend to the tree where her friends Umino and Molly sat waiting for her. "Are you okay sitting with my friends or would you like to gradually become friends with them?" Usagi asked in concern for her new friend's delicate constitution.

Ami smiled at the concern lacing the blonde girl's voice. "Can we just talk to begin with, please, Tsukino-san?"

Smiling widely, Usagi waved to her friends and headed to an unpopulated area to sit down. "Of course! But only if you will please, Ami-chan, call me Usagi-chan!" She said with a gesture towards the ground next to her.

And so the day went on, Usagi helping Ami adjust to the new school, and Ami slowly coming out of her self-imposed shell to the light of Usagi's personality.

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