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Chapter 1: The Beginning (AN: I know, kind of cliché)

He was running for his life again.

At the tender age of seven, a young Harry Potter was introduced to the game of 'Harry Hunting'. When Dudley and his overly-large friends had first said that they were going to 'play' with him, Harry knew better than to trust anything that came out of his dear cousin's mouth. No, he didn't posses some ability to read a person's mind and learn this; no, he learned from experience. Ever since he was dropped off at his relative's house when he was one, he was treated like a slave and was usually kept locked in his cupboard under the stairs to maintain a sense of 'normality'. It was too soon that he learned that while Dudley would always hurt him, his aunt and uncle would pay no attention since it was their 'perfect Duddikins". So when Dudley decided to 'play', Harry knew it was going to be trouble. Once school was done, Harry ran as fast as he could as the game of 'Harry Hunting' began. He didn't know what was going to happen to him once they actually caught him, but he was smart enough that he knew that he didn't want to find out. And this is where our story begins.

'Have to get away, just need to get away from Dudley and his gang cuz I can already imagine what happens they catch me,' thought Harry as he jumped over another rose garden to hopefully put some distance between them, 'I still remember the ending of Freaks vs. Heroes'. I couldn't walk straight for a week once they were done with me!'

Harry was broken out of his thoughts when he heard that Dudley's goons (not Dudley himself since the fat loaf was too tired and had stopped after a few minutes of running, but some of the faster goons were willing to prove themselves to "Big D") approaching him again even after taking another shortcut through the park.

"Come back here Potter, we just want to have fun!"

"Get your arse here so we can kick it!"

"I am going to kill you for making us run so far!"

"Like that's going to make me want to stop," muttered Harry, "idiots."

'But even if there were idiots, they didn't mean that they weren't fast idiots and they \ were picking up speed again,' thought Harry, 'my last hope is to find a place where there will be adults, but the school's closed and anyone I ask for help will just believe those stupid goons behind me.'

It was only by pure chance that Harry saw a library nearby and remembered the library incident that happened only a few days ago. It was only a few days ago, but the picture was still clear in his mind, Dudley and his gang and tried to be 'cool' by drawing in library books. Expensive encyclopaedia library books. The librarian had caught them and they were banned from the library but a few tears from his 'dear Duddikins' and Vernon had made certain 'donations' and the whole incident was swept under the rug. The only person who hadn't forgotten was the Ms. Smith, the female librarian who had caught them but was powerless to do anything because of the 'donation'.

With his last burst of speed, Harry dashed through the doors of the library, earning a few glares from the students that were studying.

"Don't make such a ruckus young man or I'll see to it that you'll be kicked out of here! Sheesh, young boys and trouble, you can never see one without the other!"

Harry turned his head and saw that it was Ms. Smith who was addressing him in such an authoritative tone but quiet enough to not disturb the students. He nodded his head as he acknowledged the warning and headed into the library.

'Perfect,' Harry schemed, 'even if those idiots follow me, they won't make it past the front door!'

True to his prediction, the boys who had been chasing him were stupid enough to follow him into the library and ran right into a very irritated Ms. Smith.

"How dare you hoodlums come charging in like a bunch of bulls into this quiet sanctuary?! You're disturbing everyone else with all your ruckus, and I remember each and everyone of you! You miscreants were with that horrible Dursley kid, making a mess of all of my books!" shouted Ms. Smith

"But miss, it wasn't my fau-"

"Wait till my I tell Big D abou-"

They're cries were cut short as they were soon kicked out of the library and pushed outside; further embarrassing them in front of anyone who was laughing. One of which was the same Harry Potter that they were chasing.

'Worked like a charm,' Harry thought as he pondered about his next actions. 'Doesn't look like I'll be going outside though,' as he saw the very angry crowd of boys outside 'guess I'll just stay here and check out some of these books. Now where was that cool science book about lightning that the teacher was talking about….'

A year later….

' I don't know if it was fate or destiny or even God that led me to this place, but I will be forever grateful for whatever deity that led me here,' pondered an eight year old Harry as he looked around the library and the events that happened in the past year.

When he had run into the library, he had noticed that there was finally a safe haven that he could go to that Dudley and his gang couldn't follow! While Ms. Smith was strict, if you respected the books, she could actually tolerate you, and for Harry, this was important since she was the barrier protecting him from Dudley and his goons outside. It was after reading a science book about lightning that he discovered that he actually liked to learn how things worked! With all his time hiding in the library and what seemed to be hundreds upon hundreds of books about how things worked, it was without a doubt that the genius in him that came from his mother and father (but he didn't know that since his aunt and uncle said they were drunks but based on their past record, somehow, he doubted that) ignited into a undying flame as he processed more and more books. To some, he could be considered a prodigy and at first, he had tried to use his new found knowledge to gain popularity but it did not go too well.

Harry grimaced at the memories of what had happened with that plan.

Even though he knew it was futile, a young Harry always wanted to have attention (the good kind, not the bad kind he got from his family) and this was the perfect way to get it! Even the Dursleys couldn't complain about him if he got good grades, he could show how that he wasn't useless! Despite past experiences, he couldn't stop dreaming because to see his classmates showered with praise from their families was something that he had always dreamed of. Even if it might be futile, the child in him could not say no to such a plan.

But alas, it was not meant to be. Even with all marks he had gotten, his treatment with Dursleys had gotten even worse when he had showed them his report card.

"Aunt Petunia, I got my report card back today!" shouted a very excited Harry, "Look!"

"Pish posh, why would I even care about your low marks compared to my little genius, Duddikins!"

"But Aunt Petunia, the teacher said that I got the highest marks in the class and that no can even get close when it comes to science!"

"You stupid little liar! How dare you say that you got better than my perfect son when all you do is laze around while he studies so hard!"

'That's what you think,' thought Harry, 'He's spends more time complaining about studying than doing any.'

"But look at my report card and see what you think!" Harry said while shoving his open report card into his aunt's face, which, with such close range, could not help but read them excellent grades and wonderful remarks from his teachers that he had gotten.

"You, you, you must have used your freakishness to do all this! No way can you be better than Dudley! When Vernon comes home, I will make sure you get punished for cheating off of Dudley and using your 'abnormalities' to make fools out of good hard-working students like my son!"

When Vernon had come home that night and heard that news that the 'freak' had gotten better grades than his 'manly' son, Harry was reduced to tears as he received one of the longest lectures in his life and was locked his cupboard for a week, with only the bare minimum of food. He had decided there and then, that he would only prove his worth to himself and forget those who ignored him. It was at that time that a piece of his young innocence was forever gone.

'And the names that my classmates would call me weren't too fun either,' Harry reflected, 'instead of being happy for me, all they did was call me names and even start to team up with Dudley against me. The life of a teacher's pet is not for me'.

By this time, Harry had gotten to learn a great deal of the sciences that made the world go round. Even with his young age, the ideas of electrons and particles were not new to him anymore. The more sophisticated depths of these subjects might have been, but for someone of his age, he knew that it more than enough to graduate elementary school.

He was actually looking at other sections of the library today to familiarize himself with other parts instead of the science wing when once again, fate had decided that his life would take a drastic turn that day.

As he was looking around the library, he had stumbled upon a 'teen hangout' in the library and as he passed by, the metallic silver cover caught his eye and it even seemed to call out to him.

'Strange, Ms. Smith hasn't put this one away yet,' noted Harry as he approached the desk where the book lay. 'She must have forgotten it, I guess I can help her out and do it for her."

When he arrived at the desk, he saw that the book was actually some sort of comic book?

'That's a weird title, but it sounds pretty cool. Alchemist, uh? A person who works with alchemy if I'm not mistaken. Well, alchemy is a kinda like a science. I guess as a self-declared scientist, this should be pretty fun.' Thought Harry.

And with that, he sat himself down and opened the manga, the cover dangling on the side with the words, "The Fullmetal Alchemist" in bold print on the cover.

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