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'thoughts' -thinking

"speaking" -speaking

-Chapter Start-

5 months after getting his new room, young Harry could be found quietly whistling as he made his way to the bus station.

'I can finally get back to visit Diagon Alley!' Harry thought excitedly as he prevented himself from skipping. Happiness seemed to radiate from him and people that saw him could swear that there was a small aura of light surrounding him, but when they rubbed their eyes to make sure they weren't hallucinating, it was gone!

School has recently just let out and thus, allowing Harry to finally enjoy his summer the way he wanted. In addition, his classes that he took while helping at the library had also just finished, leaving Harry free of any responsibilities except the chores that his relatives gave him. Of course, with a bit of alchemy, the chores were quickly done in a matter of seconds. Paint a fence? No problem, just splash paint, transmute it to spread the entire fence and done. Since his relatives left him all alone while they either went to work, to gossip with the neighbours at a tea party or to do drugs, they never knew what he had done.

'And as long as I get back in time like I always do, I'll be safe!' Harry reflected.

With his money safely tucked away in his jeans pocket and a newly transmuted cap on his head that hid his distinct scar and pushed his bangs down to further his disguise, he was ready to embrace the wizarding world again.

'Just have to make sure that no one finds out who I am, don't want to see the reactions of what people would do if they found. Those two kids were scary enough' Harry grimaced as he remembered the red-headed children that seemed to have something close to an obsession for him. It was just terrifying thinking about it!

As he reached his destination that was the bus stop, Harry came to a stop to get some of his muggle money to pay for the fare. To him, this was a first as he had never really handled money before and savoured the feeling.

Moments later, the smell of gasoline and sounds of a roaring engine indicated that the bus had arrived and now waited for him to get on. Once he boarded the bus after paying the fare to the bus driver, he quickly took a window seat and sat down.

There was really nothing special about the passengers. There were a few teenagers dressed to go to the local swimming pool and some adults who looked like they had just gone shopping, if the groceries next to them indicated such. Harry paid the conversations no mind as he took out another book to read and waited patiently for his stop.

When the bus finally reached his stop, a station halfway between the Leaky Cauldron and Stephanie's bookshop, young Harry went down the stairs of the bus and onto the street.

'This place hasn't changed' Harry thought with a nostalgic feeling as he looked at the street from the same spot at which he had looked at it those many months ago. The stores that lined the street still had large, bright signs that attracted customers who walked by and children ran by, eager to look at the toys, with their parents frantically running after them.

Not wanting to waste time reminiscing about the past, Harry quickly spotted the bookstore that had changed his life. He quickly walked towards it, happy to see that it was still where he remembered it to be.

Harry walked inside the bookstore and as he stepped through the doorway, a familiar tingling assaulted his senses and the familiar changes in scenery took place.

'It seems that Stephanie is busy right now.' Harry noted as he spotted the counter at which the witch was busy talking with a blond-haired witch at the moment.

'I'll bother her later' Harry thought as he made his way to the back of the bookstore where he had last seen the section called ancient runes. For the past few months, Harry felt almost ashamed at his progress in deciphering the transmutation circlers that he had set out to solve. He had been more focused on improving his reserves, both magical and alchemical, to focus on the circles.

'It was really worth it though,' Harry thought with a smile on his face.

'I finally have the reserves needed to perform more large scale transmutations and enough magical energy to levitate heavier and more objects at the same.' Harry remembered with a smile.

It turned out that the control needed to direct his magical energy to his will had also transferred to his alchemical abilities. Magic was unruly and wild, always trying to escape his grasp when he even showed the smallest of weaknesses. Alchemy on the other hand was much more focused and so, if he was able to control something as wild as magic, alchemical energy was much easier to direct.

Harry made his way back to the bookstore and pulled out the same book that he had started long ago and continued to read, deciding that he would talk to Stephanie when she was free.

Almost an hour later, Harry had finished the thick, heavy tome about Ancient Runes and several more like it laid by his feet.

'In fact, I've pretty much looked through this entire shop for books to buy, and she still hasn't finished talking yet! I have to leave soon to check out some of the stuff in the alley too!' Harry thought in an angry tone. As smart as Harry might be, he was still a nine-year old and still had a short temper. Of course, Harry was also of the male gender, and it would take years for Harry to understand that women could gossip for hours, a lesson that most males never learned at all.

Having enough, Harry took the books which he planned to purchase in his hands and slowly walked towards the counter. If anyone was to look at him, their eyes would most likely widen and start clapping as they watched the balancing act before them. The tower of that books that Harry carried was several times taller than him and seemed ready to fall over at any instant. It was only with years of practice at the library and several bruises from his failed attempts that Harry was able to master this skill and obtain a sense of balance that most athletes would kill for. His martial arts training had also helped in this sense because he would never have been able to lift the tower otherwise.

Stephanie had been having a nice talk with one of her best friends about the days and issues that seemed to come up. She, of course, hadn't told her best friend about her meeting with Harry Potter for his sake, but almost couldn't control herself to prevent bragging to her best friend about that meeting.

As she continued to talk with her friend, something moving caught her attention.

'Did that book tower just move?' She wondered as she didn't remember animating any of the books in the store or any books capable of moving themselves.

The book tower seemed to stop and get even taller. While it was visible before because its height went over the shelves, the tower almost touched the ceiling now and had continued making its way to her.

Stephanie could only stare as the books continued to move behind the shelves and get closer to her.

By now, the blond-haired witch had also noticed her partner's lapse in attention and turned around to see what Stephanie's attention had been focused on.

To prepare for the worse, both witches had taken out their wands but soon found it unnecessary as the bottom of the tower came out from behind the shelves that were previous hiding it to reveal a nine year old boy balancing the tower of books and slowly walking calmly towards them.

"Harry, it's great to see you again!" Stephanie exclaimed after finding out the person who was the cause of the moving tower of books.

The sudden exclamation surprised the young boy, causing him to lose his balance and the tower of books tumbling down.

It was only a quick "Wingardium Leviosa" from the blond-witch that saved poor Harry, and the tomes were quickly levitated to the desk and divided into even piles.

"It's nice to see you too! I really have to thank you for introducing to the wizarding world and taking me to Diagon Alley last time; however, I was so busy that I neglected to purchase any of the books here!" Harry replied as he motioned his hands to the large stack of tomes that lay on the counter that seemed ready to fall at the smallest vibration.

A small, polite cough could be heard as the two's conversation was interrupted by the third individual that melted into the background when Harry had begun to talk. Both of them turned their heads towards the third person who stood next to Harry and across the counter from Stephanie.

"Steph, I think you forgot to introduce us?" The other woman asked in a slightly amused tone from seeing the interaction between the two.

Stephanie blushed in embarrassment for her bad manners and quickly calmed down; even though seeing the largest celebrity of the Wizarding rule was quite important, it was no excuse to be rude.

"Ah, my apologies. Harry, allow me to introduce to a frequent customer of mine and a good friend, Selena Lovegood. Selena, this young lad here is Harry." Stephanie said as she pointed to the selected individuals when they were introduced.

Harry hadn't actually been able to take the time to observe Stephanie's friend until now because his concentration had been on his books, but his examination of her clothing indicated she had been well-versed in non-magical culture.

If Harry was to guess, Selene was around 5 feet 8 and towered over young Harry by nearly two heads. Her small nose and blue eyes on her oval-shaped head were framed by locks of blond hair that reached to her waist. She worse a simple pair of jeans and runners and had donned a t-shirt with a spring jacket for the cool weather outside.

It was much more different than Stephanie's clothing that consisted of a stereotypical witch image with a black cloak and pointed hat.

"It's nice to meet you ma'am. The spell you did with the books really helped me a lot." Harry said as he took out his right hand to shake Selene's.

"Oh my, what a polite young lad. You're very welcome." She responded as she shook Harry's outstretched hand with her own and let go after the customary two shakes. The fact that Harry's last name was not mentioned throughout the introduction remained ignored.

"But I am surprised that you were able to carry so many books at one time without any help." Selene mentioned as attention was refocused on the books that Harry had somehow managed to bring to the counter.

"What can I say? I've had a lot of practice with these types of things." Harry replied as one of his hands started to mess with his hair and a blush started to creep onto his face, not used to being complimented.

"So, what books do you have here? Potions, Charms, Runes ..." Stephanie voiced which slowly died down as the number of topics continued to grow. She had slowly separated the large stack of books into smaller ones for easier processing and scanning the covers of the books that she saw.

"Since I'm new to the wizarding world, I wanted to get a general idea about the things out there." Harry explained.

'The more I know, the more I can be prepared for this world and grow strong enough to get back at those Dursleys' Harry thought to himself, a small smile spreading across his face as he imagined all the things he would be able to do once he was strong enough.

The other two misinterpreted the smile as an eagerness to learn and seeing as they were both former Ravenclaws, were happy to see such willingness to obtain knowledge in one as young as Harry.

The sudden interruption of the loud bearing chimes of the grandfather clock located near the store front brought the attention of the three individuals back to reality.

"Is it that time already?" Stephanie asked to no one in particular, looking forward to when she would be able to leave the store and get off work.

"I'm really sorry Stephanie, but I need to leave soon. Could I buy these books now?" Harry said as he took out his money pouch to pay for them.

"Sure, no problem. The total comes to 9 galleon, 7 sickles and 9 knuts. I've placed a spell on them that should automatically shrink when you say reducio and enlarge when you say engorgio. Unfortunately, these spells won't be able to last forever and you will eventually need to find a way to recharge them. They should last for a good 20 uses though." Stephanie replied as she accepted the money from Harry and demonstrated the spells on the books for his benefit.

"Thanks, I still have to go to Diagon Alley to get some supplies." Harry said as the books were shrunk and individually placed in his backpack.

"Oh, you're going to Diagon Alley as well," Selene said. "I'm actually headed there right now to meet up with the rest of my family, would you like to come with me?"

"That would be wonderful; I was starting to worry about how I would be able to get in without a wand of my own. While I was planning on ask someone, it would be uncomfortable talking to complete strangers in a pub." Harry graciously accepted the offer.

"Sorry, but I'm still stuck here for a little while. I'll come with you next time!" Stephanie promised as the two began to go through the doorway and the familiar tingling feeling that Harry recognized as magic washed over them.

"Well, let's be on our way then?" Selene asked Harry as they started to walk to the Leaky Cauldron.

The pair walked in silence for a while as each contemplated their thoughts, but as the silence started to become awkward, Selena broke Harry from his thoughts with a simple question.

"So, Harry was it? How come you're shopping alone?" Selena asked rhetorically to start up a conversation while actually really curious about the child she had just met. The fact that a young kid was walking around in downtown London without a guardian was worrisome to her.

"Ah, my guardians are planning to pick me up later as let me shop as I please. They trust me" Harry lied as they continued to walk through the busy street. Selena didn't question any further and trusted Harry's words.

'As if! I trust the Dursleys as much as I can throw them, that is, without any magical or alchemic help. Hell, it's more likely they'll end up throwing me!' Harry thought darkly in response to the lie he just told. While he didn't want to deceive such a nice person, Harry felt that he had little choice as he didn't need extra attention.

"I see, so how is it that you know of our world? I seem to recall that you mentioned that you only found out not too long ago, and you seem much too young to be starting Hogwarts." Selene asked.

"I actually stumbled onto Stephanie's shop by accident and she helped to teach me about what was going on when she noticed that I was pretty lost." Harry said as he felt embarrassed that he sounded like a lost child; which he was but still felt silly.

"Well, that's Stephanie for you. She really used to like tutoring younger years and teaching. The only thing greater was her love for books." Stephanie commented.

"Does that mean you and Stephanie knew each other from school?" Harry asked as the information he received implied such a relationship and glad that the conversation had been steered away from his guardians.

"Yep, we were dorm mates. We used to talk about the time and even though we both went off to got jobs and start a family after we graduated, we still meet from time to time to catch-up." Selena explained to Harry who nodded as he processed the information.

Harry was grateful for Selene's more normal clothing as passerby didn't spare them a glance. With his walk with Stephanie, they had been under some questioning glares thanks to the woman's magical clothing. Fortunately, the walk had been short and they were spared further glances during that trip when they entered the Leaky Cauldron.

Soon, the pair had reached the shabby-looking bar that was the Leaky Cauldron. Non-magical people continued to walk by as if it didn't exist but Selena and Harry quickly walked straight through the door, disappearing from the muggle world.

As Harry entered the Leaky Cauldron, the feeling of magic washed over him once he stepped beyond the door's threshold.

'Based on all of the feelings, that I've had, I'm pretty sure it's magic but why is it no one else can feel it? Or is it that they're accustomed to it?' Harry wondered and decided to voice his opinion.

"Did you feel that?" Harry questioned Selena.

"Feel what?" Selena replied, confusion evident in her voice as she looked around to see the source of the 'feeling' Harry had felt.

"Never mind," Harry replied, realizing that Selena hadn't felt the same sensation once they had walked into the Leaky Cauldron and decided to view the pub they had walked into and opted to ponder the feeling later.

Tom was still behind the bar cleaning glasses with a rag, making Harry wonder if he ever moved from that spot. Numerous witches and wizards dressed in traditional clothing sat at the various wooden tables located throughout the pub as they talked with each other. Magical dishes floated to customers who had ordered them and Harry had to quickly duck to avoid being hit. Along the back wall, a fireplace was located where witches and wizards were coming out of the fire...


"What the ...?" Harry exclaimed in alarm as his head snapped back to the fireplace with eyes fixated on the witches and wizards purposely walking into and out of fire!

Harry's exclamation must have caught Selena's attention as she followed Harry's gaze and carefully explained.

"That's our floo network," Selene explained to Harry who had looked up at her once she had started to talk. "It allows magical people to travel between locations connected through a series of fireplaces. You get used to it after a while."

'First quills and now walking into fire? This place is starting to be a bit too weird!' Harry thought, starting to question the sanity of the magical world (it would not be the first time either).

The two continued to walk by Tom, to which they greeted before heading off to the entrance of the Alley.

Taking out her wand from her back jean's pocket, Selena tapped the required bricks, causing the wall to change and revealing the alley in all its glory.

'Even though I've already seen this, it's still an amazing sight to behold!' Harry thought as he saw children running up and down the cobble-stone street and looked at the signs of the various stores lined up along the Alley.

"Well this is where we'll be splitting up, Harry. Are you're sure that you'll be okay?" Selene asked. Her motherly instincts and common sense were making her question her decision to leave the young boy alone in the Alley.

"I'll be fine." Harry reassured her with a light tone though was very grateful to have someone care for his well-being to such an extent.

"Have fun and take care!" She shouted as she walked into the crowd and blended in until Harry could no longer keep track of where she went.

"Thanks!" Harry shouted back, even though he wasn't sure if she was even within hearing distance anymore.

And with that, Harry, too, entered the busy shopping district after making sure that his cap had been properly adjusted so that it hid his scar from the public view.

'Looks like I still have a lot of time to shop.' Harry thought as he glanced at a nearby magical clock that indicated that it was still only 10. With a grin on his face and a loaded money pouch, the young boy decided that today was going to be a good day!

-Page Break -

'THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!' Harry thought with excitement. 'Sure, I saw some of the shops last time but to actually be able to BUY things is a whole other matter entirely!'

It had been a total of 3 hours since Harry had started his shopping spree and had finally stopped by Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour to enjoy himself. He had purchased a simple chocolate ice cream cone to eat while his shrunken purchases stayed in a small shopping bag that was placed next to his chair in the private booth located at the back of the store.

'But to really think wizards and witches used broomsticks,' Harry thought. When he had visited Quality Quidditch Supplies, Harry had been able overheard gossiping teenagers about the broomsticks that were on display in the store window. It wasn't very hard as there were at least five teenagers surrounding the glowing broomstick (yes, it was GLOWING, probably a spell. Harry thought) and hadn't bothered to keep their voices down.

'To fly to 80 km/h on a thin, stick of wood at an elevation of hundreds of feet above ground without any safety net?' Harry pondered responsively, only adding to his idea that some of these magical people weren't exactly playing with a full deck of cards.

The other stores he had visited were also very exciting but since he doubted that he could hide an owl or any magical pet from his relatives, the idea of purchasing something from Magical Menagerie was not likely.

'Let's not even think about making potions in my room!' Harry thought with a shudder, 'The fumes alone would notify anyone that something was going on in my room.'

To Harry's dismay, he had also failed to purchase a wand despite lying about his age , which apparently was needed to do any magic, according to the Stephanie's explanation of the wizarding world to Harry in their previous meeting.

'But it was odd, that man, 'Ollivander' Harry reminded himself as a shiver went down his back. 'he almost seemed to know who I was.' Harry thought to himself.

In the end, Harry had only ended up purchasing some food and sweets as a back-up source of nourishment if those blasted Dursleys decided to try to starve him again. The perseverations charms of the goods would keep them fresh for a much longer period of time than normal.

'And then there was that idiotic ...' Harry continued to ponder while eating away at his ice cream cone.

"You know, I think there are too many Wrackspurts gathering around here," The girl across from Harry mentioned as she made a shooing a motion above Harry's head as if to hit invisible flies that only she could see.

"Wrackspurts?" Harry questioned, confused by the term that girl was using.

"Invisible creatures that make your brain go fuzzy." The girl replied, now sitting down after she deemed that the more of the wrackspurts had been taken care of. How she knew that the invisible creatures were gone was left unmentioned.

Harry nodded in understanding. 'If wizards rode brooms, who was he to say that there weren't invisible magical creatures as well?' he thought to himself.

Focusing his glaze back on the young, blond haired girl in front of him, Harry had to admit that she was dressed oddly. While she wore clothing that would not stand out amongst many of the other magical citizens that walked up and down the alley, certain aspects of her wardrobe made him curious.

The blonde girl, whose height was only slightly smaller than Harry's own, donned a purple summer dress with a black cloak that covered her shoulders and sheltered her body from the breeze that blew down the alley. She wore black socks with a pair of running shoes to match.

While those clothes were nothing out of the ordinary, the bottle-cap necklace around her neck and various other "accessories" she wore made her easily stick out.

'Sometimes, I really wonder how I get in these situations,' Harry thought as he started to remember how this situation had come about.

-Flashback (AN: I really have to stop relying on these to explain things xD) -

Harry had made his way through most of the alley but saved the best for last: Flourish & Blotts. When Harry had first seen it, the shelves of spell books that were visible through the store display window almost made Harry want to charge in immediately. He wanted to read those books BADLY, but had decided against it.

'Better save the best for last, so I can spend the rest of my free time in the alley there' Harry told himself and had done just that, though it had taken a large amount of will power to just force himself to walk away.

It was only two hours later that with the rest of the shopping done, Harry had taken no time in walking briskly to the bookstore, intent on not acting like a fool and running hysterically to the location.

Once Harry had opened the door and stepped into the bookstore, he was greeted with the sight of tens of bookshelves filling with books as the sound of a bell was heard above him, signaling to the salespeople managing the book store that another customer had come in.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" The tall man behind the counter to the left of the entrance asked Harry with an eager smile on his face.

"No than-" Harry had been started to say but was rudely cut off by another voice behind him.

"Yes, you can. I require certain titles to add to the ancestral library, and it would be in your best interest to help me find them as quickly and efficiently as you can." A male voice behind Harry declared with a feeling of superiority and arrogance.

Wondering who had cut him off, Harry turned around to look up at the speaker and was met with a blond-white-haired man who was dressed in what almost appeared like a black business suit with a green dark cloak that covered most of the man's body. The most distinguishing feature was a serpentine-like carving on top of the wooden cane that the man held in his hand, though it did not appear the man used it for walking but more as a fashion statement.

"Father, must we really go in with you? Couldn't we perhaps wait for you at Quality Quidditch Supplies?" Another voice behind the man made Harry look back at his own height level to reveal 3 children near his age that had stayed unnoticed from Harry's view.

The young boy who had spoken appeared almost identical to his father, dressed in a similar fashion and with the same blond-white hair, pale, pointed face and stone-grey eyes. The main difference being that the boy's hair was shorter and sleeked back with what appeared gallons of hair gel while the man's hair was left to flow freely to his shoulders. The two other boys beside the blond-haired one were another story. Their large size and intimidating figures reminded Harry of Dudley back home and made a mental note to be careful around them.

"Is that whining I hear, Draco?" The man asked his son with a friendly tone but the cold undertone made it clear to everyone listening that any answer that didn't please the man would result in dire consequences.

"No, father, just a question," Draco replied while the other two boys next to him stood still and had yet to utter a word.

"That is good, Draco. To answer your question, I expect you to get the first year books set that Hogwarts will be using. The curriculum has changed since my time and Malfoys don't use second-hand books." The man, Mr. Malfoy, replied while turning around to face his son and friends, taking his attention away from the people in the bookstore.

"First year books, Father?" Draco questioned in a respectful tone but still confused as he had yet to reach the age required to attend Hogwarts.

"What do you think books are used for, Draco?" Mr. Malfoy asked rhetorically.

"Studying, of course," the older blonde answered himself, "You might be too young but I will not allow some filthy mudbloods to surpass you in terms of magical knowledge and skill when the time comes. I have deemed it about time your magical core was stable enough to learn how." Mr. Malfoy answered with a tone that indicated he was displeased with Draco's question.

If Draco showed any negative feelings towards his father, Harry couldn't see it as the young Malfoy continue to stand straight with a feel of arrogance around him.

"I expect you to get these books while my attention is needed elsewhere. I presume that you will be fine?" Mr. Malfoy questioned.

"Yes, father." Draco replied, seeing that any other answer wound most likely enrage his father further.

With a quick nod to confirm that Draco's answer was the correct one, Mr. Malfoy turned around to meet the gazing Harry Potter who had yet to move from the doorway as he had been too entranced by the situation unfolding behind him.

Noticing that he was still in the way, Harry swiftly mumbled a "Sorry" and started to move out of the way so the elder Malfoy could enter.

Before he could fully get out of the way, Harry felt a force hitting his side and pushing onto the floor and away from the entrance.

"Wha?" Harry got out before he had fallen to the floor. Fortunately, years of practice had ensured that he had fallen properly and landed on his hands to prevent any further injuries.

"As expected of a mudblood, not only is your body slow, your brain can't even seem to keep up. No manners what so ever." Mr. Malfoy said as his cane was still in his hand but instead of supporting the elder Malfoy, the cane was where Harry had been only moments ago, meaning that it was the cane that had pushed Harry.

With that, the elder Malfoy walked into the store where a store clerk threw a glance to Harry's direction as if to 'I'm sorry' before making his way into the deeper sections of the store with Mr. Malfoy in tow.

"Know your place, mudblood" the Malfoy heir told Harry.

"Crabbe, Goyle, let's go," Draco ordered as he walked into the store to find the books he needed.

Crabbe and Goyle followed right behind the Malfoy but not before pushing down young Harry who had been trying to get up, smiling as the bullied Harry.

'Must not kill, Must not kill, Must not kill ...' Harry repeated the mantra in his head countless number of times as his rage boiled and tried to take deep breaths. It was only with practice of holding back against the Dursleys that Harry was able to curb his killer instinct against the blond haired kid and his minions.

It worked for about three seconds.

'I'm gonna kill those slimeballs!' Harry thought with a vengeance as he slowly got up from the wooden floor and started to head in the direction that Malfoy had originally gone to.

Making sure that he was able to hide behind the shelves with his small frame while following his soon-to-be victims, Harry slowly followed the boys to a lone corner of the bookshop where, if Harry read the shelf correctly, was where first year books were held.

Fortunately for Harry, Crabbe and Goyle had acted like bodyguards and blocked any escape route that Draco possibly by cornering him. The bodies of the two minions were large enough so that Draco couldn't even see anything past them but his attention was too focused on the task his father had given him to really care. The two thugs were also facing Draco's direction as to see what the Malfoy was looking at, hoping that there were pictures in said books.

'Perfect' Harry thought as he watched the two minions get bored and turn around to see what Draco doing instead of acting like proper lookouts.

"This will make sure they regret messing with me" Harry muttered under his breath as he rubbed his hands menacingly and tried to hold back the evil laugh that threatened to come out.

Taking a quick glance to make sure that no one was around, Harry decided to put his plan into his action as no one seemed to be in the nearby vicinity.

Harry took a deep breath and quickly clapped his hands and placed them to the ground, alchemic energy running through the circle his arms created.

Slight sparks of electricity were visible as the alchemical energy ran down a path from Harry to the other boys; the floor gently glowed as the wooden floor swallowed up the feet of the three males.

It had taken the three boys a few moments to notice their predicament as it wasn't until that the Malfoy heir had wanted to proceed to another area of the library that he saw that the wooden floor had surround him to just below his knees. Shouts of rage could be heard for the Malfoy heir as the other two simply grunted.

"Crabbe, Goyle, get me out of this at once!" Draco ordered as he tried to pull his own legs free from the wood that surrounded his feet.

Hearing their orders, the two boys tried to escape first by swinging theirs arms and firsts around in hopes of possibly twisting out of the wooden traps their legs had been encased by. So absorbed in getting out, they failed to notice that they had begun to swing their arms more excessively in the cramped space in further attempts to escape.

"What are you two, imbeciles, doing?" Draco asked in an angry tone as he barely dodged on the first swinging his way. "At this rate, you're going to hit m-"

Draco was quickly cut off as the swinging fists of both boys knocked him out cold, sending the Malfoy into dreamland as his body crouched over and fell onto the floor by his knees, feet still trapped in the wood. Drool could be seen running from his mouth as he lay lifelessly on the floor.

"Look at what you did!" Crabbe exclaimed at Goyle after seeing Draco go down.

"Me? That was your fault!" Goyle argued back.

Harry watched as the two began to start attempting to push each other and blame the other for their current situation. It eventually ended up with both boys being pushed on to the ground as they feel and hit their heads on the floor, knocking them out as well (though Harry could swear he could hear a hollow thump sound when their heads had hit the floor).

Harry stared at the scene wide-eyed at the situation he had just created. Small snickers could be heard from his mouth as he tried to smother the laughs with his hand.

'I didn't think it would turn out this good!' Harry thought to himself, satisfied with getting back at those arrogant boys.

"That was an interesting trick." Someone said behind Harry as he had been preoccupied with his revenge to notice their presence.

With his heart pumping faster than ever, Harry quickly turned around to meet the person who saw him as his mind tried to think up of a possible excuse to what just happened.

The person who Harry turned to face was a blonde girl who, if Harry had to guess, was only a bit younger than him.

"I don't know what you mean." Harry replied to the blonde girl in front of him, but even he had to admit that his voice wavered too much for it to be believable.

"Though if I were you, I would have transfigured the book shelves and the floor into a small cage so that they can be gawked at like animals in a zoo." The blonde hair girl continued to say, still focused on the sight behind Harry.

'That would have been awesome!' Harry thought to himself in awe at the girl's idea, but despite how badly he wanted to follow on those recommendations, Harry continued to try acting innocent though his hands still twitched at the idea of transmutating a cage for the boys.

"I still don't know what trick you're talking about." Harry told the girl.

"The trick where you clapped your hands and transfigured the floor around their legs? I would be pretty sure that you would know what I'm talking about." Luna said in a dazed voice as her gaze turned back to Harry instead of focusing on the body of the three knocked-out boys at the edge of the library store.

"Perhaps, you're talking about accidental magic? I hear it's pretty common." Harry retorted, trying to use any excuse that came to mind, though with his naivety concerning the magic world, he had very few to use.

"You do KNOW that accidental magic is just that, right? It usually doesn't include sparks and clapping." She replied, cutting through the excuse like it was not even there, but still maintaining a sense of aloofness that showed a lack of care for his reply.

The blonde girl continued to stare into the eyes of Harry, giving him the feeling that she could see right through him.

"Then... what do you think it was?" Harry questioned her, trying to get in control of the situation and gain some power over the situation.

"If I had to say, the sparks and the manipulation of the elements around the boys can be any sort of magic." the girl started as she gazed upon the three boys again.

Harry sighed in relief that she had identified his transmutation as magic and not alchemy as he had yet to see others before a similar feat and had not wishes to stand out amongst the rest of the wizarding world; however, his relief was short lived at the girl's next words.

"But I would guess it was an alchemic transmutation." The blonde girl stated in a monotone voice that left no doubt in what she believed she had seen, her gaze back at Harry who's eyes had widened considerably after her sentence.

"Nonsense, alchemy? It wouldn't be able to do something like that! Alchemy is just changing rocks into gold!" Harry tried to rationalize to the girl even though on the inside, he was sweating.

Harry had searched up books for alchemy while in Stephanie's bookstore and had even questioned her about it, but the alchemy they spoke of was completely different than his.

For once, they said it was a magical branch of study, but Harry knew that his transmutations came from a different source of energy completely.

Secondly, any inquiries made into the subject of alchemy led to two names: Nicholas Flamel and Albus Dumbledore as the more recent practitioners of this so-called alchemy, and their results proved to be nothing similar to what he was capable of.

Thirdly, their Philosopher's stone that Flamel had created was completely different than what Harry was used to. The Elixir of Life and the ability to turn rocks into gold? When he had seen that, Harry almost laughed. It didn't take much effort to transmute gold, and Harry knew that human transmutation was currently far beyond his reach.

In response, the girl simply gave her a raised eyebrow at him, making Harry feel embarrassed that he had suggested.

"Well, as interesting as this was, I have to go now, bye!" the young girl said as she started to skip away while humming a tune that Harry found himself unfamiliar with.

But before exiting the row of books she was in, the girl quickly spun around to face Harry once again with a smile on her face as she shouted, "By the way, my name is Luna!"

Luna then turned around and continued to skip out of the row of books and inside the rest of the store.

Unsure what to do, Harry simply stood there what felt was hours before his brain finally caught up to him.

'That girl knows something about MY alchemy and I NEED to know what she knows about alchemy!' Harry thought with a hurry.

Harry began to run as fast as he could, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious girl that had left only moments before. As he ran from the corner he had initially started, his head kept turning left and right, looking through the vast rows of bookshelves within the store while following the sound of the tune he had heard before. The tune seemed to come from all directions as his search continued, adrenaline pumping through his veins.

Only done with searching half the bookstore, he heard the bell above the bookstore door ring and the tune disappeared. Harry quickened his pace and ran to the front of the store and quickly exited but not before he heard screams of outrage coming from the corner the boys had been found unconscious with.

Harry inwardly grinned at the amount of chaos that he had created and quickly left the scene of the crime before anyone noticed him further.

Once outside, the loud sounds of the alley pounded on his ears as he strained to hear the girl's humming tune. The loud shouting voices of vendors drowned out most sounds as families and children ran up and down the alley.

"She can't be far," Harry muttered to himself. He thanked his good luck when he sported the head of blonde hair he had come to recognize belonging to the mysterious girl headed down back to the entrance of the alley.

Pushing and shoving his way through the crowds with his shrunken purchases still in his a bad in his hand, Harry continued to pursue the girl who held the answers to questions that plagued his mind since entering the magical world and finding a lack of explanation for his abilities.

Fortunately for Harry, the girl eventually stopped at a bright store called Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour where Luna had stopped and was last in a line of customers wanting to purchase some ice cream.

The store seemed completely composed of vibrant bright colours with booths meant for a seating of four in the interior of the restaurant while shaded umbrella tables and chairs laid outside for people who wished to enjoy the wonderful weather the alley had to offer.

Following Luna's lead, Harry lined up behind her and lightly tapped the younger girl's shoulder, causing her to turn around to face Luna.

"Why hello again, how interesting that we meet again so soon." Luna greeted Harry, who wasn't sure if she even noticed his heavy panting from the frantic chase this girl had led him.

"It's nice to see you too," Harry greeted back through his shortened breaths as the adrenaline started to recede from his system. "I was hoping to ask you a few questions about what you said before in the bookstore."

"It's such a lovely day for ice cream isn't it? My favourite is bubblegum, what's yours?" Luna asked back, completely ignoring Harry's attempts to find out more information.

"Chocolate," Harry replied, trying to make up a conversation if the direct approach would not work. 'If the Dursleys have taught me anything, it's patience.'

"Oh that's nice, though I prefer a better bubblegum, chocolate's okay too." Luna replied and tilted her head into the interior of the parlour.

Following her gaze, Harry saw an unused private table in the back where most had avoided in preference for the outside tables where the wind was much stronger than what you could feel inside the store.

Noticing that Harry had turned his head in the direction that she had properly pointed out, Luna turned her head back into the direction of the line where she was next to order and continued to hum.

Indicating that the conversation was over until their food purchased, Harry's mind ran endlessly with excitement as the answers he needed laid in this girl's head.

Once Luna had purchased her bubblegum ice cream cone, she then proceeded to the back booth where the noise level had increased to an extent so that their conversation would not be easily overheard.

Quickly purchasing his own frozen treat for a few sickles, Harry quickly made his way into the private booth where Luna had gone in just moments before.

-End flashback-

Finishing her ice cream cone, Luna finally turned towards Harry once again and asked, "So, what did you want to know?" as she slightly tilted her head, observing Harry's actions.

All Harry could think was 'Finally, some answers.'

And thus, in a private booth of a noisy ice cream parlour of Diagon Alley, did Harry finally get the some of the answers that he had been searching for.

-End Chapter -

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