Playing With The Boys

I was grateful for the darkness concealing me but not so grateful for the cold blustery wind that whipped about. I shivered a bit and pulled the light weight jacket closer around me, rubbing my bare legs to warm them up. 'Dammed California! It was supposed to be warm here. Huh! It felt colder than my hometown of Murphys, high in the Sierra's.'

The fully operational naval air base was actually quiet and peaceful that night. Mind you it was Saturday night. Come Saturday night, the base closed down, residential streets were quiet and most BOQ's were deserted. It was the one night where the personnel that lived on base usually went out and got drunk and I guessed that was where the friend I was waiting on was at.

It didn't matter which base you were on, all Officer's Clubs closed at one am or oh one hundred as us military types preferred. According to my watch I had another fifteen minutes to go.

Of course it'd still be another fifteen minutes to half an hour before he showed as there were the standard goodnight's to friends and drinking partners called. Women kissed good night with the promise of a call the next day, if you had morals and then the stagger haphazardly home at a pace slower than a snail.

'Half an hour to go. Half an hour to go,' I chanted to myself. Hopefully he'd find me way before base security did. Of course, at that thought an MP's car turned the corner and cruised slowly down the roadway, sweeping a powerful spotlight across the darkened houses.

'Shit!' I pressed back deeper into the dark shadow cast by the nearby shrubbery I was sitting nearby, strategically chosen for exactly that purpose. Now they had to know someone unauthorized was on base or they wouldn't be patroling. 'Shit! Shit! Shit! Maybe paying that kid to distract the guards and sneaking on wasn't such a good idea.'

Of course I wasn't actually on the base illegally or anything, far from it. I was military personnel too and I had my pass and ID but it was the challenge of sneaking through and seeing if I could get away with it. So far, so good except for my old friend who wasn't home. I thought about picking the lock and getting into the house but I knew that was dangerous. Maverick's new flight partner didn't know me and would only call the MP's anyway. 'God! A girl seriously couldn't have any fun these days.'

There was a round of laughter and some exuberant calls good night echoing through the night but I couldn't see who it was. Two minutes later shapes appeared accompanied by the tread of heavily booted feet and some click-clacky heels.

They appeared out of the dark like some sort of apparaition, my long lost friend and what was obviously his pick of the ladies for the night, make that one giggling girl from bimbo land.

'Honestly how does he always manage to pick up the dumb one's?' I asked myself as I waited for him to either notice me or fall over me. One had to happen sooner or later.

"A house? You've got a house?" The girl giggled.

"I do," her companion responded and I was relieved to hear it was my friend, Maverick.

"What rank are you again?" The girl asked.

"I'm a Captain."

"Captain of what?"

"More than you'll ever know," He flirted with her lightly.

"Well then you'll just have to show me, now won't you?" She turned towards him effectively cutting off his path to the front door.

I watched in amusement as the girl walked her dainty fingernails up the front of his shirt before snaking her arms around his neck, his own arms encircling her waist and pulling her in close for a kiss. As the kiss grew hot and heavy, my old friend's hands roamed up underneath the girl's top, both breathing hot hard when they broke apart.

"Let's move inside shall we?" Maverick whispered nuzzling into her neck as she hung her head back welcoming his touch.

"Please do or I might have to pay for the peep show," I muttered from my spot in the dark.

Maverick let the girl go and turned around, his eyes still partially glazed with lust. "Who's there?"

I giggled, thinking of an old trick we used to play on unwelcome suitors. "It's your long lost girlfriend back from visiting her poor sick mother."

"Girlfriend?!" The girl shrieked and turned big eyes towards Maverick. "You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend!"