Its one thing Angel and I were good at aside from flying helos and sassing men it was playing pool. Me with my navigational skills and her with her sharp eyes, we basically cleaned up each and every time. Our own flight teams knew not to play against us either singularly or together. When ever the eight of us did occupy a pool table all at once, Angel and I usually guided the boys on good or bad shots, mood depending. If we were pissed off or feeling crabby with one of them they usually lost. If we were drunk it was a mixture and if we were feeling charitable it was top notch advice.

"So how you ladies doing?" CAG asked strolling into the room an hour and a half later.

The room was small with tables and chairs up one end, a cabinet along one wall which held light food and coffee making facilities, TV and a couple of lounges and the pool table.

"Fine thanks sir," Angel replied watching me line up my shot.

She noticed the CAG move around and stand right behind me, arm on either side as I bent low over the table, sighting the ball. "Nice and I aren't talking about what's on the table either." He whispered loud enough for me to hear.

"No only what's under it." I replied drawing my arm back fast which he neatly side stepped. I took the shot and scored, Angel looked impressed.

"Nice going there Kaz."

"Yeah I thought so. There's only a couple of shots left if you want to finish up, I feel like some air."

CAG's hand was massaging my ass and I was grateful for the flight suit as it prevented fingers slipping into places they shouldn't. Still my devious mind was hard at work and a plan formulated quickly. I was going to hang the CAG out to dry.

"You know Colonel; we've just received word that your escort pilots will be landing in approximately fifteen minutes. How would you like to go and watch them land? It's quite a nice sight watching our aircraft land at night." His eyes were intent on mine and a hand slid slowly up and down my forearm.

"Sure why not? I've never seen an aircraft carrier working at night. We never get to stay on them long enough." Angel bit her lip to stop from laughing out loud. We'd been on plenty of aircraft carriers for days on end and knew all about them. "Isn't there some place off the island called vulture's row where you can get a really good view of the flight deck?"

"Yes there is and I'll be happy to show it to you. It's pretty deserted at night so we'll have the place all to ourselves."

"How nice," I answered demurely and Angel rolled her eyes.

She knew what I was up too and gave me the thumbs up as I followed the CAG out into the corridor. I passed Baskets and Silencer on the way and nodded to them but stayed focused on the CAG and what he was saying. They gave me a quizzical look but didn't ask. To them Kaz was on a mission and the ironic thing was, they didn't know how right they were.

We got outside onto a small platform that overlooked the flight deck and all its activity. A cold breeze blew and I shivered dramatically.

"Oh hey, you're cold, let me warm you up," CAG said as he pulled me in close. "Now this is much better."

"Yes it is," I answered looking at him and suggestively licking my lips. "But you didn't bring me out here just to look at lights did you?"

He laughed slightly nervous, "I can't lie, I thought this was a good place for us to be alone and away from prying eyes." His fingers stroked the side of my neck.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," I murmured closing my eyes and turning my head to kiss the palm of his hand.

I felt his hand slide into my hair and hold my head still as he dipped his head and kissed me, his mustache tickling my lip. His lips were insistent on mine and I didn't hesitate opening my mouth, granting his tongue access. As the kiss mounted I could feel him rise against me. My hands slid down to his uniform belt and with deft fingers I undid the buckle and slid it out of his pants.

I broke the kiss. "Ever had a blow job with your hands tied behind your back?" I asked unzipping the front of my flight suit and granting him some access.

"Can't say I've tried that one before, no."

"Ah well then you don't know what you're missing. Normally I do this with handcuffs but I don't have them on me right now."

"Use the belt," His voice was raspy as he assaulted my neck at the same time as he prised my T-Shirt up and managed to get his hand up inside. "Dammed flight suits," He muttered thrusting against me.

I giggled as I pulled away, took hold of his hands and secured them to the rail behind with his belt. Maintaining eye contact the entire time I pushed his trousers and pants down around his ankles revealing all his natural glory and the tackle box standing rigidly to attention. The darn thing was practically saluting me! I touched. I teased. I stroked. Finally I dropped down, gave it a kiss and walked away.

"Hey! Where are you going? HEY!" The CAG literally screamed as I opened the hatch and went back inside without looking back. I also locked the hatch from the inside so if he did manage to get free, he couldn't get back in unless someone let him. 'Oh this was turning out to be a great adventure and I hadn't even disobeyed orders yet!'

We'd already left the ship when the CAG was found the next day and rumors' flew about how he'd been hung out to dry quite literally. No one found him until the early hours of the next morning. The whole ship thought it was hilarious. To make matters worse I drew a small caricature of a helicopter holding a tennis racquet and belting an F14 to smithereens. The caption, 'Nightstalkers will beat the Navy every time' said it all. I left it in his ready room as a going away present.

For some reason, Angel, Baskets and Silencer couldn't stop laughing the whole trip back to our operational base. Our escorting pilots had landed about two hours after I'd left the CAG.

The ships XO, upon not being able to find the CAG, took us to meet them and make arrangements to head back to camp.

That was when I found myself face to face yet again with my old friend Maverick, and his partner in crime, Lee.

'Shoot! I think I might have to learn how to swim.' Lee wasn't looking to happy especially when he saw me. His first three words said it all.

"Where's my car?"

Whatever happened to hello?