Skunk Fu

Fox walked through the bamboo forest trying to seek out her favorite training spot. She came into a small clearing of fallen bamboo trees where she often practiced with her fans. The sun had found spots to break through the thick clusters of trees which offered a nice place to warm her fur when she decided to take a break.

It hadn't been ten minutes before she spotted a group of eyes intently watching her unmoving.

"Oh boys" she said at length in a rather seductive tone. "Don't you want to help me train?" She asked while using her fans to cover her face and strike a pose.

With that a group of ten Ninja Monkeys surged forward with intent to kill. Fox easily and swiftly beat those off with quick strikes to the face, stomach, and a rather unlucky case got hit somewhere I'd rather not specify.

The assailants had been knocked back in a rather neat little pile to the right side of her. She smiled to herself as she heard heavy lumbering feet approach her. Now things get interesting. She thought rather smugly to herself

"Oi you buffoons, I told you not to rush her head on like that." A heavily accented voice shouted from the shadows.

Suddenly a large figure appeared. "So you finally show your face huh Baboon."

"Well you know how it is." Baboon retorted. "You want something done right you have to do it yourself."

Suddenly he rushed forward swinging wildly. She easily dodged his attacks by stepping backwards. Unfortunately she wasn't quick enough to dodge a kick which made her stumble into a small pile of leaves. She felt something tight rap around her ankle, pulling her upwards.

Fox opened her eyes to notice that she had been suspended upside down making her defenseless. So this is Baboons genius trap, she thought bitterly.

"Poor poor Fox." He said with a smile across his rotten face. "Looks like beauty comes with a price," he laid a hand on her. When he felt Fox flinch it only increased his delight.

"Is this all you had planned Baboon!" Fox spat out. "I'm honestly disappointed."

"Yep came up with it myself."

"So tell me how long it took you to come up with this genius plan."

"About two hours." He bragged with a snort.

Fox couldn't hold back a small giggle. This did nothing but infuriate the cocky Baboon.

"Oi I'll teach you to laugh at me!" He screamed while raising his hand to slap the suspended Fox.

Before his open palm could reach its mark there was a sharp whistle followed by a loud crack. Baboon let out a cry as a shock of pain went through his wrist and up his arm. He forgot all about his prize hanging in the tree and turned his attention at the unknown assailant.

"Now you know that's no way to treat a lady." A mysterious voice echoed through the bamboo trees.

"Oi come out so I can show yew how I treat punks!"

Baboon turned in circles scanning the area for his opponent. As did Fox, She tried her best to place who the voice would belong to. It couldn't be Skunk the voice was to deep, nor rabbit. It couldn't have been Donatello, he and Squirrel hadn't returned from Marzipan City yet. It must be someone she doesn't know.

As if answering her, a tall figure emerged from the shadows. He was wearing a worn green jacket, a pair of fingerless batting gloves and dirty jeans. His fur was dark and he had ice blue eyes the stranger was obviously a canine. Baboon ran forward in a fit of anger. Swinging wildly and without thinking the stranger was much too quick for him to strike. Baboon gave one last heavy swing that was ducked skillfully, Baboon's stomach met with the assailant's fist, knocking the wind out of him. He clutched his ribs and staggered. Another solid blow knocked him down on the ground, a skilful kick to the face knocked him into the dirt. Baboon crawled to his feet and sprinted off to his master fallowed by his small band of ninja monkeys.

"That's how we do it in Coney!" He yelled after the retreating group.

Fox stared in amazement at this newcomer. Her mind swam with questions. Who is he? What's he doing here? Is he on her side? She was pulled out of her trance when he walked over to her.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a concerned voice while undoing her ankle tie.

"Ye…yeah just a little shaken up, that's all." Fox replied as she was let down out of the tree

"That's good; I was worried there for a minute."

Fox was now untied and brushing herself off. "If you don't mind me asking, who are you again?"

"Oh yeah you can call me wolf." He replied while extending his hand. "I heard you people in the valley needed a little help and I thought you might need a mechanic."

"Well I suppose I could take you to meet Panda."

"Um who might I ask is that?"

"Oh sorry he's the leader of our little group." "Come on I'll take you to meet him." She said with a smile.

"Okay so long as I can get a place to sleep." He replied with a smooth smile back.

Together Wolf and Fox walked down the trail leading out to the valley.

Well that's the first chapter hopped you liked it special thanks to cartuneslover for letting me yous her character in my fic this is my first ever fic so I'll take all criticism. Good or bad, thanks.