Ok so I've just finished reading Love Lesson's by Jacqueline Wilson like right this minute and I thought it would be really good to write it in Rax's point of view. So here we go.

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Chapter 1

I sighed sleepily as I trudged down the stairs. I tripped over Harry's toy train on one of the steps and started grumbling in pain. This and the fact that I was dog tired did not put me in a good mood. I walked into the kitchen which was a mess as usual. Marianne was feeding Lily to no avail. Lily was keeping her mouth closed stubbornly and Marianne was making weird munching faces trying to persuade her to eat. Harry was sat munching his cereal, watching Thomas the tank engine dribbling the milk down his chin. I sighed. As much as I loved my wife and kids this was not were I wanted to be at 26 years old.

When I decided to go to Art College I always thought that I'd live in an apartment. A nice, clean apartment. I'd be one of those guys that just lived for the moment and acted rashly without thinking of the consequences. I wanted to be one of those guys but Marianne got pregnant and to pay the bills I took a job in advertising. We moved to a simple three bed family home and that was my life. Routines and schedules where now what I lived for. Eventually I couldn't take it any more and quit the advertising job instead taking a job at Wentworth High School. Marianne was furious but for once I didn't care. The job at the school was much more fulfilling and creative. I finished eating my breakfast and after a brief kiss on Marianne's cheek, a stroke of lily's face and I ruffle of Harry's hair I was off to work. Ahhhh being the art teacher at Wentworth was always fun. The kids were always caught up in some new drama or dilemma and I was ashamed to admit I thrived of it. It was the most exciting thing that happened in my life.

I walked through the playground greeting the kids as I walked by. I had discovered in my first week here that if you were nice to the kids and didn't nag them much then you could get more from them and they were generally ok back to you. Some of them weren't but that came with the job. I turned around and saw three people walking through the playground. There was a mother and two younger girls. One seemed around ten or eleven she was clutching onto her mother for dear life. She was wearing a panda frock. Unusual. The other girl seemed around fifteen. She was tall and dark haired walking confidently in front of her mother. She had her head held high probably to show she wasn't scared I assumed. One of the Wentworth girls shouted something I didn't know what but I assumed it was insulting the family because the older girl turned around and stuck a finger up at them making them laugh even more. I watched curiously as the older girl was scolded by her mother and I decided to intervene.

"Can I help?" I asked them. They all jumped guiltily

"My girls are starting at the school" the mother spoke up "or at least I think they are" She said looking around as if all the Wentworth kids were going to attack her right this minute. I smiled reassuringly at the girls

"I hope you'll be very happy here. Don't look so worried. It's always a bit weird starting at a new school" I said to them trying to make them feel better. They looked so miserable. The mother butted in then explaining how they'd been homeschooled most of there life. The two girls looked mortified and I sympathized completely. My mother was the same with me and I was determined not to do that with Lily and Harry. Eventually I decided to intervene.

"Well I'm sure you'll be very happy here" I said "I'll maybe see you in the art room sometime. I'm Mr Raxberry. I'm one of the art teachers here" I said addressing the girls

"I'm rubbish at art but Prue is brilliant" the little girl piped up. I turned to the older girl – Prue. She was bright red.

"No I'm not" she mumbled nudging her little sister

"Yes you are" she replied sincerely. Prue shut up. I asked them did they know where they were going but they didn't know so I took them to the office. Trying to ignore the eye flutters the silly little receptionist was giving me I gave the family another reassuring grin before leaving them there and wishing them luck.

Well I didn't know much about the family but from what I did get from them I knew they were certainly going to rock the boat here at Wentworth.

I was having so much fun the day passed far too quickly for me. I trudged to my car at the end of the day. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and all of a sudden I stomped on the brakes as a girl ran in front of the car. I was ready to shout at the girl but then I realised it was the girl from before - Prue. Her little sister was screaming and Prue looked so downtrodden I felt sorry for her. I got out of my car

"Are you ok?" I called out to her

"Yes I'm fine thank you" she shouted back hurriedly

"make sure you watch were you're going next time" I shouted back to her trying to warn her but not seem nasty at the same time. She nodded back to me and hurried along with her little sister. Strange.

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