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The CBI's suspect hadn't been home in three days, officially managing to give them the slip. Lisbon wasn't very happy about it so when an anonymous tip came in saying that the suspect, John Grey, would be meeting someone at a park tonight she was pleased. They didn't know if the tip was real or a hoax and she almost thought about sending Rigsby and Cho to check it out but then decided she wanted this one for herself. Technically they couldn't arrest Mr. Grey, no evidence, but they could always ask him a few questions. This is how she and Jane ended up sitting in a parking lot across the street from the park at almost one in the morning. Lisbon wouldn't admit it out loud but being close to Jane always made her heart beat a little faster.

"Lisbon?" Letting out an overly exaggerated sigh she hit her head back against the seat.

"For the last time Jane, I will not play I Spy with you." A smug smile appeared on his face as he observed her. This was one of his favorite things to do. He could tell she wasn't really annoyed at him, but annoyed at having to be here so late. The caller hadn't given a time just lousy directions.

"I find it interesting that you assumed that's what I was going to ask. How do you know I was even going to ask a question?" Jane knew that she had a soft spot for him. That's how he managed to tag along tonight instead of Rigsby, Cho or Van Pelt.

"Because you've asked the same question five times every thirty minutes." She shifted further down in her seat trying to get comfortable. Chancing a glance in Jane's direction she's greeted by his intense blue eyes and blinding smile.

"I've only asked four times and I wasn't going to ask you to play I spy. Even though I stand by my earlier statement about it helping your observational skills. I was going to ask you a question though."

"Then what were you going to ask?" She thought the back and forth banter could be fun sometimes and others it was just tiring. Tonight was one of those fun times. Turning back to face the park she waits for his answer.

"Why do you feel the need to always be in control?" The question itself was a shock to her, but the fact that he was asking was a bigger one. Usually he would just tell her why he thinks she needs to be in control all the time. Lisbon contemplates her answer for a few seconds before realizing that it's a question she doesn't want to answer. Avoiding it would be best.

"Why are you asking? I mean you're the man who knows everything about everyone else's personal life."

"See that's not true, and you're deflecting. I have theories that are just usually always right. I think it's because up until a certain point in your life you always felt like you couldn't control anything. You felt helpless..." Jane watched as her as she kept staring forward. Her shoulders stiffened and her eyes clouded over. "You hated feeling like that and one day you swore that it wouldn't be like that anymore. One day you'd be in control."

"I'm not a control-freak. There are many times where I'm not in control of a situation, and I'm fine with it. In fact there are times I enjoy it." Truth was, he was right about everything. As usual Patrick Jane had hit the nail on the head, but Lisbon wasn't about to admit that kind of weakness to him.

"You could probably get more dates if you were less controlling." Jane knew that statement would get a rise out of her, which is exactly what he was trying to do in the first place.

"That is none of your business. I'm not controlling."

"Not in a creepy way, no. You have some control issues though and you know it. I can prove it." Never one to back down from a challenge Lisbon tossed him a bring-it-on look waiting to see what he was talking about. She watched him closely for a few minutes trying to see if she could figure it, but no such luck.


"I bet you've never been blindfolded by a man." A blush crept up her neck heading straight for her cheeks. She hated blushing around him. He just made things worse with all the damn teasing he took way too much pleasure in..

"What does my sex life have to do with this?" An alarmed look crossed his face as his mouth dropped open. There was no way she just said what he thought she did. Was there? That's when he smirked at the blush tinting her cheeks. Oh yeah, she had said it.

"Whoa, that's not what I was talking about. I meant for a surprise date or something, but interesting that the first thing you thought of was sex. Leads me to believe that you like being in control in bed as well." He couldn't believe he was talking about this with her, but technically she started it. Well this part of the conversation anyway. He found it cute the way her face turned a brighter shade of red and her eyes twinkled in embarrassment.

"I am not talking about this with you Jane. It's completely inappropriate for work." In reality she just didn't want it slipping out that she thought of him as more than just a consultant for the CBI. More than just a friend. That's right Teresa Lisbon definitely had a thing for Patrick Jane. Talking about something so personal just wouldn't work out well for either of them.

"We're not at work. Does that mean it's completely appropriate for another time?" She was starting to get annoyed with that oh-so cocky grin of his. All she wanted to do was wipe it off his face.

"We're working. No it doesn't mean it's appropriate for another time."

"See what I mean? You always want to be in control." He couldn't help but smile at this whole crazy conversation. Watching her shift awkwardly in her seat made him realize how uneasy it was making her. "Now you're uncomfortable."

"Damn right I'm uncomfortable. I'd prefer it if you didn't use your mentalist junk on me." Silence settled over them as they both turned back to watch the park. Jane couldn't help but think about how quickly the conversation had taken on an odd kind of sex appeal itself. He knew Lisbon was beautiful -- he'd have to blind not to see that but he didn't know if he was ready for something like that yet. He didn't realize that she was having thoughts along the same lines. Hers were a little more graphic which explained the pink still staining her cheeks. Now all she could think about was Patrick Jane blindfolding her and proceeding to do all kinds of things. She knew it was wrong to be thinking things like that when he was still so devoted to his wife, his family.


"What Jane?" The annoyance in her voice was mostly just added in for extra effect. Truth be told she wasn't actually annoyed with him, more like just his tendencies to keep poking and prodding at things.

"Do you wanna play I Spy?" Just like that every annoyed fiber in her body disappeared. She could never stay mad at him. Not with those blue eyes and that lively smile. Laughter over took her body, and he joined in, loving to hear her laugh.


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