Alternate Ending to Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian (continues from page 330)

Percy POV

I turned and bowed to Zeus. "You may have one gift, any thing you wish" began Zeus. Annabeth flattened her hand against her mouth, as if knowing what Zeus was about to say next. "You can become immortal if you so wish" he finished. I gasped, not wondering how to react. Annabeth began to cry - if I said yes then she would lose me.

I thought and decided on a really cunning answer, "I wish that me and Annabeth were immortal,". Zeus laughed, over and over again. "As you wish. Next week come back to Olympus, I cannot bear your sight anymore for now. Take this pass to show the guard in the lobby. We are increasing security.".

Annabeth turned and slapped me. "What did you do that for Seaweed Brain?". I shrugged, "Seems like a good offer." She laughed and said sadly, "How you gonna tell your Mam?", and I looked thoughtful. "Maybe I don't have to tell her." Annabeth giggled, "Yeah but I think it's gonna be kinda weird when you look the same for the rest of her life!".

We talked for another half an hour before deciding to tell her next week. Annabeth had lost conact with her Dad now though. "Hey Annabeth, maybe we should go and find everyone else?" I suggested and we ran down towars the elevator. We met everyone who had survived the battle. "What happened up there?" they asked.

I looked at Annabeth, wondering whether to tell the truth, or a massive lie. I was just about to sprout some tale about how they had decided to spare our lives when Annabeth, decided to tell the truth. I was just about to strangle her at this point.

"Well.... they said that... that *gulp* I could re-build Olympus and and they gave Percy a wish", Annabeth whispered. Everyone looked stunned and then someone shouted, "Whatcha wish for Percy?". Annabeth whispered in my ear, tell them.

" I wished for me and Annabeth to be immortal...." I said. Everyone stared at us enviously. A voice from the back asked "Are you gonna come back to Camp Half Blood?". I thought for a minute. This had been my summer home for years. "Yeah, I'll come and visit ya :) " I laughed.

We all stood silent before Annabeth finally pulled me out onto the street and hissed, ".. Now." I ran out into the road to try and find her car.

I looked for a couple of minutes before finding a stunned Sally Jackson sitting on the pavement. "Percy!" she cried, hugging me. "Percy, where's Annabeth?" she whispered. I pointed inside, "I'll go get her.". I ran inside and found Annabeth.

We both came up to my Mam and Annabeth had a massive false smile plastered on her face. "Percy, what is wrong with you?" my Mam snapped. I silently handed her the golden pass that Zeus had given me. Making You Immortal. Appointment. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

My Mam gave ma strange look and then her eyes widened as she realised what it said. I ran off down the streets, not knowing where I was running but not caring either.