"You will die Perseus" Mark intoned.
"What?" I said confused, still staring at his red eyes.
"You can't hide forever..." he said.
Yep. Definitely possessed.
"Look, I'm umm... immortal and..." I stammered, uncapping Riptide.
"You can't hurt me" Mark was now shouting, his eyes gleaming red.
I stood up shakily, everyone staring at me and Mark.
Mark grabbed me and threw me against the wall, hard. There was something strange going on now- no demigod could throw someone that hard.
Groaning, I crawled away from the wall, staring at the imprint I had made when I fell into it. Mark's eyes were fading back to their normal colour.
"What's wrong?" he asked innocently and everyone stared at him in horror.
I had a possessed half brother. Great. Just great.