Title: Lovesick
Author/Artist: morphodoll
Pairing: Narumi x Kiri
Fandom: Beauty Pop
Theme: #1; look over here
Disclaimer: Don't own, just the title inspired by F.T Island's Sarangahlee.

This was the first time he had those air sickness.

Or was it lovesickness?

Whatever, all that he knew was that he couldn't bring himself to eat anything (even if it's starting to produce weird sounds) out of fear that he might throw up.

Moreover, did the plane just shake…or was he the only one who felt that? He felt light-headed now, the blood rushing to his head- the symptoms just got worse.

After arriving, it took for the worst, cold sweats were forming, his legs were trembling and his face was burning; he didn't even meet her yet!

Strolling the trolley that was filled with trophies and certificates slowly, he looked down indecisively.

What if she already has a stunning Caucasian boyfriend? A very cool, hot, tall...damn, he was being delusional up to this point!

And where the hell the barf bag when you need it? He should bring it with him.


All the weird thoughts fled as soon as she threw her arms around his neck.

He could wait later to show off all the trophies, he thought as he tightened the hug.

Yeah, I know it's short, sorry~ going to make it up with the next chapter!