Chuck rummaged through his medicine cabinet, fishing out several items that were definitely not his, including some elastic hair bands, a tube of make-up remover, and a stick of pH balanced anti-perspirant.


He eyed her pink and green toothbrush, which was leaning against his, in the cup next to the faucet.

He scanned the contents of the cabinet, still unable to find his dental floss.

That's when he saw it.

A little blue cardboard box, masquerading as something quite innocuous, when it really was anything but.


She appeared at his side. "Geez, what's with all the yelling?"

"Angelica…are these….tampons?….in my medicine cabinet?"

She picked up the box and scrutinized it, her brow furrowed in pretend concentration. "You know…I think you may be right! Good job, detective!"

"I know that they're tampons! What are they doing in my medicine cabinet?"

"Well, once a month, girls have this 'special lady time' and—"

"No need to patronize me."

"Ok, ok! I dunno…I just thought I'd leave a few things here, since I stay over almost every night, anyway…"

"Angelica…do you want to move in?"

She shrugged. "I mean, if you really want me to…"

"Well, you're the one who left all this stuff here…"

"Ok, ok, I'll move in with you! No need to beg, Finster."

"I didn't—I—you obviously want to—"

She kissed his cheek. "No need to say thank you, Carrot Top. I'm happy to oblige you. In fact, let's go get some of my stuff now!"

He gave her an amused look. "Ok, we'll just say it was all my idea if that makes you feel better."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

She leaned in to kiss him, just as the front door opened. "Hey, guys." said Tommy loudly as he walked in. Angelica sighed and walked into the living room. Chuck followed.

"You know, you could knock," said Angelica with a scowl, as she plopped down on the couch.

"You can't tell me what to do, you don't live here."

"Actually," she replied, with a grin, "I do."

Tommy gave her an incredulous look. "Since when?"

"Since about 30 seconds ago," clarified Chuck.

At this point, Lil walked in just like Tommy. She did, however, give a slight knock at the door (although she admittedly didn't wait for anyone to answer).

"Hey, guys."

"I moved in with Chuck!" said Angelica.

Tommy rolled his eyes. Angelica couldn't stand for the conversation to not be about her for one minute.

Lil smiled. "Sweet!"

"Yeah, yeah," interrupted Tommy, "Ang and Chuck live together, old news, no one cares! Anyway, more importantly, we're all going to the beach for Spring Break!"

Chuck grinned. "Awesome."

Angelica eyed him incredulously. "And exactly how are we doing this?"

"I got a sweet deal on a house for rent, right on the beach! Everyone can go! All I need is for everyone to put in 50 bucks."

"For how long?" asked Angelica.

"The whole week!" Isn't that a good deal?"

Angelica gave him a skeptical 'hmm'. "Yeah, almost too good…"

"Oh, come on! I've seen pictures of the place online. It's awesome. And it's a quiet little beach, but still close to all the attractions and outlet malls and stuff."

"And," broke in Lil, "It has this little cozy fireplace, and an old hammock and—"

"You had me at outlet malls!" said Angelica, with a grin. "Ok, I'm in."

"Me too." said Chuck.

"Fantastic," said Tommy. "Ok, now there's just Dil and Kimi left to convince. We're gonna go pay them a visit. You crazy kids stay out of trouble!"