It was an average day for the Japanese task force. There had been no new revelations, no new evidence, and no exciting news. Just the same old thing. Kira was still killing criminals, L still wasn't any closer to figuring out who Kira was, and this supposedly "epic" battle had come to a grinding halt, and they were now chipping away at the case; at about snail's pace. All in all, it was a very boring day.

L was just sitting in his chair in his abnormal way, his knees pulled up to his chest, perched on the very edge of the seat, yet maintaining perfect balance. He looked out from under his messy raven-colored hair, and his eyes with dark bags under them never seemed to blink. He chewed on his thumbnail and watched the surveillance tape that was playing on a loop. After it started for the 17th time, Light sighed in exhaustion. He hated being chained to L.

Just then, as if on cue, Watari came in, carrying what looked like a very heavy box of tapes, the kind you would put in a camcorder. Or…Light internally groaned…more surveillance tapes. However, L looked up at Watari questioningly when he plopped the box down on the table.

"What are those, Watari?" he asked, his eyes scanning the box's contents.

"I have just visited the orphanage, and Roger said he found these in Matt's closet. I do not believe Matt knows that I have taken them," said the older gentleman.

"And what of it? Why did you take them?" L questioned.

"I think you should watch them and find out for yourself."

The whole taskforce, Light especially, looked up hopefully.

"I do not see how now is the appropriate time to be watching tapes from Wammy's house—"

L was cut off by Matsuda, who begged him to put in the tapes. L reluctantly picked one up between his thumb and forefinger, in that weird way of his. It was plain black except for a sticker with the word "one" on the front. He pushed it in to the tape player, and the video feed popped up onto the biggest screen in the room.

"Hey Matt! Is it recording?" asked a blonde boy dressed in all black. He was munching on a chocolate bar, and his bright blue eyes sparkled happily. The video was obviously homemade, and the picture quality wasn't at its best, but you could still see everything clearly.

"Yeah Mels, it's on," said the boy behind the camera.

"Okay! It's Christmas day, and Roger got Matt a camcorder for Christmas, so we're gonna make an awesome documentary! For anyone who doesn't know about us, we're Wammy kids. We live at Wammy's orphanage, the best orphanage in the world. It's where genius kids go to be raised to become the next L. L is so cool! One day, I'm gonna be L!" he said, thrusting his clenched fist into the air. He let this out all in one breath, and seemed like he was going to say more, but was interrupted by his friend behind the camera.

"Hey Mels, can you hold the camera for a second?"

"Sure, sure,"

The picture shook as the camera was passed to the blonde, and his friend, a redhead with goggles and a striped shirt, ran down a nearby hallway. He came back a few moments later with a shiny new tripod, grinning and waving at the camera. He was going to set it up, but the blonde stopped him.

"Let's go somewhere first."

He handed the camera back to his friend, and the two walked down many winding hallways until they reached a pure white door. The blonde opened it, and when Matt pointed the camera into the room, all you could see was light and a slight blemish in the middle of the room. Milliseconds later, the camera adjusted itself, and you could see a petite boy sitting in the middle of the room that was flooded with mid-afternoon light.

The boy was sitting on the floor in the middle of the room, holding a leg to his chest and curling a lock of snowy white hair around his index finger. He looked like an angel. He had pure white hair, china doll skin, and was dressed in baggy white pajamas. What looked to be a 10,000-piece puzzle was sitting in front of him, and he nodded to acknowledge that the two other boys had entered the room. Grey eyes scanned the pile of pieces that were sitting next to him, and his thin fingers skillfully picked up a piece and set it exactly where it was supposed to go.

"Hey Near!" said Matt.

"You're such a fuckin dweeb. Why are you in here doing a puzzle instead of being outside?" Mello said haughtily.

"Hello, Matt. Mello," he said quietly, seemingly blowing off Mello's earlier insults. His voice was very light, and had an almost feminine-like quality to it. Everything about the boy was feminine actually, from his small frame to his light pinkish-red lips.

"Hey Near, guess what?" asked the blonde named Mello, forgetting that his earlier comment had been blown off.

"I am going to guess that Roger got either you or Matt a camcorder?" he said.

"Yup. And guess what else?" Matt said.

"You are making a documentary of some sort?"

"Yeah, yeah, know-it-all. Lucky guess. Anyway, Matt's making me let you be in it too," sighed Mello.

"Please, Near?" Matt begged with big puppy-eyes.

"Very well. What is it that I am supposed to do?"

"Will you come play outside with us? Even though it's snowing, it's not supposed to be that cold," Matt said.

"I am not comfortable with going outside in this cold weather, thank you—"

Mello, who had stormed across the room and grabbed the smaller boy's wrist-- yanking him out of his sitting position-- cut him off.

"Look. If Matt wants you to come outside, you're gonna come outside, kapiche?"

Near just tried to free his hand, but to no avail. Mello was much stronger than him and jerked him across the room, over to the door.

"Mello, if he doesn't want to—"

"He wants to damnit!"

Near just kept continuing to struggle, not making any noises. It was obvious he didn't want to go outside.

"Just—come—quietly!" Mello said, dragging him down the hallway. "If you don't, I'll be forced to carry you there, got it?"

Near, thinking Mello's threat to be empty, continued to try and break free. Finally, Mello scooped up the boy bridal-style, and began to carry him.

"M-Mello," he said. "Put me down."

"No," he said, stumbling a bit.

"You're going to drop me!" said Near, wrapping his arms around Mello's neck.

"Let go of me!"


"Don't touch me you social retard!"

"You'll drop me if I let go!"

"No I won't, now let go!"

The two continued to argue, Matt quietly laughing the whole way. That is, until Mello tripped over a toy some child had left in the hallway. Normally, Mello would have been able to recover easily, but when you have an extra 70 pounds on your chest, it's not as simple. He tripped, bringing Near down with him and as they landed, Near's lips met Mello's. Matt quickly focused the camera on the two kissing. Near looked kind of stunned for a moment, but then it seemed like he…enjoyed it? Mello's eyes widened and he quickly pulled away, a trail of salvia connecting their mouths.

"Oh my god!" spat Mello, wiping his mouth off. "My tongue went in your MOUTH!"

The camera was shaking with Matt's silent laughter.

"It was not my fault. If you had just let me—"

He was stopped again by Mello's death glare. Mello was now wiping off his tongue on his shirtsleeve and spitting all over the floor.

"Man…I can't believe my first kiss was NEAR!"

"Dude," said Matt. "You're HOW old and you still haven't had your first kiss?"

"Having a first kiss at thirteen is nothing to be ashamed of," said Near. "I am thirteen and that was my first kiss as well."

"That's no surprise," said Mello quietly.

By this time, Matt couldn't hold in his laughter anymore.

"You guys—" he gasped. "Lost your first kiss on each other?!?"

"S-shut up Matt," said Mello.

"I really don't see—" Near started

Mello just gave them both death glares and they stopped talking.

"Turn that damn thing off."

Matt made a whiny noise, but proceeded to flick the off switch.

The tape went black, and the whole taskforce looked at L.

"Who WERE those kids anyway?" asked Light.

"Are they your secret… lovechildren?" Matsuda asked.

Everybody in the room stared at Matsuda. He just shrugged and sat back down. L was about to say something when the tape started up again.