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Near stood in front of the two graves, the once innocent and small boy corrupted by the evil of this world. However, he was no longer Near. That small and emotionless little boy was only a shadow of what he was feeling right now.

Soft white snow fell around him, the cold flakes hitting his bare skin one by one, each tiny shock of cold sending shivers through his body. Slowly, he fell to his knees, the cloth of his thin white pajama pants becoming quickly wet with the melting snow underneath him.

"Mihael Keehl…Mail Jeevas…" he whispered, his voice cracking as he traced his fingers over the elegantly carved names. "Mello…Matt…"

Near felt as though he was blending in with the snow, as if nobody would notice him, even if he screamed as loud as he could. He was suffering in the muffled silence of the quiet blanket, the small graveyard completely desolate and void of any trace of life besides him.

"Please…" he whispered, lowering his head as if to hide his tears from somebody unknown. "Why…?"

His small body began to shake with silent sobs, not even noticing the cold of the snow anymore. His body was becoming just as numb as he had tried to make his heart. The feeling of being all alone was such a painful one. Why must he be forced to suffer like this…? Was it punishment for something he did? Near couldn't understand what he did to deserve this of all things. Mello and Matt were the only ones who meant anything to him…why did they have to be so painfully ripped away?

"Why would Mello and Matt leave me?" he hiccupped, curling himself up into a ball. "I could care less about…Kira…"

Near lay down in the snow, the cold substance enveloping his tiny frame. It worried him that he couldn't feel the cold anymore, but that was one of the last things on his mind. All he wanted to do was be as close to Mello and Matt…or what was left of them.

As more tears made their way down his cheeks, he could feel the moist tracks begin to freeze to his pale cheeks in the absolute cold. Near could feel the snowflakes begin to freeze to his wet eyelashes, forming tiny shimmering jewels, the weight making him close his eyes.

So, so alone.

Thoughts ran through his mind as he felt his body relax, the cold overcoming his every muscle and nerve and making it impossible to move. He began to shake less and less, each shiver taking too much energy. The cold worked its way into his insides, slowly freezing everything, his heart slowly losing its ability to pump blood. Near still did not notice.

"I…I love Mello and Matt…" he whispered, his freezing cold lips barely parting as he opened his eyes once again.

It was so cold…he couldn't feel anything as snow began to fall more steadily, covering his small frame with a light dusting…soon enough, that light dusting became more of a blanket…but Near still did not notice. All he was paying attention to was how close he must be to Mello and Matt.

Finally, Near felt tired…he was so tired…all he wanted to do was close his eyes for a small while. Rester and Gevanni would be back any moment to wake him up. Onyx-gray eyes slowly slipped closed as his body shut down, no longer shivering. All he felt was peace and emptiness.

"Near…" he heard a voice whisper in his ear. "Near, wake up…"

Near slowly fluttered his eyes open, seeing Mello, Matt standing right behind the blonde. Ever-so-weakly, he reached out a hand, as if to try and grab them, to reassure himself that they were actually there, and not just a figment of his imagination. All he wanted to do was touch them, after all these years.

"Near…will you come with us?" Matt asked, his voice sounding much deeper than the last time the small boy had seen him. "We've missed you…"

The redhead pulled back his goggles, letting them rest on the top of his head as he exposed the same bright green eyes that Near had grown to love so much. Both older boys kneeled down next to him, Mello gently tugging on his hand, as if to help him up. Matt walked over to the other side of him, taking his small hand in his larger one, holding it securely and helping him up to his feet.

"Near, will you come with us?" they both asked, each hanging on to one of his hands.

"How are…Mello and Matt still alive?" he asked, his head spinning.

"We'll tell you when we get there…" whispered Mello, giving his hand a small squeeze.

Near nodded, looking at each of them in turn. He was so happy to just be back with the two of them, he couldn't even attempt to explain the bursting feeling that was exploding itself in his chest. It was the first time since that night at the Japanese Task Force Headquarters when he had been so truly happy...he had missed them so much, they hadn't been together since that night, but here they were...reunited once again.

"I missed Mello and Matt…" he whispered.

"We missed you too, Near."

With that, Mello and Matt led him out of the graveyard, not letting the small boy turn around and see what rested by their graves. They didn't want him to see his dead body that was resting in the cold, cold snow, covered by a blanket of the pure white.

Silence was the only thing that echoed out as Near died in the graveyard, freezing to death next to the two people he loved most.

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