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Picture Perfect

Mark Callaway- Retired wrestler..suddenly saddled with two small children, desperate to find a nanny, he hires Misha Georgio, when she shows up for a housekeeping job.

Misha Georgio- 28 years old..just lost her house after her fathers death, applies for a housekeeping job and ends up as a nanny.

Danielle Calloway- After her mothers death, is sent to live with a father , she doesn't know 6 years old.

Lexi Calloway- 6 month old little sister of Danielle, even though she is not Mark's daughter, he takes her so the two kids don't have to be separated.

Trinity Georgio- Misha's seven year daughter.

Mark paced back and forth with the crying baby, her little body arching as if to get away from him. He was at his wits end. Seven years ago, he had a one night stand with Jenna Larson, she had become pregnant with his daughter Danielle or Danni was she likes to be called. Mark had never set eyes on her, but he paid his child support faithfully feeling that was enough. He sighed and picked up the bottle again trying to feed the screaming little dark haired baby, but she screwed up her face and screamed louder.

A week ago, Jenna had died in a car accident and he had been informed that he would need to come get his daughter, imagine his surprise when he found there was a baby there too, and even though the baby wasn't his, Danni had thrown such a fit, he had taken the baby in to, but all the kid did was scream, he had taken her to the doctor and she had checked out fine, they said she was probably just grieving for her mother.

Mark didn't know about all that, he had seen where they had been living , in a filthy trailer and Danni had a mouth like a sailor, Jenna didn't seem like she would have won any mother of the year awards.

Mark turned as the door opened to the nursery he had set up in one of the spare rooms. "What are ya doin' killin' her?"

Mark looked at the six year old read haired little girl, who had suspicion in her green eyes. He knew without a doubt that was his kid, she looked just like him Her long hair was a mess, he wasn't to good at brushing or fixing hair, and she didn't exactly like him enough to let him try to do anything for her.

"Have you fed her?"

Mark frowned at the girl, he wasn't stupid." She wont eat." he said and started pacing again.

Danni rolled her eyes, he was hopeless. "Maybe she don't like ya..maybe she thinks you're a big jerk."

Mark sat the squalling baby in the crib, he figure she was going to squall no matter where he set her, he had about enough of little Miss Smart mouth.

"I've had enough of your mouth girl, go to your room and stay there till ya learn some manners." Mark said as he turned on his most intimidating stare.

Danni stuck her tongue out at him. "Bite me jerk."

Mark made a grab for her but she took off running down the hallway, he was bout to follow when he heard the door bell ring. "Saved by the bell kid!" He yelled after her, he picked up the still screaming baby and started downstairs.

Misha stood at the door nervously pushing her curly brown hair back from her face, she really need this housekeeping job.

Misha had went to college, even had a degree in early childhood development, but when she was twenty one, she had gotten pregnant , she had decided to take her father up on his offer to work for him, he was a writer, she had edited his work, helped him run the big house and generally been his right hand, he gave her the chance to be a stay at home mom to her little girl.

Trini's father had taken off when Misha told him she was pregnant, so it was just the two of them. When her daddy passed away three months ago, she had no idea, he was deep in debt, gambling debts, he had mortgaged the house again and Misha had no where to go now, the bank was taking the house back.

"Mommy stop worrying, you look fine."

Misha smiled down at her seven year old. "Thanks honey." Her daughter was the one bright spot these days, she was a little ray of sunshine in her life, she really needed this housekeeping job, it included living here in this big house, she just had to convince this person to giver her the job and that Trini wouldn't be any trouble.

Mark flung the door open to find a beautiful woman with long brown curls ans big blue eyes standing there, he took in her nicely shaped body in the dress slacks and white blouse, thats when his eyes feel to the kids standing next to her, she was like a miniature version of her mother with a big smile on her face, she had on pink shorts ans a Disney princess shirt. "Umm I'm here for the job..the housekeeping job.."

Mark eyes drifted back up to the woman, he was still trying to sooth the screaming baby.

Mark had forgot all about the housekeeping job, all he cared about was a nanny right now. "Look Miss.." He tried to talk over the screaming baby, but it was hard.

Misha was totally focused on the screaming little girl, poor thing , her little face was beat red from screaming. "Awww come here baby." Misha said and popped the baby right out of Mark's arms into hers, she cuddled the baby to her chest, rubbing her back. "Shhhhhh Shhhh sweetheart."

Trini reached up to take the babies hand. "Its't cry.."

Mark watched in amazement as Lexi stopped crying and laid her little head on the woman's shoulder ans dipped her little head down actually smiling at the little girl. No way was they going anywhere, he hadn't had a quite moment in a week. "You're hired."

Misha looked up in surprise, he hadn't even interviewed her yet and she had to get straight that Trini would be living here too.

Just then Danni stuck her head out the door scowling at the strangers. "Who the hell are you?"

Mark clamped one big hand on Danni's shoulder. "I got ya now..big mistake."

Danni tried to run, but Mark hoisted the girl up kicking and screaming. "Let me go jerk dummy..let me gooooo!"

Mark looked at Misha.. "Come on in the den..I have to deal with the demon child.."I'll be right in." He managed to point them to the den, even as Danni cursed , kicked and screamed. Trini just looked on in awe of the little girl, she sure wouldn't have the nerve to yell at that big tattooed man like that.

The two sat down with the now quite baby, and Mark cursed himself as Danni landed a vicious kick on his leg. "Thats it girl. I'm gonna tan your hide."

Trini jumped up looking worried. "Awww mister don't spank her."

Danni looked as surprised as Mark at the interruption. Misha didn't know quite what to say, but at that moment Danni squirmed out of his arms ans ran out the door.

Mark sighed. "So you still want the job right?"