Title: Waking the Demon, 3/3

Author: Stormy1x2 (traveling_storm)

Words: 720

Warnings: Established Kirihara/Kamio, some language

Summary: Kamio's sisters run into a couple of bullies while their brother is occupied elsewhere. Good thing someone else was keeping an eye on them.

Notes: The ending wrap-up.








Kirihara kept up a steady rhythm against the wall, pushing himself to move as fast as he could. The faster he moved, the more energy he burned off, and the less he would feel like going back to find those two fuckwits and beating them to death with their own arms. The demon inside him was awake, no longer roaring for blood, but still churning his insides, making him growl with each impact his strings made against the ball.

"Scary, scary," commented a voice from behind him.

Kirihara growled and slammed the ball against the wall one last time. It rebounded out of his reach – he didn't even make an attempt for it – as he turned around to glare at Momoshiro who casually leaned his racquet out and let the ball hit, letting it settle neatly on the crossed wires. "You got something to say?" he snarled. The demon was only being held back by the last threads of his control.

Momo held up his hands defensively. "Easy there," he said calmly. "I figured you didn't need a crowd so I offered to come and check on you."

"I don't need checking on." Kirihara pulled another ball from his pants pocket. "Are we done?"

"You sure don't make it easy for people to like you, you know." Momo waggled a finger at him. "You're nearly as antisocial as the Snake."

Akaya snorted, momentarily derailed. "And you're nearly as stupid as Niou-sempai. What's your point?"

"So cruel, Kirihara, so cruel!" Momo's eyes crinkled with amusement. "I was impressed at how you managed to control your temper back there. I thought you were going to crush that moron's skull into a paste."

"'Kira doesn't like it when I maim people in front of the girls." The demon was restless but seemed to be settling reluctantly.

Momo blinked. "Ah…"

Kirihara shook his head wryly. "That was a joke, Momoshiro." He tossed the ball into the air and settled back into his rhythm, albeit a lot calmer this time. "I don't do that shit anymore."

"But your eyes turned red," Momo objected.

Kirihara gave a one-sided shrug even as he returned a light forehand to the wall. "I was angry."

"That happens every time you get angry?" Momo asked. He sounded disbelieving.

"No," Akaya let out an irritated huff of air. "Just when I'm that angry."

There was silence for a moment, save for the steady thudding of a tennis ball against a wall. Then Momo chuckled out loud. "The look on that guy's face…"

A reluctant smirk tugged at Kirihara's lip. "Friggin' pansy," he muttered. "I can't believe he pissed himself."

"I can't believe I didn't join him," Momo said candidly.

Akaya caught the ball and turned to look at Momo who had a rueful grin on his face. "Huh?"

"You're a scary guy, Kirihara," Momo said, shrugging. "I'm not ashamed to admit it. But then—" His grin grew even wider. "—I just need to remember that this display had been triggered in the defense of two little girls being bullied." He winked at Akaya. "You're a softie."

Akaya spluttered. "I'm…a what? The fuck I am!"

"Maa, maa – don't get over-excited," Momo said waving his hands in the air. "Are you about done killing the wall?"


"I guess that's a 'no'." Momo chuckled. He popped the ball off the strings, tossed it back to Akaya – who caught it automatically, mouth still opening and closing in shock – and rested the head of his racquet on his shoulder. "I'll go tell everyone you still need a cool down."

"No," Akaya growled. "I need a smack down, and you just volunteered." He raised his own racquet and watched with amusement as Momo yelped and began to back up, babbling apologies before suddenly wheeling around and sprinting off. He shot a look at the wall, then at the retreating Momo – and grinned evilly. Twirling his racquet over his head, he howled "Die Momo!" and gave chase.

Momo shrieked like a little girl and sped up, dashing right past Kamio, his sisters, and Ryoma – all of whom, save for Kamio, were watching with wide-eyes. Akaya met Kamio's eyes briefly as he passed them and winked before picking up the pace. The demon was back under control. This time.

The End

Obviously the 'demon' was Akaya's legendary temper. For those of us who have short fuses and bad tempers, trying to get it back under control can be exactly like trying to corral a wild, evil or demonic presence inside of you that's howling for vengeance. ^_^ As we can see, Kirihara's still working on it.

Written quickly just I could end it. I may revise it but I don't really think it needs anything more.