Surrounded by the warmth of Sasuke's body, Ino slowly awoke the next morning. The moment she opened her eyes, she became aware of many things at once. His large hand cupped one of her breast and his body was curved around hers. She hadn't fallen asleep for a long time, but Sasuke's soft snoring finally lulled her to sleep. "Your awake." His breath was warm against her ear. "Did you sleep well?" "Get your hands off me." Ino growled. He pushed himself to his elbow and turned her to face him. "I think you like it." Sasuke said as he played with a hardened nipple. Ino glared at him before pushing his hands away. "We have a deal to strike." she reminded him. "When can I see my cousin?"

His eyes narrowed. "Fine, state your terms and then I'll state mine." Sasuke said playing with her long hair. "I know you want me, and you can have me, as a willing participant in bed. I want you to set my cousin free in return though." Sasuke gave a gave a derisive snort. "Ino you know I can't just set him free." Ino frowned at this. "However, you can visit your cousin daily until he's sent to the Sound. But in return, I get you, willingly." Sasuke said making sure to tack on the last part. Ino bit the soft underside of her lip, her mind going over the previous events. "I can visit my couisn while he's here?" "Yeah." Saukse said.

"Well at least do me a favor and don't send send him to the Sound right away. Just hold him as a prisoner for a while before sending him off to Orochimaru." Ino pleaded. "Sooner or later Kyo's has got to go to the Sound." "Make it later, Orochimaru doesn't know Kyo is here, and as long as he's imports and exports are safe, he doesn't care." "He does care. Orochimaru wants Kyo's head. But fine, I'll keep Kyo here a lil longer." Sasuke said. "Thank you." Ino said giving him the tiniest of smiles. As long as Sasuke kept Kyo as a prisoner, Ino knew she could find some way to set him an the others free. Obtaining her cousin's freedom would be worth the loss of her innocence. Besides, most female shinobi were trained to use their bodies as tools to obtain what they wanted.

Sasuke gave a her a light smile before bending down and kissing her neck. Ino stiffened, she still hadn't gotten use to his touch on her. "I wanna see Kyo." Ino said pushing him up. Even though she did enjoy the feeling. "Fine, I'll arrange it. After you see your cousin, Ryu will take you to the Ladies Corriders. Kanna will take care of you there." The moment Sasuke had spoke his name, Ryu entered the chamber. "Would you like some breakfast sir?" "Yeah, bring something for Ino as well though." "Of course sir." And with the Ryu left.

"Come servant, I wish to take a bath before breakfast." Sasuke said standing up and holding out a hand. Ino placed her hand in his and followed him into the bathing hall. Fresh soap and drying clothes had already been laid out and the tub sparkled with fresh, clean water. Ryu's doing, she supposed. Sasuke removed the red silky nightgown he had given her last night and led her to the water. Then reached for a bottle of soap.

"You have a lovely body," Sasuke said as he rubbed the strawberry-vanilla soap her torso. His hands slid provocatively over her breasts, stomach and hips, and then he turned her around to soap her back and butt. "Sit on the edge of the tub." he requested. Ino sat, she dared not to disobey, he might change his mind about her cousin. Ino's hands gripped the tub's rim as Sasuke reached down for her right foot. Lifting it from the water, he soaped her foot and leg, his hand straying up towards the damp tunnel between her legs. Ino gasped and squirmed. Sasuke seemed not to notice as he finished with one leg and reached for the other. By the time he was done, Ino's knuckles were turning white from gripping the tub's rim so hard.

"Your turn." Sasuke said holding the Axe body wash (cough cough guys). Ino wanted to throw it in his face but knew that wouldn't be healthy for her cousin, and decided against it. Squeezing the bottle into her hand, and began to spread it over his body. She was suprised to find that she actually enjoyed his skin beneath her finger tips, so smooth and firm, so hard beneath the velvety surface of his skin. She was startled when his muscles jumped in reaction to her touch. Did he enjoy the feel of her hands on his body as much as she enjoyed his hands on hers. Ino dimly wondered.

Ino skirted around Sasuke's half aroused man hood as she spread soap down his legs. When she finished she stepped back and said, "I'm done." Sasuke cocked an eyebrow, puzzled by her shyness. Ino Yamanaka, was not shy, and he was sure as beautiful as she was, that she's been with some men before. She was to good to resist. "Soon I'll have you begging to touch there." Sauske said pulling her into him. "Very soon." Sasuke said raising her stubborn little chin and giving her a soft sweet kiss. "Breast fast should be ready by now." Sasuke mumbled as his stomach gave a slight gurgle.

Ryu had their meal set out when they returned to the bed chamber. Ino ate quickly, wanting to see her cosuin as fast as possible. "Damn Ino." Sasuke commented amzed she could scarf it down so quickly. "I know you wanna see your couisin so Ryu will take you." And once again Ryu appeared as if by magic. Ino watched carefully as Sasuke removed a brass key from a small casket sitting atop an ebony table inlaid with mother-of-pearl. "Slip my shirt on." Sasuke said as he handed Ryu the key. Ino didn't object, she wasn't exactly thrilled about what she was wearing, although it did make her look good. Ino quickly slipped on the brand name nin nin jersey before letting Ryu lead her out of the room.

"Had fun?" Sasuke looked up to see Karin leaning against his door frame. "Despite popular belief, I'm not sleeping with Ino." 'Yet.' "Right, of course not." Karin scowled. "Orochimaru would be very disappointed to know you've ben treating Ino like a queen." Karin said foling her arms. "If queens wallow in mud and shit." Sasuke shrugged, her idle threats didn't scare him. "Why do even tolerate her, she's nothing but a slutty bitch." Karin puffed. "Get out." Sasuke hissed, his charka and killer intent radiating through the room. "Fine, but just remember I warned you." Karin said before disappearing, leaving Sasuke alone.

Ryu led Ino through the courtyard to a row of one-story buildings built agaisnt the south wall of the compound. He stopped before th firs squat building and fit the key into the lock. The door opened and Ino stepped inside. The small single window high in the wall admitted a dim beam of light, but still, Ino spottwed her cousin immediately. He sat cross legged on the dirt floor, his back resting against a bench that also served as a bed. Before him on a low table were the remnats of a meal and empty glass. "Kyo!!" Kyo rose to his feet and held out his arms for his cousin. Ino smiled as she hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry things didn't work out Ino. I don't know who betrayed us but-" "No one, he saw your tracks and figured it out." Ino said shaking her head.

"I failed. Orochimaru wants my head and worst, my men willsuffer as well." Kyo said frowning. "You're not going to the Sound Kyo." Ino said lowering her voice. She knew Ryu was outside the door and didn't want want him carrying any tales back to Sasuke. "How?" "I asked Sasuke to keep you here a bit longer. It'll give me some time to figure out a plan to get us out." "You asked him?" Kyo said narrowing his eyes, he wasn't a fool. "I made a deal with him." "You don't have anything to deal with." Kyo said frowning. "I do have something." Ino said flushing and looking away.

"You mean he hasn't taken you by force already?" Kyo asked, relief flooding his systems. "No Kyo, Sasuke's not like that. He would never force me into it." Ino said shaking her head. "Still, you can't sacrifice yourself for me," Kyo argued. "I won't let you." "Kyo, I'ma ninja first, your cousin after. And Sasuke won't hurt me." Ino said, her shoulders slumping some. "Ino you will always be my Princess first." Kyo said rubbing her shoulders. "Kyo-"

With a bang, the door opened and Sasuke stepped inside. He could sense the tension in the air but choose to ignore it. "As you can see, your cousin is fine. He hasn't been starved, beaten or whatever. So go ahead with Ryu, he'll take you to Kanna." Ino wanted to protest but dared not. Sasuke had to trust her if she wanted her plan to work. "I'll see you tomorrow." Ino said stanind up on her tippy toes and kissing Kyo on the cheek before giving him a hug. "I love you." Sasuke frowned at this, he could hear the love with each word she spoke. Never had someone spoken to him like that since- "I love you too Princess." Kyo said kissing her forehead and returning her hug.

Sasuke's gaze followed Ino out the door. Then he turned his attention to Kyo. "Ino pleaded for your life." Sasuke stated. "I thought the snake bastard was in charge," "He is, but..." Sasuke trailed off, not really knowing what to say. And 'I said yes cause I wanna fuck her' was not high on the list. "You'll remain here until I decide your of no further use to me." "You mean as long as Ino pleases you in bed." After you tire of her, then you'll ship me off." Kyo said. "What'll happen to Ino then Sasuke, you'll kill her too." Sasuke frowned, Kyo accusation came just a bit to close for his liking. "What did Ino tell you?"

"That you two struck a deal. I will thank you for not touching my Princess, not men would have. But I don't want Ino sacrificing herself for me." "It's not a sacrifice. Count yourself lucky that you having a caring cousin. And I swear to you, Ino will not be punished for your sins. Yes, we have struck a deal, and I'm a man of my word." "Your a man who wants a woman, and will go to great lengths to have her," Kyo said. "At least make her your wife if you want her that badly." Kyo said crossing his arms.

"Wife?" Sasuke nearly choked on the word. "Ino's my slave, nothing more. I have woman from all over who want to be with me. I don't need or want a wife. Especially not Ino." Kyo's blood boiled as he glared at the arrogant brat. Sasuke deemed it expedient to leave and did so while Kyo was still calm enought not to attack.

Ino couldn't help but wonder what Sasuke and Kyo were talking about as she followed Ryu intot the courtyard where the three whores or ladies were relaxing. Mina sat at the edge of the pool, dangling her feet in the water . Karin was sprawled on her stomach on a near by bench, popping candies in her mouth while Tati was sitting next to the pool reading a magazine. When Ino appeared, everything stopped.

"Oh look, if it isn't the Kohona bitch." Karin said scathingly. "What is the whore doing here Ryu!!" Mina hissed as she tood up from the pool. "Sasuke wishes me to take her to Kanna. She will be pleasing Sasuke tonight." Ryu said. "What!!" Karin cried, her eyes blazing. "How can Sasuke wnat that filthy shit ass bitch when he has us!!" Tati yelled. "I'm simply following my orders. And I'd like to remind you that none of you have a say in whom Sasuke chooses to bed." Ryu said before pushing Ino through a door and away from the angry women.

"Don't pay them any attention. They're just jealous that Sasuke has chosen you in favor of them. I'll leave you to Kanna, I will be back to take you to Sasuke's cambers later." "Kanna, I trust she'll be safe in your hands." Ryu said nodding to the lovely Kanna, who had met them at the door. "I will make her more beautiful then the moon and stars." Kanna said taking Ino's hand. "Then I'll leave you to it." Ryu bowed once before disappearing. "He's a fine man, isn't he." Kanna said as she lead Ino to a small bathroom. "He is." Ino asid saying no more. He though she couldn't use her clan's kekki genki to it's full extent, she could feel the feelings the two elders oozed. They liked each other. Just the thought of a true happy romance made Ino smile.

The day passed swiftly as Ino was stripped of all bodyily hair, bathed, massaged and pummeled, oiled and pumiced. He long blond tresses were washed and rubbed to a brillant shine with a silen cloth, and her nails were perfectly manicured. And durning Ino's much enjoyed pampering, Karin, Mina and Tati wandered in to watch. "She's to skinney." Mina declared. "She has big feet," Tati added snidely. "I bet she's had so many men her pussy is wider then the Yukatsu River." Karin said smugly. "After one night with Ino, Sasuke will send her right back to the stables."

"Leave." Kanna said. "Your rude comments are uncalled for and unbefitting of a lady." One by one, the three woman disappeared into their rooms, leaving behind a heavy cloud of enmity. "They hate me," Ino said, not really caring. Soon she'd be gone, and Sasuke and his whores could go to hell for all she cared. But tonight was a different story. In order to keep her cousin safe from Orochimaru's wrath, she would have to please Sasuke. Unfortunately, she had no idea how to go about it. "You may rest until Ryu comes for you." Kanna said. "He'll bring clothes for you."

"Uh...Kanna..." When Ino trailed off, Kanna asked, "Is something wrong dear? You know you have nothing to fear. Sasuke won't hurt you." "Oh I know Kanna!! I needed ask you somthing though." Ino said as she started playing with her silky hair. Kanna's brow puckered. "Yes, what is it?" Kanna asked. "I...I don't know what to do tonight. What does Sasuke want me to do?" Kanna stared at Ino, disbelief etched upon her face. "You don't know what to do? I don't understand, dear." Since they were alone, Ino didn't need to whisper. "I'm still a virgin. I mean, I know the mechanics of sex can I...please Sasuke if I don't know how to do anything?"

Stunned, Kanna stared at Ino. "You've never taken a man inside you?" Ino blushed at the way she worded it but nodded. "Does Sasuke know?" "No, he thinks I've had lots of men because I get alot of offers where ever I go." Ino frowned. "Would you like an aphrodisiac?" Kanna suggested. "You seem willing enough, but still reluctant." "No, I don't need a drug. Just tell me what I'm suppose to do." Kanna chuckled. "You don't need me to. Sasuke is an expert in the art of arousing a woman, and you will undoubtedly respond. But remember he will do nothing to harm you, and all should be good."

Ino mulled over Kanna's words and she rested in her chamber later that afternoon. There was no question in her mind that Sasuke was good at arousing a woman, she had been subjected first hand to what his talented mouth and hands could do. He kissed her and touched her intimately, and his erotic descriptions of the things he would do to her had left her breathless and wanting. Should she Sasuke that she truly was a virgin? she wondered. Ino shook her head of the thoughts. She needed to be calm and composed.

A knock on the door alerted her that Ryu was here. And moments later Ryu entered. He held a goblet in one hand and a short black sliky robe in the next. "Kanna prepared some milk for you, she said it'd help calm you. And this is for you as well." Ryu said placing the sliken garment on the bed. "Sasuke requested that you share dinner with him. The milk should stave off hunger until then." Ino accepted the milk and took a sip. "It's delicious," she said, "thank you."

Ryu waited until she finished every drop, then took the empty glass and departed. Ino turned and looked ovr the black silky cloth on her bed. She sighed before stipping of the clothes she was wearing and slipping the robe on and tying it tight around her waist. She frowned when she learn that the robe barely reach her thighs. There was a knock and Ryu opened the door. "From Sasuke." Ryu said holding out a dark blue velvet box. "Oh, uh thank you." Ino said taking the box in her hands and opening it. Ino's breathed hitched in her throat as she gazed at the lovely sapphire heart. Perfectly rounded and smooth. Ino smiled as she placed the necklace over her head, the slim silver chain getting lost underneath her hair. "Shall we go?" Ryu asked. 'Yes." Ino said nodding. Swallowing her fear and pride, she followed Ryu out to Sasuke's chambers.

Ino stood still as a stone after Ryu pushed her inside and closed the door behind her inside and closed the door."Hello Ino." Sasuke said raising his gaze from some papers. "Did you like my gift?" Sasuke asked as he returned to his work. "I did." Ino said seeing no point in lieing. "Would you like to sit?" Sasuke as nodding to the seat next to him. Ino gulped down herr nervousness and moved forward, sitting next to him. "You look good." Sasuke said closing the files and putting them away. "Thank you." Ino said stiffly. "Relax Ino." Sasuke said leaning forward and kissing her cheek. "Let's eat." He murmured agaist her cheek.

While Sasuke ate a full meal, Ino simply had some dinner rolls, mash potatoes and vegatables. "What is that?" Ino asked pointing to the soup Sasuke was eating. "Sweetmeat and Dumpling soup. My chef's best soup." Sasuke said. "Can I have some?" Ino asked shyly. Sasuke smiled before spooning out some meat and moderate sized dumpling. "Here." Sasuke said holding it out. Ino opened her mouth and let him feed her. All part of the fa'cade. Ino licked her lips and she chewed the delicious meats and dumpling. Mhmm, i really is good. Ino thought as Sasuke continued to eat.

Ino watched as servants cleared away the dishes and disappeared. By now she was beginning to feel light headed and...tingly all over. The odd sensations raced through her entire body and flooded her mind, making it difficult to concentrate on anything but the way her body was behaving. Sasuke noticed her distress and gave her a sharp look. "Did Kanna give you honey milk before you came?" he asked conversationally. "Yeah." Ino said giving him a curious look. "Shit!!" Sasuke said grounding his teeth. "What's it matter?" Sasuke shrugged. "Nothing." But his eyes told her otherwise. His gaze was sharp and intense, he was searching her face as if he was waiting for something...something...

Ino took in several deep breaths, trying to calm this...burning wanting passion building up in her, creeping through her veins, frightening her. What was happening?! She clenched and unclenched her hands trying to figure out what this new and strange sensation was. She uttered a small cry of suprise when Sasuke scooped her into his arms and sat her on top of him. He gave her a small smile before leaning forward, his mouth coming down on hers, savoring her rich taste and exploring her soft luscious lips. "You taste like honey." he whispered agaisnt her lips.

With his very skilled tongue it took him only a matter of seconds to gain entrance to her mouth, his tongue rolled and twisted around hers. Ino groaned. She was hot, very hot. Burning up hot!! Her blood was on fire. Her nipples ached to be touched, and she ground her hips against Sasuke's erection, trying to obtain to some relief from this fiery heat, but there was no relief, only more fire.

Sasuke thrust his leg between hers, aware of her distress and the cause of it. He didn't want Ino like this, drugged. He hadn't order the aphrodisiac that Ino was given in the honey milk. He didn't need help arousing his beautiful Kohona sunflower. Ino moaned again, riding his leg and pressing her breats against his chest. Her nipples were so sensitive they ached. Something was taking over her! She wanted Sasuke 's hands all over her, hmm no she wanted his dick inside her, she wanted him to make her scream!

"Ride me Ino." Sasuke whispered hoarsely, he could feel her wetness seeping through her scant little panties and being rubbed all over his leg. "I'll fuck you later, when the drug's efffects ware off." Sasuke said grounding his teeth, damn he wanted to do things to her!! "You gave me a drug!" Ino gasped, the thought of being drugged replacing the one that if she didn't get the relief she needed she'd explode. "Shhh." Sasuke said picking her up and laying her on her back. "Your alomost there."

Ino didn't respond but closed her eyes and the pressure continued to mount. She let out a small whimper as she felt her soaking wet panties slid off her thighs. "Sasuke?" Ino opened her eyes to find Sasuke kneeling inbetween her legs. He looked up at her and smirked. "Don't talk." Sasuke whispered before thrusting two fingers inside her. Ino screamed, her climax so intense she lost all sense of everything and blacked for a moment.

"Sasuke?" Ino said blearily blinking her eyes. "What happened?" She asked when things came into focus. She was on Sasuke's bed and he was holding a damp cloth to her forehead. "I'm sorry Ino. Kanna acted by herself. The drug should wear off soon. Then," he leaned in close to her ear. "I'll really show you what I can do."



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