Sometimes, Link wishes that things could go back to the way they were.

Sometimes, he wishes that he could go back to Kokiri village, lie on his bed, and not worry about Ganondorf or the monsters or the undead or saving somebody from some monster or remembering that stupid song for his ocarina. He finds himself longing for the days when all he had to worry about was not having a fairy and avoiding Mido.

But then Link reminds himself that he's older now, and should not be thinking about such childish things.

…Well, his body is older. His brain is still catching up. The lad still finds himself victim to the giggling fits he gets when Navi accidentally tickles him. He still sheds a few tears when a monster jumps out of nowhere and leaves a gash on his arm. And he's still scared to death of the Skultulla house.

The future was…different…than Link expected. Nothing could have surprised him more than returning to Kokiri village after what he was told was seven years of slumber and finding all of his childhood friends the same (now they tease him for his cracking voice instead of his lack of a fairy). He was astonished to find out that Ganondorf had all but taken over the world and sent undead minions to stop all those who threatened his rule (and those that didn't).

…Sometimes, Link just wishes that Navi would stop demanding that he get his butt up to Death Mountain to visit the fairy and just stop and let him rest. Like now, for instance.

"Link! Come on!"

"Navi, I just want to rest for a second!"

The fairy huffed and fluttered next to Link unhappily. "Again? Geeze, you move so much slower now!"

The lad laughed and sat on the ground. "That's 'cause I'm older now. There's more of me to move!"

The two sat in silence for a few minutes (well, Link sat, Navi flew) before Link asked, "Navi, do you think we'll ever defeat him?"

"Of course!" the fairy cried excitedly. "But you'll never defeat Ganondorf if you keep taking all these breaks instead of honing your skills!" She flew up the path a little ways and bobbed up and down, motioning Link to follow her.

Link smiled and got up. "Ok, ok. I'm coming."

Sometimes, Link wishes things could go back to the way they were. But he figures his job isn't done yet, so he's OK with things being different for a while longer.